Present from Sonny and Iekeliene

Written By bryanboy

Present from Sonny and Iekeliene

Meet the oh-so-beautiful Ms. Iekeliene Stange. She’s one of the fresh faces to hit the runways.

Iekeliene for Chloe. Photo credit:

I almost had a coronary when I opened my inbox yesterday evening. I’m not joking. For real.

CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK the link below so you’ll see what the heck I’m talking about. May god bless us all.

Can I just say that some of the best things in life come when you least expect it?

Super photographer Sonny Vandevelde emailed me a photo of the oh-so-beautiful (and to-die-for bone structure) Iekeliene yesterday night as a little "cheer me up" present. I know I’ve been down recently but hey… nothing in this life is perfect.

Except for this:

Photo credit: Sonny Vandevelde

Sheer Perfection.

Sonny took that photo of Iekeliene backstage. Another photographer took this photo and it ended up at

I can stare at those photo for hours and not run out of tears. Yes, I’m that emotional! I’m such a cry baby when it comes to little things though I have to admit, I didn’t cry when my puppy died last year or the time when my grandfather died like 2 years ago – I got really sad but for some strange reason I didn’t cry. I dunno why.

Anyway, Iekeliene is sooo beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sonny and Iekeliene from the bottom of my heart!

This will definitely go to my collection. I don’t think I have a photo of a real model with a ‘candid’ Bryanboy pose before. Not even a model from the country where I’m from. Heck, I doubt the models here have heard of me anyway. Well, I’ve got Angela Lindvall for Fendi alright but that’s like for an campaign. Up until this day I don’t whether it’s a coincidence (for 2 seasons in a row ) or not. And now that I have one, the model I got is literally fresh from the runways of the world. I know it’s probably the most shallowest thing in the history of mankind but what can I say, I’m easy to please and little things like these completes my day week month year! I have this respect for people who work in fashion –  designers, photographers, models, editors, stylists, everyone! These are the people behind the multi-trillion dollar industry.

Fashion… we have a connection! Hahaha! I’m sooo friggin delusional and yes it’s fucking funny!

Speaking of connection, some of you will probably think or say "it’s only a silly pose nobody cares. Well, to me it isn’t silly. A photo of someone doing my pose "acknowledges" a teeny little part of me and the message I want to share to people.

Think about it – wouldn’t it be nice to see a LOT of people around the world to do my pose like at various tourist spots and stuff and then have like some random strangers come up to them because they recognize the pose and say "omg you read Bryanboy too?".

Enough from me. I’m on cloud 9 which explains all my verbal diarrhea, as usual. I feel soo special! I really am the happiest little girl in the planet! Keep on posing! You all know where to send them.

Here’s more of Iekeliene.. the photos below are courtesy of good ol’

Backstage at Bottega Veneta

Photo credit:

Backstage at Chanel. Her personal style is amazing!

Photo credit:

Backstage at John Galliano

Photo credit:


Photo credit:

Louis Vuitton

Photo credit:


Photo credit:

Chanel (Maybe it’s a sign that I should really get a tweed jacket of my own? I can visualize the perfect Chanel jacket I want for myself — navy blue jacket with a regular collar (not the classic collarless cardijacket, 2 front pockets with black edge/trimmings, dark, gunmetal steel buttons. Can you tell I’m OBSSESSED????)

Photo credit:

Sonia Rykiel

Photo credit:

Alexander McQueen

Photo credit:

Flawless at Viktor & Rolf

Photo credit:

Ok… *snap* *snap* *snap* back to reality I go. I’m starting to feel much better now. Really, I do. =)

My Mexican buddy Mauricio is right — I need to be agressive. Be be agressive. I need to sacrifice my personal life in exchange for a "career". God I hate that "career" word. I remember having a discussion about love last month and he said I am just gonna be so sad for the rest of my life if that’s all I ever think about. Love doesn’t last forever. He told me I’ve got talent. I’ve got the ability. I could become someone big. I was born to be Grace Jones, not Martha Stewart or Brooke Astor and he also said that it was "disappointing to read things" from me (love bullshit). He didn’t say I should completely forsake love, it’s just that for the kind of person that I am, love should be the least of my priorites RIGHT NOW and I shouldn’t let anyone (from the past, present or future) hinder my path. I hate to say this but, as much as he hates to tell me "I told you so", he was right.

It’s early in the morning here in the third world and I’m gonna hit the sack soon. When I get up, I’ll take a shower, run errands, go shopping AND camwhore like there’s no such thing as tomorrow.

Email me and tell me you love me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all! I’m soooo inspired!!!!


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  1. lisalisa

    yes i too think its just wonderful she’s doing ur pose…but to go on and on about her ‘beauty’ kinda sux coz its way off base…besides the fact i know u love the ano look, she’s just ‘alright’ and barely. yes good bone structure in the face but i cant stand a bum chin on girl, gross…and the lips…yuck. what really stand out to me is that she reminds me of one of those FAS babies (fetal alcohol syndrome), im sorry, im just saying. other then that she’s just lovely, u know..that alien exotic chic, ok u got me hooked!

  2. Thinspiration biatch! Damn you…you told me to ‘go eat’ at 3am this morning and then I went off and had half a bagel with cream cheese..Gah!!! I can feel fat the crawling underneath my skin.

  3. i dont get it

    hey bryan, don’t mean to ruin your parade. love your site, but this pose isn’t actually originated by you. I’ve seen these poses you called the “bryanboy pose” along time ago. My mom have alot of fashion magazines from back in the days and these poses is common among the models .
    being the little fashionata yourself, you should be aware of this old fashion news. I just dont understand why you’re gtting all emotional for. I don’t know why you’re thanking her for.

  4. jeweladdict

    her close up pics freak me out. she looks tres ethiopia in the 1980’s.

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