Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.

Written By bryanboy

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.

Great. Just great. Those hardcore religious fanatics are chasing my ass and calling me the antichrist. Don’t they have anything to do with their time? It’s nice to see what their priorities are. They’d rather start (and spread) useless online petitions instead of feeding the hungry or helping the poor. What a bunch of lunatics. Get over yourselves.

You and I need to get laid!

Oh don’t judge me. You’re not in HERE because you got caught helping the poor.

I love you all! I’ll update in a bit. I’m in desperate need of something sweet. I need to run to the store and buy chocolate.


  1. You would think people that were offended by the “Jesus is our homeboy post” would leave the blog and say nothing more. But no, they had to leave their hypocritical bullshit on this blog.
    I still heart you, Brianboy.

  2. I can only imagine they were mad because the bag wasn’t Fendi!
    Viva la revolution Bryanboy!
    Love Sheena

  3. Not all Filipinos are like that but only the ignoramies, poor fucktards, provincial monkeys and others.
    The irony here is that these people are itching to travel to Europe or even resort to vaginal visas just to get in here. Well, I pity these poor sonsofbitches.
    Stay lovely as always Bryanboy.

  4. Hahaha those poor bastards don’t have anything to do better than start dumbass petitions.
    Are we still in the 50″s? Lighten up people..Do something else better with ur time, like plant trees or help those poor kids in the streets selling cigarettes and sampaguitas…
    U Go Bryanboy!

  5. Don’t feel bad, the nutcase religious right wing doesn’t like me so much either. I take it as a compliment. And no, they don’t have anything better to do.

  6. Look at the bright side and imagine how many bloggers out there are posting about you (that’s how I got here anyway). That’s good for your income.
    I personally don’t like you but I don’t have any problems with what you posted.

  7. marmalade

    Pues no tienes nada de que preocuparte dear bryan, esos putos fanaticos están más en el infierno que tu o yo! esas basuras morirán como ranas venenosas, el pez muere por la boca.

  8. Hoy bading na baduy…..ang pangit mo. Di ka siguro atenista….public school ka nag aral? UP lang? o baka hindi pa…napaka trying hard mo kasi e…masyado kang pa sosyal…pare pareho kayo ng mga kapwa bading mo na sosyal pepper t? si tim y?..he he pare pareho kayong trying hard e…iisa lang ang ambisyon nyo e…masama sa column ni maurice…hehe hay naku bakit ba ako nag aaksaya ng panahon dito?..o sya see you sa banyo ng NUVO..ipasa mo sakin ang bote tapos mo ha? babay.

  9. You’re empty and shallow, and you celebrate it, that’s your life. Keep it up! You push the buttons by doing that, and get cash in return, but someday, you will get what’s really due to you. And I’m sure you deserve it.

  10. jhunsanne

    Now…I know…I love BryanBoy…I agree with you about the third world country…and now I understand the third sex…I love you bryan boy..

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