Third world madness

Will someone please confirm whether this is true or not? I’ve kept my mouth shut over the past few days but I keep on hearing from a lot of people that he’s running for MAYOR of MANILA next year. You read that right and no, you’re not hallucinating. His name is Borgy Manotoc and he’s no other than Imelda Marcos’ grandson.YES!!!! Good ol icon of all things Imeldific and 300 million pairs of shoes galore.


Please tell me this is just one heck of a publicity stunt… or something. I’ve never had a conversation with him so I don’t know what he’s like for real but I met his girlfriend a few times before and she’s really nice… and pretty, too. And tall. And skinnier than me. Ugh. Some got it really lucky. Hahaha.

I can’t, I just can’t (especially since I’ve seen him, tight Y-fronts and crotch galore on a shitload of billboards in the past) for the life of god, imagine him as a mayor though. Best wishes if he’s really running for public office. I hope he’s only doing this for the sake of starving brown children and the unemployed.

Welcome to the third world!


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PPSS. Good morning to you too, Daniel.

PPPSSS. With the elections coming up (heck, I don’t even know when that would be and frankly, I don’t give a shit cause I’m not even registered to vote and I’m 47 years old) and in the spirit of third world insanity, I am now officially gonna make my blog available as an advertising platform for political candidates. Just send me suitcases full of cold hard cash and I’ll say LOTS of NICE things about you and I’ll tell people you’re not corrupt and such.

Ugh. I need new shoes.