Rhinoplasty/Nose Job: Yes or No?

Written By bryanboy

Rhinoplasty/Nose Job: Yes or No?

I think I need a nose job. Yes? My nose is soo big and it’s soo wide it looks like an onion bulb.

I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I love it but I hate it.

What do you think?


  1. Noooo rhino. Just a bit of lipo on your legs.
    Anyway can you help I’m a fashion student and need to know if there is a name for those dresses with embroided flowers and big puffy sleeves that Mrs M affectionate?
    Ps: about your legs don’t listen to me I’m just jalous

  2. Nope! You don’t need a nose job. Do you want to end up looking like MJ, with your shit all falling off and what not?
    Leave it the same, you’re hott!

  3. Your nose is cute, but if you really want that sculpted, Supermodel look that you so admire. I’d have a higher bridge done for more definition. Look what it did for Kate Moss’ career. He nose when she was an early teen was FUG!

  4. Princess Annie Whatever

    i think its not necessary, your pretty and your nose suits you.i dont want u to end like the poor mens ashlee simpson.

  5. Your nose is fabulous! I just think those sunglasses make it seem a wee bit large.
    Vote no to rhinoplasty! You’re perfect the way you are:)

  6. Your nose is beautiful and so are you. Keep it the way it is. If you change it, you’ll change the whole look of your face and that’d be like taking a hammer to Michaelangelo’s David’s winkie. Besides, do you want to end up looking like Michael Jackson, who thought his nose was to wide?

  7. But those lips. Many a thin lipped waifs would kill for those lips.
    Your glass should be half full looking at those lips.

  8. No WAY! (even though I’m considering it myself .. SHHHHH) And by the way, Its really nice to see you SMILING!

  9. Please keep your natural Filipino nose. A sure way to wreck your young face is to have a nose job. Don’t.

  10. Yes, definitely have rhinoplasty!! The bridge of your nose is WIDE and you can refine the bulbous tip of your nose.

  11. ur nose is fine, dont mess with it…its what we breath with. one thing tho, those brows of urs could use sum work (ur bush is too full for a queen like u, no offense haha) dont be afraid play with it dahlin’…amazing brows can do wonders for a face. pluck, tweeze, wax whatever…then fill it in a lil with a pencil coz they seem to start too far apart. after that, i think ur face will look purrrfect!

  12. X-nay rhino! No No No! But if you must, pay the big bucks for a pro. No third world chop shop for you! Think Laguna or 90210 or even Singapore. No Latvian or Tijauna specials. Evar!

  13. JaJa Gabor (the unwanted step-sister)

    if it’s done right, sure. as long as you look the same person after the rhinoplasty. hire ashlee simpson’s surgeon and you’ll look hot… but you already look great the way you are.

  14. No!!!.. It’s fine B. You’re gonna look like the rest of the jackson family if you get it done. Wide na parang kinurot ng sobra yung gitna. eeew!

  15. gorgeouskelly

    darling, i love you and i don’t want you to look like michael jackson or madame auring.hahaha. I just think people who get their nose done tend to look the same.
    you’re gorgeous even with a not so perfect nose believe me..love you my dear!

  16. gorgeous kelly

    darling you don’t have that perfect nose but i envy those cheeks/cheekbones you have there in your pix.sooo sexy so supermodel like!

  17. every picture i see of you, the only thing i can think of is how unhealthy and disturbing your eyes look. why are they so yellow? the whites of your eyes should be white! you should look into eye drops. it’s very unattractive. also, you should be advised that the long, oval/sharp shape of your fingernails is very very stereotypical third world and if you are looking to appear more worldly/western you should go with a more classy and traditional shape. they are so ugly and they make you look poor and third world.

  18. No dont do it. dont mess with your natural born bulb. a friend of mine had a perfect nose job but after only 3 years it shifted and left her with a funny looking bump on the bridge. please dont do it!

  19. FamousFuck

    Be careful: you are almost becoming an american spoiled bitch with a constant need for a big dick in her mouth! Only get a N-job if you’re having difficulties with eating pasta or giving money to your local charity, otherwise; nobody gives a fuck… just those stupid dumb chicks constantly posting comments about how much they love you etc… Here’s an idea: if you want rhinoplasty done, why not let THEM pay for it?!?! That way everybody wins, even your local plastic surgeon!
    Hi from FuckingAmsterdam and please never visit. We will die!!!

  20. Maybe. I guess u can always improve yourself, but if ur having the surgery, think it twice. It may change u completely. A discrete change would be fine, not too extreme or notorious. I think u look great!

  21. yeah go and have rhinoplasty, some pictures looked so weird coz 1/3 of your face is all covered by your nose.

  22. yeah go and have rhinoplasty, some pictures looked so weird coz 1/3 of your face is all covered by your nose.

  23. TSenes….Ur eyes is too far apart..I AGREE with you…BB your ugly in close up.

  24. NO!NO!NO!NO! I love you just the way you are..big onion bulb nose and all!!! Just kidding, sweetie…Baboosh!!

  25. Anytime you take photos with a camera lens set to a wide view it will make whatever is close to it seem larger just like the above picts. Not that you’ve EVAR seen this cheap trick in low angle porno shots but it’s really really common. So for a more realistic photo you need to adopt the technique of us glam photographers and zoom in from a distance which is hard to do by yourself unless you do it with a mirror. Anything you can do to avoid a full frontal flash is also a good idea too – bounce it, diffuse it, whatever. Just keep working it!

  26. I sound absurd saying this but I have this book on the Chinese art of face reading. It says an onion bulbuous nose can enhance and attract wealth energy..no joke! I have one of those noses and I hate it. Everytime I look in the mirror..I just say say to myself…positive wealth qi, positive wealth qi, positive wealth qi… no harm of me being hopeful ya know? But as for you, I think you look just gorgeous the way you are! I WON’T change a damn thing if I were you!!! ;)

  27. If you’re thinking of getting a nose job, you might as well go for the whole thing. Get boobs, have your package cut off and get female hormones injections. You won’t be Bryan anymore but a female caricature. Your nose is fine sweets, don’t touch it.

  28. Fuck Ur Ass

    LOLA…. Mrs. M’s dress is called in filipino the MARIA CLARA (correct me if I’m wrong pinoys), big puffy short sleeves and heavily decorated front made of either pineapple cloth, and other indigenous fibers of the philippines.
    Bryanboy… GOddamn, ur skin is gorgeous. Howd u got that? WHy don’t u smile with ur teeth showing? It’smore natural with some teeth showing.

  29. yup, eyes are too far apart…like a goldfish. Nose job will make it look more far apart….and how will you be able to fix that?

  30. Just get it done. Nothing’s wrong with plastic surgery imo. You’ll feel better and look better aftrwards.

  31. Earth calling BB…
    MJ was cute. Several plastic surgeries later, her face is falling off. Fugly!!!
    BB’s current face (with beauty products applied)… We loves it!!!

  32. Earth calling BB…
    MJ was cute. Several plastic surgeries later, her face is falling off. Fugly!!!
    BB’s current face (with beauty products applied)… We loves it!!!

  33. Don’t do it! You just brainwashed yourself after looking at thousands of western beauty magazines that a thin pointy nose is beautiful.
    Just look at Regine Velasquez’s slighty mangled nose, eyes, her FACE does not look natural!

  34. yes… you need a nosejob, eye surgery, botox, collagen, another round of mini-lypo…oh, and while you are at it…a butt lift and dermabrasion for all those unsightly acne scars. i’m just being a bit sarcastic…just to make the point: it’s like pandora’s box. don’t open it because it will never end. you are FINE the way you are. ;)

  35. don’t!!!! you’re perfect just the way you are!!! and besides,it’s your nose that gives your face it’s character.

  36. baby grrrrl

    noooooooooooo you look so fuc-king awesome! really you look so… pretty! you’re WAAAAAY hotter than I am hahahaha but seriously this is the first time I have been here and I already L.O.V.E. your site and your looks, in pictures your skin looks great hope it’s the same in person hohoho
    big kiss super biatch! (no offense with biatch it’s just that i luv saying that LOL!)

  37. NO. You don’t need a nose job. You look hot the way you are. And you know, here in Scandinavia everybody ADORES your nose!

  38. matisha

    your asian, your nose is supposed to be that way, any other nose would look silly.

  39. The nose job or rhinoplasty is a very popular one among cosmetic surgery.There is another one which is very popular …that is one of breast augmentation.I think the recession has affected the matter but has not stopped it.

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