Mending Failed Relationships

Written By bryanboy

Mending Failed Relationships

Look who’s back. I don’t even know why I’m posting this but I’m glad they’re really "back" together again. We all knew this was coming anyway. Maybe it’s a sign that I should make an effort in mending some of my relationships with the ghosts of my past? It’s quite a coincidence they’re all resurfacing lately, apparitions and all. What do you think? Will I get hurt (again) in the process? Is it worth it or not?

Photo credit: BritboyinLa

NO is probably the best answer at this point. We all know their feud was a hoax whereas my personal dramas are as real as the Chanel headband Paris wore on that photo.

There are some failed relationships that are worth saving (after time) whereas most are better left in the dust. The best way to deal with such failed relationships is to put a closure permanently, walk away and never look back for the rest of your life.

(Which doesn’t really make any sense because I just did the opposite.)

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  1. honestly, when it comes to mending failed relationships… sometimes we forget the shit that made it end and how we felt. just never forget why it ended… and how that person made you feel.
    loves you!

  2. hello dear,
    i believe that if your intentions are sincere you need not worry about getting hurt again. if ever it does hurt, just keep in mind that a heartache would make you loose appetite and so on and so forth…
    love is an invitation to pain darling

  3. HONESTY, your personal revelations aside BB.
    Can’t Nicole afford shoes or a handbag to carry a lighter? yesterdays jeans? a rollbrush (which she obviously has not used) and KFed’s hat??? Geez!!
    I think there is something significant in image of the empty cockring poking out of the bottom of Paris’ top. Look in to it for me darlink.

  4. I don’t know if I’m the umpteenth person who’s asked this(or if this topic includes her) –but, what on earth really happened to you and Hannah? Miss Matronic?

  5. ditto with mcDonna. What the hell happened to you and Hannah?!
    it’s, like, there’s a black curtain on the whole thing.

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