Don't shoot the messenger.

Written By bryanboy

Don’t shoot the messenger.

It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? NOT! I don’t even know where to begin. How’s this for starters?

It’s an article published online in reference to one of my previous posts.

Two British guys sent me a photo of themselves (and Jesus, whatever) doing my pose. So what if I published them online? Why all the brouhaha? Don’t go running around telling me I owe you responsiblity — THIS IS MY FUCKING WEBSITE AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT ON MY BLOG.

I’m not gonna pay any more attention on this bullshit. Like what I said before, someone’s got a shitload of free time on their hands. For humanity’s sake, go feed the hungry or something. Those religious fanatics can lick my ass crack and give me a good ol creampie. I really have no idea why they are reading my blog in the first place.

Nick from the UK sent in this photo. What is it with British people and Jesus? Hahahaha!

Sean wrote the most hilarious comment I’ve seen in the longest time. It’s directed towards some stupid biblehugging faggot named Emilio.

I mean really, when you think about it, do these idiots think about god every time they get fucked in the ass? Do they fess up their sins and pray Hail Mary, what, 20 times, after they give some git a blowjob?

Bitch please.

I’ll do another update later. I need industrial-strength, high-grade tranquilizers to calm my nerves. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

P.S. I love the publicity this whole brouhaha generated though. Go right ahead. Call me the antichrist if you want. We’re all going to hell anyway… at least I’ve got a king-sized bed reserved beside satan while some of you will have to make do with ringside seats.

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Wheels on fire… rolling down the road…

I love you all!


  1. Just wanna say one thing: Jesus kan suga sin egen kuk, levde han skulle jag knulla honom i röven tills den blödde. Religion är ett jävla helvete som borde avskaffas. Hur moget är det att tro på en jultomte som bor på ett moln. Skärpning.

  2. I read that, and some people on yugatech commented that they want you to become even more famoso by submitting your blog to the all knowing institution of the p–d-ophil-c(hey, I’m saving myself the headache in case what they say is true) Catholic Church, Philippine branch so they can respond to you on national TV.

  3. “in the philippines, bad publicity is still good publicity.”
    In the Philippines, bad publicity is AWESOME publicity. lol. We as a people thrive on controversy, so pat yourself on the back.
    (although really, it’s not YOUR fault if someone sends in a picture of Jesus doing the Bryanboy pose… you didn’t explicitly tell them to do it that way. lol.)
    Besides, I think Jesus loves Bryanboy too. :)

  4. <>
    DAMN RIGHT BRYAN YOUR FAG HIGHNESS! What are we expecting here? Bishops? Priests? The Cardinal reading your blog everyday? Discussed on the pulpit on Sundays? Wow! You have indeed arrived in the gates of hell sweetah! Ang galing mo!!! I say FUCK THEM your holy faghighness! Just do whatever you want to do! This is yours! Not the holy fucking shit! PAKIALAM NILA?! I bet you, they’re just riding on your popularity gurl!!!

  5. brave and brown

    Aw, Bryanboy! I feel bad for you. Please don’t let those religious hypocrites get under your skin. The nerve!
    A majority of Flips would brag about being a democratic and being the only Asian Catholic country. But that’s just relatively speaking. Democracy, MY BROWN ASS! Freedom of speech, religion, and the pursuit of happiness are mere lip-service shit. Catholics, yeah right! They can suck my left one, the priggish pissants. Most are nit-picking, self-righteous, two-faced hypocrites who can’t stand seeing other people live a life different from and/or happier than theirs. Just because they’re miserable in their narrow-minded and needlessly judgmental lives, they perversely want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.
    Been there, got pissed off, got the fucked out! Couldn’t be any happier now. Live and let live, how hard can that be?
    Keep the faggotry alive, BB! As long as you’re happy and don’t hurt other people, who gives a flying fuck to what those haters say? Loves you lots! BABOOSH!

  6. Cheer up, Michael from DListed is urging everyone of his readers to vote for you. They’e all dumping on Perez too. Nice, huh?

  7. You go girl! There’s no such thing as bad publicity – just remember us, your loyal readers, when you hit super stardom!

  8. why doesn’t that surpise me? its 2006 people jesus. whats so offensive anyways? you know whats offensive to jesus? priests buttfucking little kiddies in churches thats whats offensive to jesus. AMEN!

  9. You know what amazes me MOST about all this drama?
    The people who bashes you say you offend God and it’s a really un-Catholic thing to do but THEN they say really nasty things like you’re going to hell, say bad words like “fuck”, “shit”, curse gay people.
    If they really are good people who loves God, how could they not know God doesn’t like people who judge other people and who wish other people harm. He asked us to FORGIVE. And UNDERSTAND each other.
    And can somoeone tell me why I’m seeing this as a “pantawid-gutom” for the columnists, petition writers, (Read: all those who doesnt have anything else to do but bash people and find fault in others). I bet they’re sick ugly people who can’t buy a decent bag. That’s why there’s so sad and pathetic.

  10. IGNORE THAT BULLSHIT!!!!!!They just want you to donate money for the church lol.

  11. what’s amazing though is the attention those hypocrites are giving to this blog. If you all are holier than though, go read the bible or something, this blog is for aint getting a halo and be canonized as a saint by bashing people who are minding their own business..go mind yours.

  12. Bryanboy an anti-Christ? Jesus!
    Ibang level na ito Bryan my Highness!!! Panalo!

  13. these people are SO PATHETIC.
    what is their fucking point?
    they’re not even affected,they just give a fuckabout it to appear SO HOLY to everybody…
    ugh..just like what Direk Joey Reyes once said…”sana mahawa kami sa kalinisan nyo!”
    now what if I say bryanboy is my god? I mean goddess? They’re gonna go saying bryanboy’s readers are also antichrists?!

  14. Punyeta ka talaga BRYAN! WIN ka na naman! Tangina mo talaga! Hayop ka! HA HA HA Congratulations for world abomination!!!!

  15. christine

    This from a sect of Christianity with a penchant for molesting young boys.

  16. bryanboy, my article is qouted in that article,just so you know.
    i wrote because i was just laughing at how you’ve been suspecting you are, you posted in pinoypc/tpc and blasted my blog then now you’ve just copied what i said there, “don’t shoot the messenger”, jeez bryanboy, be original!
    basically, you’re not the messenger, you encouraged people/those two retards to pose like’re the mob boss.
    also, this is not even about your sexuality, or even yourself,don’t flatter yourself much dear.Its about blasphemy.but if you think you’re Madonna to get away from it all, you’re still Filipino even if cursing Jesus is your passion.

  17. baduy at kabobohan ang nag email sayo na alisin yung pictures. ka-chimayan at ka-jologsan.
    i know her tho. pathetic tlga. mahilig kasing manood ng telenovela eh.

  18. BB don’t these morons know that you blog about loving nothing more than being ON YOUR KNEES – ok to suck cock but still, it’s definitely more than lip service hey – helluva lot more than u can say for these damn STUPID hypocrites! You go darl – u r now officially my hero!!! :-P

  19. Considering that quite a few of the “buena familia” types owe their porcelain complexions to a prolific friar or bishop in the family tree…!!
    I find it hilarious for people to label you as the Antichrist. Come ON – have these Catholics not read the Book of Revelation? You don’t even come close to fitting the criteria!
    The Bible is certainly correct about this present age being one of confusion, and lots of it – and these folks are merrily contributing to the mayhem!

  20. HAHAHAHA That is hillarious!!! You’re getting more famous by the day hahahaha!
    My friend told me about this site, she was like, “This gay guy is feeling all socialite or something but he’s fucking rich!” so I decided to check it out. Haha, I’M SO HOOKED! DAMN IT! This site is really something I don’t know what exactly. Love it

  21. Tathinha

    Bryan you know that I love your blog but I really didn’t like those pics…I think that is not funny jokes with religion…sexual preferences…or racists terms…
    I don’t like fur too…
    Kisses for you

  22. donut-ella

    Well if you are a disgrace then so am I!!! I’ve turned my back on that church so many eons ago so I don’t give a rats ass what they or their brainwashed, hypocritical, holier than thou, lunatic minions say. And who by the way is the writer sounds like someone trying to get attention. Luvs yea BB!!!
    P.S. I hope the idiots are reading the comments too, especially those guys wearing the mumu.

  23. filipino

    im filipino, gay and catholic! and i like big cooooockkkkkk and so is the priest that abused me when i was seven, only he likes small cocks of underage children.
    seriously, how can you be gay and cahotlic? catholics hate gay, they will never marry gay people … hmmmm

  24. JaJa Gabor (the ugly stepsister)

    Fuck this shit… most fuckin’ Filipinos are the most hypocritical backwards assholes in the world. This explains why the fuckin’ Philippine economy as well as all aspects of society is in decline. Everybody else in this world is evolving, but most Filipinos still want to live in 18th century.
    Live and let live, assholes. That’s what your bible is teaching you.
    *I can totally blast Filipinos because I am one*

  25. marmalade

    Fucking religious lunatics… Who cares about them? these people are shit, LOL.

  26. Mamushka

    I’m not really a big fan of yours, but I’m with you on this one. These religious zealots are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Latest surveys show that hungel levels in the Philippines are at record highs, half the population is living with less than $2 a day, and you think these zealots are doing anything about it? No, they don’t give a fuck, because it would actually require them to get off their arse and DO something. It’s so much easier to pretend to be holy and act indignant. And over what? Just some fucking photos?!
    Bryanboy you’re an egomaniacal asshole, but I’d prefer you any day over these fucking religious hypocrites.

  27. I just discovered ur site when I was voting in the bloggies… and of course you got severeal votes from me…. but I just want you to know… the first time I saw ur blog, that photo was the first thing I saw… and I fell in love with your blog INSTANTLY!! any there is NO such thing as bad publicity… well, unless you’re a Republican or an Evangelical religious leader…. but who gives a shit about those closet cases!!

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