Patricia Field Style: Sarah Jessica vs Anne

Written By bryanboy

Patricia Field Style: Sarah Jessica vs Anne

I love Patricia Field. Her work is AMAZING. When I saw the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ awhile back, I smirked when I saw this on the screen. It looked familiar. Wayyyyy too familiar.

Oh yes. Familiar as in F-A-M-I-L-I-A-R. Recycled. Reworked. Redone.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they film "The Devil Wears Prada" in 2005?

Whereas the last episodes of Sex and the City were done when? 2003? 2004? I’m not exactly sure…

So tell me, who looks better? Sarah Jessica Parker or Anne Hathaway?

Well…  there’s Bryanboy back in July…

and August…

What do you think? Answers on a postcard.

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  1. lisalisa

    im basing this on the overall look, i think ann looks better with this look compared to sjp which looks a little too sloppy for my taste and i never liked sjp with straight hair, her buttaface looks way better with wild and crazy curls. and of all 3, of course ur look is the prettiest….btw, sjp’s beret looks like a gigantic blueberry!

  2. SJP is much more stylish, off course!
    I love your “I fucked collin farrel shirt”! Ab fab!

  3. True, similar although I’d have to say Anne Hathaway’s looks more Chanel whereas SJP’s is borderline Club Monaco :P I love both looks… and loved yours too, esp. the last.
    Thanks for the mention btw, on that Tiffany’s Bracelet post. I’m dying for the titanium one….

  4. Anne Hathaway. Only because her look is more refined with the matching beret, dress shirt arm is more fitter (which goes well with the tighter sweater) and her necklace completes the outfit.

  5. I hate you for being so fab…anyways, I like anne’s better…It looks more young and hip…well, I really really love that outfit for you..especially the last implies “bitch with class”…hahaha…love the necklace

  6. Sarah Jessica Parker is better, she dresses HOTT in everything(Plus I saw that episode and I was like OMG thats adorable) :) Anne on the other hand, well its the DEVIL WEARS PRADA, she was paid to dress that way ;p Love you loads Bryan Boy!;)

  7. you look much better bryanboy. although i absolutely love anne’s chanel necklace!

  8. Gosh, it’s a hard one. Like I love Sarah wayyyy more then Anne. but anne pulls it of because of the necklace, CHANEL CHANEL CHANEL. Hell, give a chanel necklace to a HoBo and put him next to Giselle and we will find him more atractive. So Anne looks works it ebtter (ONLY because of the CHanel love)…

  9. I give my vote to you in your second pic and Anne Hathaway. SJP looks unneat, not
    Chanel enough. You fucked Colin? Nice ^o^

  10. SJP is effortless but Anne looks better — her best outfit. I couldn’t get over her double-strand pearls especially the double-C. I’m still dreamin’ ’bout it. Darn!

  11. well, for me, going on facial only , and not looking at the outfits….it’s an easy one, give me that spunky Ann anyday, and dump that big nosed trollop, on secondthoughts, ann’s got a bit of a koala going on there as well. That’s the problem with Hollywood, too many jews get the nod. Where’s the spunky girls with refined features and cute little noses

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