Commander in Chief

Written By bryanboy

Commander in Chief

It’s that time of the week again for me to unload a dump. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I have to finish my other blog entry. To all of you lovely maggots out there, let me reiterate that LOVE… well, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD and I’m (yes, that means ME)… I’m the Commander in Chief…

and these people are my army:

Say hello to Derrick from Ohio. Oh-high-yo. Ohio. Don’t you all love bumfuck north americans? I love em. Don’t you just wanna get down on your knees or go on all fours and do the dirty deed with them? I love it.

Anne and Marlina from Indonesia sent in this photo. Cute eh?

Oooooooo… what is it with Indonesians lately? I love em. Here’s Derrick, who is Indonesian and 19, sent in this photo from Singapore. I LOOOOVE THE YOUTH OF TODAY! Handbags and chain-smoking galore, just the way I like it.

Jacob’s from another bumfuck town in the American Midwest. Hahaha! Where’s your handbag, bitch?

Here’s a little more homegrown…. Judith from the Philippines…

J Shawn from Singapore emailed me to tell me I have the "gayest blog in the world". Do you agree with him?

Evonna from Dallas, Texas. BITCH I HATE YOUR FOR BEING THINNER THAN ME. I ALSO HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU’VE GOT NEIMAN MARCUS. I hope you get fat like me. *cry* Hahaha! You know I love you… right?

Yes!!!!! I know. I *WILL* visit Singapore soon and some of you don’t have to remind me time and time again. It’s great knowing I have zillions of readers in Singapore and I’m sure I’m gonna have a blast when I go there, it’s just that there’s soo many things going on at the moment. I need to finish one of my top-secret projects or else my publisher will MURDER me. Gawwwwd. Don’t make it anymore difficult, silvous plait with whipped cream and extra cherries on top? I get tons of emails from Singaporeans asking me when I’m going there — I definitely feel the pressure and you’re all just making it sooo damn hard. Singapore ain’t the forbidden fruit you know. Hahaha!

Joy (in Singapore) sent in a photo from the rooftop of Vivocity, a newly opened mall in Singapore. I LOOOVE those cows! Y’all know how much I love large mammals… =)

More lovin’ lovin’ from Pakistan…

… and big hugs to the lovely Richard, who is one of my most loyal fans…

So tell me, what’s stopping YOU from sending your love?

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Email me and show me how much you care — no photoshopped photos please! My email address is

I’ll update in a bit.


  1. bb were you in st.scholastica’s college?
    what were you doin there?
    you were allowed to get inside?
    how did it feel to be a catholic schoolgirl?

  2. bryann!
    OMG! Finally u post my pic there!
    hahha, actually the name is Decky not Derrick!
    it’s ok will send more photos with that bitch pose on u!
    and U noe wat, I luv bryannboy!!!

  3. tangina, that girl from dallas is sooo thin!!!
    a new thinspiration! looove yah bboy!!!

  4. BB was in SSC for this fashion show where he was the judge
    I know a source of some pics where BB has that kerokeropi smile lol :D

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