Faggotry in Motion: Mrs. Granny Bee

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion: Mrs. Granny Bee

Meet Mrs. Granny Bee. She’s the 74-year old eccentric grandma we all want to have.

[Bryanboy’s note: you are SOOO gonna die. Die. Die. Die. This is DEFINITELY one of my favourite Faggotry in Motion videos ever ever ever infinity ever.  Forward it to your friends! Link it on your blogs/websites! I want y’all to whore around my little labour of love.]

Geraldine Winnaretta Marjorie Folger-Beecham (born February 29, 1932 though some sources reveal she was born as far back as the late 18th century…) also known as Mrs. Granny Bee, is a famous part-time runway model and avid proponent of plastic surgery. Granny is a Rhodes scholar with various impressive degrees in a wide range of studies from many, many schools, including — but not limited to — Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Wharton, Erie County Community College and Ms. Debbie’s Korrespondence with Klass Skool of Kosmetology.

Mrs. Bee’s life is nothing but colourful. For over sixty years, she battled eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia in addition to various drug addictions ranging from low-grade marijuana to hardcore heroin. Nobody knows the exact number of times she was found on the floor unconscious and foaming in the mouth, though European tabloids say that number is believed to be in the thousands. Her drug of choice these days is formaldehyde and she never leaves home without consulting Miss Cleo on her 1-900 psychic line.

During her spare time, she enjoys visiting various juvenile detention centers, "exhaustion" and rehabilition clinics, nursing homes and retirement centers for sexual recreation. Some of her other hobbies include chain-smoking in churches and gas stations, collect "Hard Rock Cafe" t-shirts, Planet Hollywood baseball caps, South American prepubescent boys’ used underwear and of course, writing to American inmates of Latino origin.

Granny loves diversity and such trait can be seen with her choice of friends: Patsy Stone, Lorena Bobbitt, Heidi Fleiss, Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Iris Apfel, Nan Kempner, Carmen Dell’orefice, Anna Piaggi, Loulou de la Falaise, Wallis Franken, June Newton and of course, MEEEEE, Bryanboy!

Mrs. Bee is currently residing in Manila, Philippines with her beagle pup named "Titikaka". She has various homes around the world that she rents out as brothels to Asian pimps while she’s gone.

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  1. hi BB! I’m lovin’ Granny bee!!! What can Granny Bee do? hmmm…. maybe she can dish out advice to letter senders out there telling them a thing or two about fabulousity! wow! like a Dear Abby of some sort, but mucho prettier!!! hahaha! another character to look forward to BB!! thanks for making life even more fun!

  2. BRB, Talaga napakalandi ng mga posts mo, putatsing kah, wala kang magawa sa buhay!

  3. Ang ganda mo para kang babae dito sa mga pictures. Di gaya ng mga kuha mo kay imelda mukhang kang matanda na, di ka pala magandang magdala ng amerikana mukhang losyang na lolo, hahaha! o mali lang ang choice ng american suit mo? pati ang salamin mong suot pangmatanda din.
    The above comments are constructive criticisms (mali yata spelling ko, anyhoo sabi mo nga you dont care about english nazis, ehe!)
    Hope you keep dressing like this! Beside its colorful.

  4. this is honestly the funniest post in your blog ever. the wheelchair? priceless… anyway i agree with thysz granny bee should write an advice column. gay grannies are the hottest bitch ever!

  5. I hope the poor maid reduced to pushing you around is being paid enough to send money to her family in the province.
    Btw, high heels show off your SKINNY legs.

  6. bryan u cunt! where the hell did u get that wheelchair?
    oh well, you are still lovely my dear.

  7. OMG love it!!!! Gosh it’s not fair that you can walk in those heels better than me… anyway that video rocks my socks (no pun intended..?).. Keep the glamour alive!!! xxx

  8. grabeh ang effort ha…may wheelchair pa tlaga at tagatulak….
    damn ur such a sexy old bitch!

  9. u were ment for heels bb, stop wearing men’s/flats/any thing under 5’inches lol ;P keep da faggatry alive XOXO

  10. peterbelmi

    hi bryan! been reading your blog for the longest time. :) what song did you use for your video? hope you dont mind!

  11. jemelee anne

    granny bee have matching socks with mcdonalds, it’s just that hers is blue and white and mcdonalds’ is red and white.. cute!!
    OMFG, i love this video and i’m soo gonna post this on my blog!!

  12. i saw you in yspeak today. my god your skin is FAB. i envy you!!!!!!!!
    by the way i think the marco kid is totally gay. green team should win!!!!

  13. I don’t like this old hag. Can you get Granny B. to write me into her will and then off her ass? I change my mind, I will like Granny B if she starts wearing a diaper – ON THE OUTSIDE of her pants! BBB! (Baboosh Bryan Boy)

  14. Brianboy,your wish has come true. Your litte labor of love is on perezhilton.com.

  15. hey! I saw you on t.v. last night… And yeah, you’re saying the “I don’t care” thing over and over but you were soooooo fab at that very moment… and Granny Bee, i wish i had a granny like her hahah hmmm you’re tv appearance was such an exposure to the “third world natives” hehe actually i started reading ur site after the episode! luv the i dont care attitude ! haha

  16. Hey BB, this was featured on PerezHilton.com you’re so funny. ANytime soon u will dominate the US bumfuck of A! hahahaha keep the faggotry alive.!

  17. Yspeak is a show that u should have never been invited to guest. God, u were so selfish, what were u thinking?Honestly, u looked like ur trying TOO HARD to be so fluent in english. Yeah, TRYING HARD. I was with a couple of american friends when we caught u on Yspeak and there was only 1 thing they could say, UR STUPID. THink before u say something, it’s a shame. You choked. Hahahaha.
    Ur face was oily too. And ur eyes were too far apart.

  18. never mind granny bee. I saw you on Y speak c/o TFC. I barely made it to the infamous ‘I DON’T CARE’ response hahahhaha holy shit B. Kuya Kim didn’t like it at all, huh? Y the hell were you nodding so much? nod nod nod… That dork Marco was funny though.

  19. goshgetalife

    Bryanboy, it took Perez Hilton long enough to get recognize your “talents”. I hope you guys get to hook up someday and maybe do a talk show or website together. That would be a blast if that happens. I love the Granny Bee idea. It could be a sneak peak or spin off to what Beyonce will look like when she becomes a Gram! Hahaha too funny. Congratulations again on your success. Btw, I made note of your flawless skin on Perez’s website. ;) Hugs.

  20. about time someone from our country came up with something as fagulous. love this site! we wanna see more of granny bee (or some other personality you might have stashed in yer closet)!

  21. alexander


  22. Mr. Schizo

    I sooooo love those Jimmy Choos! This is the first time I posted a comment here in your space but I’ve been visiting this for some time now.
    I find your entries smart, witty and funny.

  23. This is the first time I have ever watched one of these faggotry in motion videos. I really like your blog posts, but i LOVE hearing you speak. You must be great to gossip with over lattes. If you’re ever in Los Angeles and want to grab some Coffeebean, let me know!

  24. Hi Gran,
    I was fortunate enough to see yah in action. Me and my officemates were in ATC on the day of your visit. Dead giveaway was the Chanel twinset and accesories. I was tempted to approach you but I was afraid you’ll just blow me off. Anywho, keep the Bolly and the Stoli flowing love, Baboosh!

  25. Hi Gran,
    I was fortunate enough to see yah in action. Me and my officemates were in ATC on the day of your visit. Dead giveaway was the Chanel twinset and accesories. I was tempted to approach you but I was afraid you’ll just blow me off. Anywho, keep the bolly and the stoli flowing sweetie, Baboosh!

  26. Hi Gran,
    I was fortunate enough to see yah in action. Me and my officemates were in ATC on the day of your visit. Dead giveaway was the Chanel twinset and accesories. I was tempted to approach you but I was afraid you’ll just blow me off. Anywho, keep the bolly and the stoli flowing sweetie,dahling, Baboosh!

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