St. Scholastica’s College

I like doing things for the very first time so when the Junior Marketing Association students of St. Scholatica’s College (here in the fantastic cesspit of the third world) invited me to judge their mini fashion show/school project, I just knew I had to say YES!

It’s not every day I get invited by students to judge, let alone visit an ALL-GIRLS Catholic school, so imagine the excitement I had being on the SAME vicinity of thousands of girls, women, ladies, lesbians, young lesbians, kiddie bulldykes, minge, mussels, clams, flaps of all ages, and nuns! FABULOUS! Hahahaha! Just kidding.

What’s with the onslaught of student requests lately? I once got invited to speak at a seminar at a college in Singapore and then I also got interviewed by various student papers in Malaysia and Thailand. These days, I’ve been getting requests from Philosophy students of Ateneo University (here in Manila) to be the subject of their documentary over a period of time. I don’t mind interviews… I LOVE interviews! It’s always nice to spread some fairy pixie dust around the world. You know my motto babies: keep the faggotry alive! Hahahaha :P

I’m truly honoured and flattered every time someone emails me their requests so keep them coming! It’s nice to help people out — I believe that children are our future. I hope you won’t take it personally if I said no. I try to accomodate everyone as long as it’s reasonable… and provided I have the time. =)

*sigh* How nice is it to be young and carefree?

Those St. Scho girls are a lovely, lovely bunch. They’re all nice and sweet. When I got there, nobody dared to look at me — they were all doing their thing. They did a good job pretending they didn’t know me. Hahahaha! I love it.

When the mini fashion show ended, a few girls asked to take my pictures and bam, wham, bam! EVERYONE went gaga with their cameras and mobile phones to take photos of me and I thought, "wow, I can get used to this. I feeel like a celebrity, even for just 10 minutes hahahaha!". Dozens and dozens and dozens of girls asked to take my photograph. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!

It really is a great feeling inside knowing

that I made them happy, even for a few seconds.

I just looooooooooove how I’m corrupting the minds of today’s youth. LOL.

Look how I got dwarfed in this photo. Hahahaha! I’m supposed to be the star but all the bitches in the middle overpowered my presence. *kidding*

With that being said, let’s play a little pictionary, shall we?

Anyone wanna play hide and seek?

St. Scholastica’s College is one of the oldest all-girls institutions in Manila. Rich in history and tradition.

I see nuns!!! Lots and lots and lots and lots of nuns!!!

Me at the courtyard. I was shocked to see a few boys playing basketball. I was all like "what the hell are these boys doing here?"… and then I realized these girls need a dose of male eye candy from time to time. I’m sure lesbianism is flourishing at an all-time high in all-girl schools… god forbid if I had a daughter who turned out to be the biggest bulldyke. I’m gonna have to send her straight to beauty and charm school! Hahaha! For god’s sake I don’t want a bulldyke daughter!!! I WANNA HAVE A GRAND DAUGHTER AND NAME HER MIMI !!!!! *kidding* Nah. I’ll accept my kids blah blah blah regardless of how they turn out blah blah blah. I’m extremely lucky to have parents who are very accepting of me — I mean come on, you have to give them credit for coping up with my bullshit. Some fathers out there would probably beat the hell out of their sons if they found out they like lip gloss over guns. Oh well.

Enough verbal diarrhea. Amazing how I’m on this silly tirade about having kids when we all know I don’t have a uterus.

I look like a chimp dressed in matronic clothes here… nothing new. Hahaha! I think I went overboard with MAC Lipglass. LOL

Who’s the fucking antichrist now?

HAHAHA! I swear to god, I thought I was gonna vanish into thin air the moment I graced their halls… hello hardcore catholicism!!!! You have no idea how glad I was to get out alive and in one piece. I guess I’m not the antichrist afterall.

I tried to take a photo of this building but my cigarette ruined it.

Look how it turned out. Isn’t it spooky?

Speaking of spooky, I have absolutely no idea what that silly circle thing got into the picture. Someone told me it’s one of those "orbs" or whatever. Maybe I’ve been watching too much TV but did you know that some ghosts mysteriously show up on pictures and your camera can actually ‘catch’ them? They show up as tiny circles or dots due to temperature or blah blah whatever. I don’t even wanna talk about it.

It’s strange cause I have several pictures on the SAME spot and NONE of them have that silly smiley face thing.


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