Update from the crypt: lesbian chic

Written By bryanboy

Update from the crypt: lesbian chic

So how do I look?
(other than stupid, silly, ‘like a fag’, ridiculous, hideous, fat, etc..)

I think I look like a lesbian. No?

I ditched the usual Bryanboy accoutrements at home (ok, fine, I kept it to the bare essentials: a tiny bag, a bracelet and a pair of sunnies.) and went for something "effortless".

Strange cause we all know I NEVER DO "effortless".

"Effortless" is something I usually despise becase trying to look "effortless" require a SHITLOAD of effort on my end. I mean, for god’s sake, I found myself asking all sorts of questions/make little statements like:

  • "What bag should I wear with my outfit?"
  • "I don’t want to wear a black bag cause it’s gonna be too matchy-matchy and coordinated. I HATE it when everything matches and looking ‘coordinated’ means you spent 7,000 hours blah blah blah"
  • "I don’t want to use a brown bag to match the brown shoes cause it’s not right"
  • "Should I wear black flip flops? Nah. My feet look filthy." (funny cause that’s the reason why I went in for a pedicure)
  • "Should I wear black shoes? Nah, I don’t wanna look like a school boy, or worse, an office worker on lunch break."

In the end, I opted for a tiny, lightweight Longchamp neon blue Longchamp bag, and my favourite/comfy pair sneakers.

I saw this commercial on TV ages ago and the man said something like "beauty makes effort look effortless."

How very, very true.


Am I making sense? Am I confusing you yet? Ugh. Here I am with my usual verbal diarrhea.



I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

Let’s just say looking like a well-decorated christmas tree sashaying on a gay pride parade reqires ZERO or NO effort on my part and frankly, I’d rather keep it that way.

So yeah, but um, so yeah, but um, so yeah, but um, so yeah, but yeah…..

I went out yesterday afternoon to run some errands (DAMN BILLS DUE AT THE END OF THE MONTH FUCKING CUNTS JUST MAKE MY BILLS DISAPPEAR) and to pamper myself.

I look like a lesbian on this photo. Oui or non? I think it’s the handbag that made me look like a bull dyke. Oui?

*sigh* I guess I can’t do "guy" guy afterall! Isn’t it sad that I look like a lesbian in spite of wearing menswear? I think there’s something in me… probably my genes, my supernatural aura or god knows what, that made me look this way.

Fuck it though. I’m happy… and I SHOULD be happy.

Point to ponder:

A fugly person who is happy, contented and have accepted him/herself is much better than a good-looking person who isn’t happy and contented about him/herself.

Do you agree?

So yeah, but um, so yeah, but um, so yeah, but um, so yeah, but yeah…..

I also decided I no longer want a nosejob. What I dooooo want for now is a lip reduction. I’ll elaborate on that later but here’s a photo you may want to look at.

I feel like I’m a fucking platypus! MY PUCKERS ARE HIDEOUSLY BIG I HATE IT!!!

Fuck it.

You wanna know what I need?

I need a haircut.

I won’t get it super short like the last time. Promise. =)

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  1. i love your shirt! and i was never a fan of screaming neon longchamps until now!

  2. divalisyosa

    errr sorry but i really ahve to tell you that the bag/purse whatver you call it..looks kinda chipipay

  3. who gives a shit

    bry finally for once you look like a guy with a penis. drop the handbags and pick up a weight

  4. Yeah the bag looks chipipay. From Divisoria, it looks like one of those P35 bags for children…But its probably very expensive knowing that BB uses it.

  5. divalisyosa

    where was this pic taken? at the FORT? I hate your shoes too hunny sorry..it would look good if you are in a real bowling alley tho..

  6. Guillermo Juan

    Tungga tayo mamaya, tapos mam-babae tayo!!!
    Kaya lang, puta naman! Tapon mo nga ang bag na yan! Paka ka namang bakla eh! Kakahiya! Tara na pare!!!

  7. ur sooooo buuuutch! you made a personal covenant not to go tranny anymore after the day you turned 17th yet you are pulling up tranny acts lately. just my observation….

  8. you look disgustingly straight!!! What is wrong with your other shoes!!!!
    you have an amazing collection of bags some interesting pairs of boots and you choose to wear those? ugh!!!What is wrong with you!???!!!

  9. Please don’t do effortless anymore. The shirt is questionable and I hate Longchamp bags. But your lips are gorgeous.

  10. Now that you’ve gotten over the nosejob thing it’s time to get over lip reduction!! No way in hell do you need that!!!!!

  11. i actually like this pared-down look of yours. i find you more attractive and interesting. the pearls, brooches and bangles you usually wear is just a bit too intimidating and conspicuous. flaming gaysians are soooo last decade. go butch!

  12. you look like a male fashion model crossing the street. i second the motion yung sinabi ng isang nag-tag sa iyo ang gwapo mo day.

  13. Orbiter_Pulsar

    Actually dude, you look straight in that pic. Haha, you could post that in your G4M account if you want!

  14. Orbiter_Pulsar

    Pahabol: Just pretend that the bag you’re carrying belongs to your “girlfriend” wehehe.

  15. I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!
    where did you get it? can i order it online? does it come in other colours?

  16. brown(.)

    Hmm, forget about the lips or your nose, I didn’t even notice it. You have some fierce saddlebags! Lose the pants. Baboosh!

  17. Lose the shorts.. its not the right length for you. It makes your legs look stubby. And forget the lip reduction, thinner lips will make your nose look huge. Don’t you just hate having to be proportional?

  18. love the shades. love the shirt. love the shorts. love the shoes. hate the bag.

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