Here's one for the boys.

Written By bryanboy

Here’s one for the boys.

And lesbians, too.

Why am I posting this? Believe it or not, there are fabulous folk like Carlos who are simply just not satisfied with my mangina.(Say hi to the beautiful wife for me!!!)

Paris: "Legs akimbo bitch!"
Britney: "I’m not a girl… not yet a woman!"


This is the reason why I’m not really a Britney fan.

Photos via ONTD. Also, many thanks to that one person for bringing this to my attention and emotionally scarring me for life.

I have to admit, you gotta give credit to Britney for keeping it shaved. Most female brown ricers like their minges covered with hair.

Don’t ask me how I know. I just do! I’ve seen far too many amateur Asian videos and most brown bitch whores got hairy bushes down there!


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Three words: oh my god, can it get any worse than this?
    I tought her face already looked bad.
    This is suicide for your eyes …

  2. Three words: oh my god, can it get any worse than this?
    I tought her face already looked bad.
    This is suicide for your eyes …

  3. You would think considering she just pushed a human being out of that thing a few months ago, she’d want to keep her loose lips shut.

  4. Miss Caitlin K

    omg people still have bushes!!!! i dont understand what in the world would ever posess you to have one!! its so passee i got rid of it with my pashmina shawl.

  5. Paris is teaching Brit how to air out her puss.
    That reminds me, I wanna get tuna for tonights sashimi.

  6. haha, i really told her to go to my place that night with her best panties on er, off..

  7. poor britney… she never had worn decent clothes ever since, so i’m not as well shocked to see her pussy.
    i’ve also seen what Rainbowreels had said below, and i presume you’re the one who also made it. Right? for your buttons and all…

  8. OH Britney Britney… This is not going to help you with your custody case… Just to think, a week ago I was actually rooting for you against K-Fed.. but it seems to me, that maybe just maybe K-Fed would probably be a better parent than you…

  9. Bryan, no respectable dyke would hit it up with Brit. She is not even a shadow of her former self because that shadow would have to be skinny with nice hair and be able to exude an aura of teenage sexuality.
    Her kitty ain’t all that. :p And check ’em thunder thighs! Makes me wna give up cheese for a month!

  10. Britney should have worn a nice pair of lingerie instead. Her pussy looks like…arggh…I don’t know what term is right to use…it’s simply awesome and horrible at the same time!!!

  11. Hey – thanks Jaycee! I thought I was going nuts! I actually talked to BB about it online – – I guess he was updating his site at the time..
    See BB – – I wasn’t kidding! It went away the next day so I guess BB figured it out! Cheers!

  12. Eww, I’m a lez and these pics make me hurl. I would stay away from any cooch that K-Fed has sprayed his STDs on, especially now that it looks like Paris has had her turn with that vajayjay too. Britney, I’m sure you can afford an entire Walmart of panties so please buy some and put them on!!!

  13. all pussies should remain clean and bald every man should have one

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