Obsession du Jour: Imelda Marcos

Written By bryanboy

Obsession du Jour: Imelda Marcos

Ugh. I am soo going out in a few hours. I need to burn major calories after all that nonsense bingeing I did over the past couple of days. I ate so much shit I’ve lost track of whatever it is I ate. I hate the fact that I don’t have inhibitions whatsoever when it comes to eating… I’ll shove it down my throat provided it’s edible.

I had dinner with Dr. Babaran (of Belo Westgate) the other night at one of my favourite places, the French Corner.


I had French onion soup, rib eye steak, creme brulee and lots of bread. The food, as always, was scrumptious. The food is soo good I totally forgot to take photos.

Well, there’s the creme brulee…

And here’s what I had for dinner on Sunday at the Outback restaurant… fries, chicken, heaps of cheese, bacon, mushrooms. The calories in that thing is enough to solve an entire African nation’s malnutrition problems. I don’t even wanna think about it.

What is happening to me? I really don’t understand why I’ve been bingeing lately.

I think I’m gonna visit my shrink tomorrow.

There must be a rational excuse for my behavior. I’m not even depressed! Well, I don’t think I am. I mean come on, I devoured an entire dozen of donuts last night. No one in their right mind would do that.

We all know that going on a diet… or the gym is not my thing. I’ve also tried every diet pill out there and I give up after a week or two. I simply do not have the discipline whatsoever. I WANT TO BE THIN!!!!! I WANT TO BE THIN AND GORGEOUS!!!!  This nonsense eating has got to stop… unless, of course, there’s an angel out there who is willing to pay for my full-body liposuction bill. I really want to avoid eating but it’s soo hard. I think I’m gonna sabotage my food the next time I go to a restaurant. You know, complain it’s not hot enough… or pour lots of water or condiments. I hate doing it though… I feel guilty about all the starving children in the world. In fact, I always finish EVERYTHING, whatever it is, on my plate. I hate leaving leftovers. My heart isn’t made out of stone you know.

Anyway… enough food talk. I feel like vomitting already.

(This is exactly why I love my blog. It’s soo fucking therapeutic. I allows me to get things out of my system. It keeps my sanity intact by doing so.)

I am sooo having an Imelda obsession going on at the moment.

The pretty Jae from the Philippines (the one with the 3-strand necklace) emailed me this lovely photo after reading my 100 Things I must do before I die list.


I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fabulous Imelda Marcos accessories line. I first read about it on the LA Times article via Shoelover’s blog. I initially had my doubts and I thought it all sounds too good to be true so I was like, ok, whatever.

(BTW… Hahahaha! I knew it. I fucking knew it. I *KNEW* that whole Borgy for Mayor is just a PR sham. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Earlier this week, good ol’ Mrs. T. sent me a text message.

"Guess who’s doing PR for Imelda’s new line?"

I was like… you gotta be kidding me.

OH. MY. GOD. I was gobsmacked.

For real.

Mrs. T (btw, she finally launched her new website, www.tresormakati.com after 10 long years… good on you babe! hahaha) confirmed that the oh-so-fabulous Imelda is coming out with lovely accessories.

And yes, she’s handling PR for it.


I went to Mrs. T’s blog and found the "official" press release…

Credit: Tresor Makati

Former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Romualdez Marcos continues to influence in fashion in more ways than one. Her infamous collection of shoes has inspired a number of advertising campaign slogans for foreign shoe brands, as well as a quote in the popular TV show Sex and the City. Her signature look, the terno, is now enjoying a revival in local formal events. Her iconic image, that of a perfectly coiffed woman with pearl studs and a single diamond, has become the standard of Asian women — the "Asian girl look." Now even Imelda’s old photographs are being used, not simply as inspiration but also as unauthorized reprints in entire collections of bolero jackets, gowns and accessories by local fashion designers.

Enter The Imelda Collection — a line of fashion accessories for the stylish but practical woman with the penchant for owning a piece of history. The fashion line is composed of pieces from Mrs. Marcos’ personal collection discovered in old trunks in Leyte — baubles which may not be of real value to anyone, but remains treasured and invaluable to Imelda herself due to the history that each piece holds. The components include Swarovski crystals, pearls and mother-of-pearl from Mindanao, malachite beads from her pioneering trips to Russia, cloisonne charms from the first visits to China, leftover buttons from her suits worn at important events, partly damaged antique Ilocano tamburins, and even single costume earrings whose pairs were long lost in past political campaigns.

Behind The Imelda Collection is Mrs. Marcos’ eldest daughter Rep. Imee Marcos. As the producer of the line, it was Imee who convinced her mother to go public with her interest in creating accessories. Imee says her mother had always been an "accessories maven to the first order." She explains, "when she left Leyte for Manila to study at the Philippine Women’s University, she stayed in the hectic household of her cousin, the then- Speaker of the House of Representatives, Speaker Daniel Z. Romualdez. She didn’t have the dresses appropriate for the many social occasions she suddenly had to attend, hence became very inventive with belts, and flower pins, and scarves and shoes." Mrs. Marcos’ interest in accessories continued on during her years as First Lady, when she had to constantly change outfits for many occasions throughout the day. Mrs. Marcos would "recycle" her ternos to look new and different following each photo opportunity, and she executed new looks through the magic of accessories.

In addition to launching the accessories line, a new image of Imelda Marcos will be released through the photographs of Steve Tirona under the art direction of Mrs. Marcos’ grandson, Martin "Borgy" Manotoc. These photos, featuring images of Mrs. Marcos with her pet dog wearing accessories or in the midst of a comical "catastrophe" in an ornate bathtub, have a tongue-in-cheek humour that will appeal to the younger generation that Borgy represents. This is the same spirit carried by each piece in The Imelda Collection– designed with Imelda’s elegant style, but with a little bit of a whimsical twist: a button here, an organza ribbon there. True to form, Mrs. Marcos says, "You don’t have to be rich to be beautiful. Sometimes I have been rich, sometimes I haven’t. But there is beauty still out there– it may cost the earth, it may be quite cheap, in nature it might even be free!"

The Imelda Collection includes necklaces, earrings, brooches, cuff bracelets and hair combs. While some larger pieces reflect the "Imeldific" spirit to be worn for special events, most of the pieces are practical and can be worn in many different ways. Because each piece has a little bit of Imelda in it — a button, a pearl, a Swarovski crystal, a butterfly or a mini shoe, it essentially carries with it a part of history. The Imelda Collection will appeal not only to the modern fashionista but also to an avid collector. Imee says of the collection, "It is not fashion that she would like to propagate, nor is she by any means claiming to be a designer of any sort. It is a way of life, an attitude, a manner of being that is essentially her, and our, own. In the end, the Filipino is perhaps not a scientist, or a businessman, or an athlete, hardly a politician- but the Filipino without doubt is an artist."

I can’t wait to see the goods! I got invited to the launch this month. I thought it’s a great opportunity for me to see Mrs. Marcos in FLESH (HELL YES) but now I’m having doubts cause I need to be "Imeldific" at the event: think decadence, opulence and excess in the HIGHEST order…. something I can’t afford to do right now. IT FUCKING SUCKS TO BE POOR!!! I FUCKING HATE IT!!!! SOMEONE JUST FUCKING SPONSOR A THIRD WORLD CHILD (ME)!!!!! I mean, I need a new suit, new shoes, lots of jewelry… in other words, I NEED TO PROSTITUTE MYSELF! Hahahaha! I mean, I don’t want to be in Imelda’s presence looking like a pauper. That would be a complete insult to what she stands for. We’ll see how it goes.

I don’t care what y’all say about Mrs. Marcos. I loooove her… and her contributions to Philippine society is unmatchable in spite of all the brouhaha. I mean come on, when was the last time you saw museums, centers, and other buildings dedicated to arts, culture and other civic-oriented hoolabaloo? You no longer see buildings like that erected left and right… and don’t give me bullshit talk on how the local governments have no budget… if there’s a will, there’s a way! If I was a politician with a limited budget, I’d still go ahead with construction of such buildings. Where does the money go anyway? Incompetent government employees who spend their entire afternoon chit chatting with colleagues and send text messages? Bitch please, I say fire em all!

Ugh verbal diarrhea again. Please ignore me and don’t take me seriously because I absolutely have no clue on what I’m talking about.

I’m gonna jet off. I need to get off my fat ass and burn calories. Thin or obese, I’m going shopping!

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com. Ok, wait, no. SEND ME AN SMS because I’m gonna be on the road for the next few hours. +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. “when was the last time you saw museums, centers, and other buildings dedicated to arts, culture and other civic-oriented hoolabaloo? You no longer see buildings like that erected left and right… and don’t give me bullshit talk on how the local governments have no budget… if there’s a will, there’s a way! If I was a politician with a limited budget, I’d still go ahead with construction of such buildings. Where does the money go anyway? Incompetent government employees who spend their entire afternoon chit chatting with colleagues and send text messages? Bitch please, I say fire em all!”

  2. i jus love imelda! UK tatler jus featured her. she was even qouted in the flick “its all gone pete tong”. and i heard that Fat Boy Slim will create a musical about her life. dont u wish to hav a granny like her? ang taray ng lola mo! i love u BB!

  3. Take heart; that flotation devise will save your ass in case of flooding. Or better yet, get rid of it before you meet the Queen Bee Herself.

  4. how cool is that! by the way, the first and last time i saw THE imelda marcos, was a year ago at one of those posh condos at apartment drive in makati… it was a shoot for metro hiM c”,) she was intimidating, imagine 10 body guards was with her that time : )
    p.s. don’t worry so much bb you’ll look fab!

    I heard that you make almost one mil from bloggin. :O wahahaha.
    keep it up. ;)
    ur fan,
    <3. kat

  6. you are damn right bryanboy.
    no one in the third world can ever match imelda.
    if i’m going to choose, i’d rather choose the currupt leader who looks gorgeous than the same corrupt one who doesnt even know how to wear a decent suit.

  7. I had a bad day today – until I read your post. Thanks for making me giggle, and know that in your deviance (which will no doubt lead to Hell for all us fags), you really brightened up someone’s day.

  8. ohmygoodness. i’m so shocked.
    I scroll down and there it is, our pic with Imelda. Soo did not expect that. Go Jae!

  9. Hey bryanboy. I really have to ask. That picture with you and Dr. Babaran (girl with horizontal striped shirt).. Are those real???
    She’s so F@$@#ing Hot! (self censored)

  10. hmm creme brule…why are those bitches so damn homely, ugh is that how u make yourself feel pretier by posing with ugly people, smart.

  11. ronaldbrian

    Hay naku, bryanboy. If you want to see Imelda Marcos, go to the Sandiganbayan, the anti-graft and corruption court. She has many cases there. She is ALWAYS there. So please don’t go around angsting you haven’t had your photo taken with her! Nakakahiya! Mere Sandiganbayan employees can get their pictures taken with her, ok? A little dignity, if you please.

  12. yeah… posing with you made me look so old…but im definitely not ugly! :)
    anyway, it was fun :) will try the creme brulee next time.
    and tara, lets lipo :)

  13. dont worry bryanboy, you are gorgeous even as a pauper. lolz.
    even imelda marcos (i looove her also since i’m a loyalist, no offense to others) would agree with that ;p

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