The Pauper and the Queen Bee

Written By bryanboy

The Pauper and the Queen Bee

I’m the happiest, happiest, happiest person in the whole wide world! I’m still at a loss of words…that’s why I can’t be bothered to post on my blog. I’ve been staring at photo for hours… It’s been 3 fucking days already and I am still having a hard time believing I met Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos… for real!!! In flesh… and not a wax figure!


Spare me from crap and ignore the fact that I loook sooo geeky and fat fugly bastard student galore. Picture this for a moment: just a few seconds before this photo was taken, my eyes were as big as friggin golf balls!!

I went to the launch two and a half hours late cause I knew it was gonna be one heck of a circus, with all the people and the press. I’m glad I was late to an extent…  I mean, who wouldn’t reach out for their portable oxygen masks when this is involved:

Photo credit: TheFashPack

There’s still a lot of people when I got there although most of them were busy shoving free food up their gob near the hotel pool. I bumped into a few acquaintances here and there and in no less than 3 minutes, a very good friend introduced me to Mrs. M!!!!!

I hate the fact that I got all tongue-tied!!!! Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos touched me, held my pitiful brooch from Butler & Wilson (my brooch is cheapola compared to hers hahaha) and told me my brooch is beautiful, yaddi yaddi yadda!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I just stood there, all frozen, until a few folks signalled us to look at the camera and next thing you know, our little moment was over .

Everything happened so fast!!! There’s a lot of other well-wishers who are fighting tooth and nail to get their own piece of prime Imelda time but I’m glad that for one fleeting moment, she showered me with her divine attention, even for if it only lasted a minute or two…  I feel special!!!

She’s everything I envisioned her to be — the bouffant, the dress, the jewels, everything! You can definitely feel her commanding presence. She’s soo beautiful and fabulous! She also carried herself extremely well!! What a regal and illustrious woman. I swear to fucking god, she was something… she IS something.

I’m soo lucky!! I’m soooo thankful to the few people out there who made one of my dreams come true. You know who you are. =) =) =) Mind you, I’m already happy (and honored) to be on the same room as her but to be personally introduced to her is something else!!! I honestly wasn’t expecting it all. I mean really, I know to some it all sounds silly or whatever but meeting Mrs. M in person means a lot to me. It’s one of those things that you wish for in spite of knowing the fact that they will never happen but you wish for it anyway because you really really want it. Well… it did!

Many of you emailed me why I really wanted to meet Mrs. M.

I’ll keep it short and simple: I wanted to meet Mrs. M because I think she’s one of the most influential people in our time. Helloooooo!! It’s not every day you meet someone from the history books! It’s not every day you meet a First Lady! I don’t think I’m EVER gonna recover from the shock I got when I stood right beside her… when she touched me… when she admired my brooch! I’m emotionally scarred for life… in a good way!!! HAHAHA!

Her ENORMOUS contribution and dedication to culture, arts and civic society is priceless. Mrs. M only wanted THE BEST and THE BEAUTIFUL for her country… MY country. She represented Filipinos with poise, beauty, style, dignity and grace. Her tremendous effort to set a standard not only amongst her people and peers but also for generations to come is admirable. She made all these fantastic buildings for the Filipino people — the Culture Center of the Philippines, Philippine International Convention Center, Folk Arts Theater, Manila Film Festival and more. Like what I said, you certainly don’t see buildings like that erected anymore.

I’m no historian, I have zero interest in politics and I can only share what I know but I think Mrs. M. is legendary, in spite of her flaws. I know it’s absolutely easy to pigeon-hole and vilify someone (and overlook some of their greatest achievements), but think about it — do you think anyone can be a great ruler with a heart made out of glass? I don’t. In order to become a great ruler, you need a vision, provenance, a lot of balls, an iron fist, and yes, lots of Manolo Blahniks and Roger Viviers please.  Haha! Nevertheless, I think Mrs. M has a good heart though and that’s what matters.


I went to the toilets immediately after meeting Mrs. M to compose myself and I stayed there for a good 10 minutes. I wanted to scream OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG but I decided it was best to just stand inside the cubicle and ponder whether it’s all real or not. I’m lucky not to have shat my pants!!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever been starstrucked. EVER! I met other famous people back in the dark ages, like Kate Moss, and I was all like "oh. ok".

Here’s Mrs. M’s baby, Venus. I bet you my fat ass Tinkerbell got NOTHING on her…

I browsed for a few minutes and I’ll be the first one to admit — I’ve somewhat lost interest because meeting Mrs. M was all too much for me. Hahaha! DAMN! I should’ve shopped around FIRST before meeting Mrs. M! Hahaha! I ended up buying (just one.. pathetic, I know) bracelet as a gift for my mum. It’s sad cause I would’ve bought a few pieces but I got wayyyy too overwhelmed with the whole scenario. I only stayed there for a good 30 minutes or so.

Here’s some of the pieces…

Photo credit: Mrs. T/The Bag Hag

I wish I got there early cause most of the good pieces were gone wayyy ahead of time!!! Someone even bought a piece with a cross in it… and Lacroix made that cross. Lacroix! Christian Lacroix!!!! Also, an acquaintance bought this beautiful, beautiful, super beautiful brooch made out of a small piece of wood attached to this huge cluster of mother of pearl, embellished with semi-precious stones and crystals. I wanted to snatch the brooch from her cause she got it first but nah… hahaha!


In closure, I want you to ponder what Mrs M. said in the past: "people say I’m extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?"

I know I don’t. HAHAHAHA :P :P :P That’s why I’m gonna make it my lifelong mission to try to be prettttyyy because pretty attracts pretty… and I’m soooo not pretty right now!!! :(

Anyone who says they DO want to be surrounded by garbage will get a 6-foot tall trophy made out of the finest 24-karat gold, embellished with pearls, semi-precious stones, corals, turquoise, crystals, beads, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, with a name plate engraved with the words "Hypocrite Award of the Year", from me.

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Coming up next…. my crazy obsession with Italy… and men wearing clothes from the International Male catalog! HAHAHAHA!


  1. Valentina

    OMG!!!!!!!! I bet you’re so happy about meeting Imelda Marcos… everything looked soo pretty… and your brooch it’s gorgeous!!!! and I specially loved her Red Dress.

  2. “people say I’m extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?”
    —> this is sooo true!!! i’m so happy for you darlin’

  3. Mrs. Marcos is all that and more, yes. Just don’t forget that all those wouldn’t have been possible without the blood, sweat and tears of the common Filipino. That being said, you look like a preppy all ready for your first year of college life.

  4. hi bryan:
    im not a member of the grammar police but i want you to know, it’s:
    (a) I’m at a loss FOR words, and not
    (b) I’m at a loss OF words
    keep blogging.

  5. mordor:
    “i’m not a member of the grammar police”
    shut up and sniff your grandmother’s cunt.

  6. oh my god!!! her dog is wearing the same outfit like her. tinkerbell is like poo compare to her dog!

  7. Bryan,
    Damn girl … you look good! So does she. I want to frame this photo of you and her. it’s soooooo cool!
    Talk about keeping the fagotry alive.

  8. OMG! I’m so happy for you! I can totally tell you were really happy because you were actually smiling! Love it! You looked totally cute as usual . . . love ya babe! ~A

  9. OMG, Imelda Marcos is ABSOLUTE LOVE. I never considered her evil. I think she’s a role model for uplifting culture and believing in beauty. She’s the ultimate Filipino icon. People remember her more than they remember Ferdinand Marcos, or anyone else in history actually.
    Don’t worry, I felt like crap standing next to her when I had a run-in two years back in Greenhills. It was a different level of being starstruck.

  10. ooohhh I LOOOOOOVE MS. M! And I love YOU! YOU gorgous YOU!heehee ima take a picture of me with that I love bryan boy sign. aarrgghhh i just HAVE TO! hehe love the blog!mwwahh! have a good one now. stay gorgouse ;)

  11. Bryan-
    I’m happy for you but disappointed in your outfit. Get rid of that knit cardi/vest, dat’s the one making you look FAT!!!! What’s with the boring shirt and tie? I need to see color!!! And where’s the baggagerie?????
    To quote madame herself
    “the little people need to see a ssssSSTAR!!!!!

  12. White Collar Crime:Imelda Marcos and Kenneth Lay

    Why is it that some individuals think that just because a criminal is Rich, lives in upper Manhattan, has a beach house in Maui, and drives a Porsche, that these individuals arent really criminals.
    What exactly am I talking about? Well, I just…

  13. KEight00i

    oy good for u to hav a photo op with THE imelda!!! i remember seeing her once in last year’s engelbert concert in PICC… she was surrounded by bodyguards at all times!

  14. Ive heard mrs marcos can be quite disarming when you meet her. still doesnt change the fact she fucked up the country together with her husband ferdi. Who designs her jewelry collection? I hope it isnt her I know shes got better taste than that junk.

  15. Did you not know that she and her deceased husband stole millions from their own people? You should’ve asked her where the Buddah is and how much money she has hidden in swiss accounts. Do you admire her femmenuity or do you admire the fact that shes a thief that embezzled so much money from your own country? Thats a shame!

  16. i don’t know how people could praise her like that?! did everyone forget what happened during Marcos’ “rule”? UGH! DISGUSTING! HER AND HER HUSBAND ARE MURDERERS, THIEVES, AND LIARS!

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