Singelringen – It's great to be single!

Written By bryanboy

It’s great to be single!

You know I’m a sucker for all things Swedish: Filippa K, Cheap Monday, Acne Jeans, Duka, Ordning & Reda and many more. Everything in bloody Sweden is hip, fantastic and well-designed. Scandinavian cool at its finest. They have this thing about making the simplest, practical things look chic. Heck, they even have all those cute dots and nifty symbols on their vowels like ö, ä, å. Damn Swedes got it all really, including good genes. Look at all the pretty boys with strong faces, to-die-for bone structures and beautiful eyes plus all the tall, gorgeous girls. I don’t think I’ve seen a fat Swede in my life. Ok, there’s Peder Fogstrand but he’s an exception. I love that chubby little chimp. He’s quite a character. I swear to god, it’s just one of those things. I really need to find a new country to be obsessed about. The last time I had an obsession on this (unhealthy) scale was hmmm, about four years ago, think Brazil.

Anyway, going back to Swedish design, lookie lookie at what I got earlier this week straight from Stockholm….

Inside this little envelope-box…

… is a cute little folder with a gorgeous piece of finger candy.

Yes, it’s a ring!!!!

But not just any ring… it’s a ring specifically made for single people like me! Even Naomi Campbell, Juliette Lewis and Wilmer Valderrama’s got these little blue babies. =)

I love my singelringen!!! It’s soo adorable!!! Singleringen means "the single ring" in English. The color is absolutely stunning. No amount of photos can give it justice — it’s hard to explain.

102206_johanJohan Wahlbäck, the founder of Singelringen, while enjoying his single life, recognised that although married people and engaged people have rings, there is nothing that allows single people to clearly announce their status. This unisex ring, featuring a turquoise colour acrylic layer shining over a silver band, is worn on the right hand or on a neck chain as the opposite of a wedding ring, to signify that the wearer is available for dating.

I think it’s a great concept. It’s kinda embarassing enough to ask people whether or not they’re seeing someone. Well… yeah.. sort of. Anyway, the world is full of perverts out there. Would you want to flirt with a married guy or someone with a boyfriend? At least when you find someone wearing the ring, you know they are single and they are open to dating other people. It’s kinda like being part of a little exclusive singles club. Haha!

But then again, there are people who are complete sluts and get it on with anyone with a raging hardon whether they’re single or they have 3 kids from different wives.

Like me!

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! Hahaha! Legs akimbo and my butt wide open… Just kidding.

I think you should get a singelringen of your own. They’re super affordable, too. You can get one for US$49, shipping included. To learn more, visit their website at If you are in Manila, visit Schu in Glorietta 3 or Goldworks in Podium Mall to buy these rings.

BTW, the amazing AND generous folks at Singelringen are giving away six (6) rings, 3 for boys and 3 for girls on my anniversary so keep an eye out on my website over the next few days.


Nästa gång kanske du gör en kukring med samma färger och material? Skojja! =)

Jag älskar singelringen! My ring is for keeps. Who knows, maybe if I keep on wearing it, I’ll find a really gorgeous guy who will buy me a ring from JAR — when that happens, I’ll give my singelringen to my maid Eunice. Haha!

Coming up next: Faggotry in Motion #006 and Bryanboy fulfills his ice skating dream. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ralphinella

    hi bryanboy! yah know how much that ring is here in P.I.? dont have time for window shopping as of now. hope you’ll answer me. Luvluv!

  2. christine

    I almost wish I were single so I could wear that gorgeous thing!
    Maybe I’ll buy one for a friend.

  3. funky ring! i wanna get one…but between the single ring and the diamond ring for my right hand, i prefer the latter. ALL SINGLE LADIES, RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND! Let’s frost ourselves!

    I can’t wait for your FAGGOTRY in MOTION #6!!!! Be creative, talk to people, show HOT GUYS….I don’t know, walk while you’re talking in the video, I don’t know, something different bitch.
    You’re ring looks so cute , you know?.

  5. Ive seen those rings before, they look really nice especially to those with brown and exotic skin like us in the third world. Im thinking of getting one of those eventhough im not single. hahaha I’ll keep it till the day i become single again hahaha but i dont think the third world would know what the hell that ring symbolize if you wear them coz as far as i know we only a handful of people from the third world knows where the hell on earth Sweden or Scandinavia is. Evryone thinks in the third world that USA is the coolest country in the world hahahahaha and imported = MADE IN USA!

  6. Hey BB, maybe you should have a contest for the best infamous pose of yours on your 2nd yr anniversary….what do you think of this idea????

  7. fuck the ring! can you say gorgeouss sunglasses? i wish you would show us your eyes more though…

    i so friggin love ur blog BB!!! tsupmwah!

  9. Hey, hmm, first of all, I think you pretty much rock. Gosh, you actually make me laugh out loud.
    Anyways, just a question, you’re little Sweden-crush, do you have any, like, connection to Sweden or something? Haha, the thing is I just wanted to know. And where are you from?

  10. let me know how i can be one those 3 lucky girls to get a free singelringen… i dreamt i already have one! sheesh!!!

  11. <33 the first picture :) great background & light (and ofcourse great ring hehe !)

  12. När kan du komma i Sevrige BryanBoy?
    Tell us when your coming..we lay red carpet and treat like fucking princess of whore!!
    Keep the faggotry alive!
    So you are avialbe for dating!
    Loves from Sweden,

  13. BarbieQ!

    hey bryanboy, i just received my singelringen today and i was just wondering how to wear it. do i show the silver band or do i flip it over. btw does your turquoise colour acrylic have a dot on the bottom?

  14. MMMMMMmmmmm

    what a hell, why you will need a single ring… im thats something cool??? fuck that i prefer to buy an Armani Ring or LV ring what a hell in need a ring to show people the im single,,,

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