Teaser: Meet Granny Bee

Written By bryanboy

Teaser: Meet Granny Bee

So tell me, what’s the first thing your 70-year old grandmother will do as soon as she get out of rehab? Will she go to McDonald’s in a wheelchair, wearing a Chanel twinset, 5-inch Jimmy Choos, with two lovingly loyal servants?

Answers on a postcard, please.  Pictionary and Faggotry in Motion coming up next.


  1. tell me, did u need the wheelie so u dont have to walk in those extreme jimmy choos? go granny!

  2. Oh my gawsh, I would luv to have u as my granny bryan!
    keep the faggotry in Motion comingg!!

  3. wow the best pic in ages! so classy! granny? sorry i forgot to vote for you, u should have won the best blog

  4. I don’t becoming a paying member of your site as long as it has a few photos of your older sister in it. please tell her i am willing to devoice my wife for her. thank you.
    P.S I don’t like your socks in this photo but everything else is ok. Please let your hair grow longer.

  5. one hot friday afternoon, i was walking arnd the mall and about to have some coffee when i saw two familiar faces…. then i realized it was Ms. Eunice and Ms. Aisa… then.. someone’s in a wheelchair… whatda****!!! it’s you honey! Granny Bee in the flesh! haha! u were fuckin’ hilarious! BONGGA!!! i love it!!! i know u love the attention!

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