Half half?

Written By bryanboy

Half half?

I don’t even know what the heck I was doing on craiglist but this advert caught my eye. I see the 22, I see the 145 pounds and I definitely (oh yes) see the Filipino.

So tell me, what happened to the Spanish?


  1. He looks like Gomez from The Adams Family..
    If you were on Craigslist, you may have heard about some stupid guy selling his baby because he was “on hard times”… You can find anything on Craigslist..

  2. hahaha… where the *toot* was his spanish features?! I can’t see it! i can’t believe that he’s living in his own make believe heritage. Or better yet, he really have spanish blood not quite prominent because he have it only by a margin of .01% of his total existence. whahahaha… this makes me laugh a lot!!

  3. Filipinish

    It’s his teeth.
    Pearly white, just like the spaniards
    or mabe his thick hair. I know a lot of people from Spain with a lot of hair

  4. Gawwwwdddd!!!!!!! If i would lie about my heritage and make myself as a halfhalf, it should be something convincing like filipino-Malay,filipino-indonesian or filipino-thai…atleast people wont question u about that if u have that look since those filipino,thai,malay and indonesian are pretty much the same with brown ass………….poor guy, absolutely delusional..hahahahahahahaha maybe he had 00000000.01% spanish blood…and were can u see that? in his fucking brown ass…..dig it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lolz

  5. This post sounds more like reverse internalized Filiphobia than anything else. Sorry, though…I’m white–I wouldn’t understand. But I definitely embrace my white-trash American-English-French-German heritage. Maybe this guy’s the same ;)

  6. So what’s the fuss about being half- filipino and half-spanish? As you always say, “live and let live”
    Have you got nothing to feature in your site? Your loyal fans dont fucking care about this “half-half” fuckin guy! This guy doesn’t deserve this much attention!!

  7. reminds me of this guy i once met in cebu. he said he is from the “states” ok the accent says it all and he said he got no filipino blood…then explain to me the nose…godamnit!!

  8. Ansasakit nyo namang magsalita! Pwe! Let’s check our history ok? @$%^&*()SYTDFQA*^TR$#%@QAD! According to my feces… i mean, thesis:
    HE is reading an old history book that says Da Flippines is still OWNED by the SPANIARDS and because this LOCO INDIO has no idea that the Spanish-American War did not end at the Mega-mall, he thinks that Pangasinan is part of La Espana, thus, este el indo thinko thinko muy loco y media espanol. Punyeta nya!
    Pero, teka, doesnt that makes me half-american because i carry a blue american passport?! Yeeehhhaaa!!!

  9. “So tell me, what happened to the Spanish? ”
    Baka adopted cya? Or his Spanish genes are extremely recessive. Bwahaha. Poor guy.

  10. Maybe he feels that he is just muy simpatico but he looks muy impakto wahahaha!

  11. Goshgetalife

    “22 145lbs filipino-spanish….”
    Words are missing in his description, hence the dot dot dot.
    I think this is what he meant to write is:
    “22 145lbs filipino, spanish bread maker!” See if he wrote that, then he wouldn’t be lying at all!!! lol Let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt. The guy is looking for love, let’s give it to him.

  12. pinoy ito

    All of you failed to read what is under Spanish….
    I want to HIT him now.
    Where is that Half Half guy???

  13. It’s so stupid.
    I mean, really. Just because you have a spanish last name does not necessarily mean that your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother has been knocked up by a Spanish invader.
    It may just mean that your grandgrandgrandfather did not have a last name then, and because the Spaniards were so sick of having 100 Juans in one house that they awarded one of them with a dela Cruz last name, a Mejia last name and so on.
    So sick of it, really.
    When will people stop denying who they are. Sigh.

  14. Ay naku sa ngiti lang buking na bading itong half-spanish na pinag-aksayahan nyo ng oras. Ewan ko ba hay kayo talaga hindi marunong kumilala ng VERDENG DUGOH!!! cge kung gusto pa rin nyo na matanso!!!

  15. uhmm…before our history class in grade school…we all thought that spanish sounding names automatically made us decendants of spaniards…i was wrong.. most filipino with spanish sounding names got their names from the madrid telephone directory….=)

  16. You seem to have a bit of a fixation on this particular racial issue. What on Earth does it matter?

  17. He scared the shit out of me !!!!! what Spanish? the Mexicans on Jackson Heights are muy caliente than this booger face! Maricon!!!!!!!

  18. ‘hit me up’…somebody hit him with a fuckin’ baseball bat to finish what the ugly tree clearly started.

  19. slutloveÜ

    I’m just curious. bryanboy what was your highschool like?ÜÜÜ Did your school have stereotypes jocks, geeks, artists, “cool” people. have you dealt with highschool drama? I’m sure you were the most popular gaybitch in campus. hahaÜ! hit me back some loveÜ <3

  20. what’s up with most Filipinos thinking they’re mestizo just because they’ve got a hispanic surname? there’s nothing wrong with being indio…. but then again im not 100% native either.

  21. tanginakabryan

    hoi bryanboy, pwede ba iwasan mong magpost ng pictures ng mga walang kamalay-malay na tao sa website mo? ang galing kasi, maghahalungkat ka ng picture ng kung sinong walang kamuwang-muwang sa internet, i-popost mo sa website mo para pagkatuwaan ng lahat ng readers mo. humiliating yun dun sa tao! kung magpopost ka na rin lang naman, yung matino, creative at orginal na post na lang, tutal naman kumikita ka sa website na to. wag kung sinu-sinong ordinaryong tao yung binabandera mo’t pinapahiya sa website mo!
    malay mo ba kung half-spanish talaga yang lalaking yan? malay mo rin kung talagang sa hawaii siya nakatira? malay mo ba…
    kaya ka iniiwan ng mga kaibigan mo e … di mo iniisip yung nararamdaman ng iba… magaling kang maghumiliate ng ibang tao. making money out of other people’s expense

  22. Farrk, I sooooo hate self-hating Pinoys like this guy and that Jasmine Trias from American Idol. Kung nahihiya kang magsabi na Pilipino ka, mas mukhang mapangit tayo so buong mundo. I don’t see many Japanese or even Chinese saying they’re Chinese-Dutch or Japanese-Swiss. Most are not ashamed of their race. Maybe because they have a stronger economy and more well-known culture and history, and all we have is being known as domestic helpers. We just have some shitty spin doctors unlike the other Asian races! Even Indians look good now because they’re proud of their culture and language. Confidence makes one beyoootiful, ya know? So say you’re goddamn proud of your brown trash ass!

  23. erin jude

    I find several Filipinos uber funny and crazy. They all love to tell people they’re half this and half that but in truth they’re full-blooded citizens of this third world, l’exotique land of the Philippines.

  24. Hmmm.. maybe when he said “Spanish” he meant like… Mexican.. or something. I could see him being a mix of Filipino and some Latin American… possibly..

  25. that guy scared the shit out of me !!!! the mexicans in Jackson Heights are muy caliente than that booger face!

  26. okay bee, i find you amusing to a fault. you can be easily compared to the other “characters” out there such as janice dickinson and andre leon talley. alright, maybe more janice. anyway, making fun of someone you don’t even know, someone you found on some sort of online want ad who’s oblivious to the fact that you’ve posted his ad outside of where he initially intended, is pretty funny BUT inexcusably low. seriously though, i’d rather make fun of the fact that you were cruising craigslist lookin for booty. SAD.

  27. Hey – that posting of crave saying he’s got spanish in him… then posted his myspace address which clearly states (Black/African Descent)- what gives?

  28. Angela

    Some Filipinos are Spanish, Sarita Perez de Tagle? Jaime Zobel de Ayala? Just google image them and you’ll see it, not all Filipinos who say they have Spanish blood are lying, but it’s true, many of them are.

  29. Shikamaru

    Social climbing at its finest. I guess people like that are trying to put themselves at par or above the elite mestizo class(who are a minuscule number)

  30. believe it or not..
    not all spanish people are good looking.
    plus i don’t see anything there saying he was half-half. don’t assume all chinoys mean 50% chinese.

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