Stealth breeding, pump, dump, party n' play!

Written By bryanboy

Stealth breeding, pump, dump, party n’ play!

Awww, bless.

I don’t mind a little game of pictionary from time to time. It’s been quite awhile since I last published photos of people who recently converted to the Church of Bryanboy so allow me to bust a nut and dump one heck of a good load. Breed and be bred baby. Seroconverting one online bitch at a time. Is that how dirty bitches (like yourself) like it? I think I’m gonna stop this whole faggot vocabulary right now. The only ones who got a clue on what I’m talking about are the ones who like to watch Treasure Island Media and Hot Desert Knights movies. You know who you are. Hahaha!

Lookie lookie at Atlanta’s best barely legal latino, L.P. He’s too shy to show his face… he did send pictures (of his face) but he made me promise I won’t show it to anyone. He’s quite a hottie although a little too young for me.

I need a real dirty latino of my own god dammit, you know what I’m talking about, the ones who look as if they came out of a telenovela (a dirty, brown, fence-climbing Texan mayate would suffice, too), not one of those self-proclaimed "half insulares, half peninsulares **AND** half something else" that infest the murky waters of the third world. To this day, I still do not understand why there are people out there who use three (or more) halves to describe themselves. Math lessons, anyone?

Moving on…

Look at Ann’s face on these photos. Seeing other people GENUINELY happy makes my mangina moist. It’s really depressing to walk the streets and see all these people walk with faces soo sad. The world is filled with miserable souls these days it’s actually quite heart-warming to see a happy soul amongst the sea of Kathy Bates for Misery.

I have to admit I’m not too happy myself cause she photoshopped the I LOVE BRYANBOY part but hey, beggars can’t be choosers so the complaining stops here. Ann you whore, are you ashamed to be seen holding a real "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sign in public because you don’t want anyone else to find out about your guilty pleasure? Tsk. Hahaha! Me lovey lovey you!

People from Austin, Texas loves Fendi and Bryanboy. THERE’S FENDI IN TEXAS????? Enough said.

Here’s a first — me lovey lovey Asad from Pakistan, who recently sent me love from somewhere no man-whore has gone before!!! I love it! Hahahahaha! WHO THE FUCKING HELL KNEW I GOT RELATIVES IN PAKISTAN? PAKISTAN BOYS LOVE BRYANBOY!!!

Look at that room — I spy an aircon unit, a television, silk bedding, wigs, cushions… is that really in Pakistan? Wow! It’s like the time when I used to chat on mIRC back in 1937 and all these strangers from the USA asked me if we have electricity in the Philippines. Go figure! I love you boys! Effort = special.

Speaking of effort, here’s baby Gabby from Panabo City, Davao del Norte in the FEEEEE-LEEEE-PEEEENEZZZZ!!! It’s so comforting to know that kids read my blog as well. THE FUTURE LIES ON THE HANDS OF A CHILD! Best to train em whilst they’re young! Hahaha!

Let’s fly all the way to the heartlands of Southern America: Dallas, TEXAS! Brian sent this korean sticker photo from Korea Town in Dallas….

whereas Kristofer emailed me a photo of a famous PGA golf player who died in a freaky plane accident.. how deliciously morbid.

Photo credit: Zenousfrudakis

The oh so lovely Valerie in Bangkok took a photo of her sister Nicole…

… and lookie lookie at what they sent me as well — there are two ways to win Bryanboy’s heart — you can either buy him a nice new Goyard Ambassade bag or…. wear stripes (I LOVE STRIPES), go to McD’s and say "SAW A DEE-CUP"…

Kynan from Malaysia emailed a picture of his mother do the pose! Hilarious! =)

Anthony… I love the lip gloss!!!

If you go further north and you’ll find Ola from a litle town in Sweden. Don’t you just love Scandinavian countries? Rodents in third world cities easily outnumber their entire population… I’m all for diversity so they really need to breed fast to ensure the survival of the scandic race.

YAMI !!! YOU’RE NOT FAT!!! You don’t even wanna see my thighs. I’m wayyyyy too fatter than you.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh guess who I saw last Friday when I went clubbing? It’s no other than Manila’s finest doorbitch… Aslie!!! I LOVE HER!!!  I found this super old photo when I cleaned my inbox earlier. 620 emails down, 19,461 emails to go. *sigh*  BTW, her mom makes these really gorgeous and decadent accessories… necklaces… lots and lots of necklaces made out of precious and semi-precious stones and gorgeous things like corals etc.

Minnie!!!! Minnie minnie minnie minnie minnie miiiiiiiiiinnnnniiiieeee! Lilian from Singapore sent in this cute photo. She’s been reading my blog for a few months now and she finally had the courage to strike a pose for me. Isn’t she sweet?

Last, but not the least, I’m glad to report that my stickers are going places. Woohoo!!! Many people promised a ton of shit but only a few kept their word. I love it! I’ll update my sticker site shortly. I’ve got lots and lots of sticker photos to post…

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your love. SEND ME MORE "I LOVE BRYANBOY" pictures!  Keep your photos (NOOOO PHOTOSHOP!!!) and your emails coming — they never fail to bring a smile to my face. I’m one heck of a shallow slut and I’m not hard to please.

As always, email or SMS +63.915.785.1492. Tell me you love me!

I love you all!


  1. I wish i could send u I LOVE BRYANBOY pose picture im jealos to this people sending showing there armpits just to do your posing….hehehe i will send you mine soon!

  2. that one guy (pakistan photos) looks like paolo bendiones (local flip artista), yea?

  3. hey bryan!! i sent you a text a couple of weeks ago.. =) although your lifestyle may not be neccessary accepted by everyone to me it rocks.. in this life, everyone deserves nothing but the best. and no one can say that they don’t because everyone is unique/special bla bla bla.. and you are seriously one lucky person.. cos u get the best treatment for everything.. =) life is hard.. some just have it easier to live through.. everyone has their own problems.. only how “trivial” it seems compared to others.. but then again, we can’t care about the whole entire world can we? so we focus only on ourselves and people around us.. anyway if u scroll through my blog u’ll find a pic of me in ur famous pose!! =D i kinda lost the pic cos i changed com.. take care and keep on rocking!!

  4. the picture of the PGA golfer is Payne Stewart.. he won the US Open in 2000 (i think).. it’s located in the golf resort town of Pinehurst, North Carolina.. and that’s where i lived!!! .. like 2 blocks from it :D

  5. ann loves bryan

    oh fuck am i too happy?hahaha
    ey bryan im sooooo soryy for the photoshops..ill do good next time!
    lotsa love!!!

  6. Jake Fabulous

    I will send you a photo after my surgery (no sympathy it’s for vanity) But before Xmas aka Before I get fat… ter

  7. Hey BB, what happened to your anniversary thingy? I thought you goin to give your dear followers some freebies. Hmmmmmm I wonder who’s the lucky slave of yours got the stuff and that fabulous ring….Me want that ring!!!!

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