1. oh shit….. that is so wrong… why would anyone do that to a cross??? you guys have no respect to the cross….

  2. those pictures above are so disturbing, as well as your comments. you guys have no respects. some people obviously go too far for fame. you deserve to rot in hell for shit like that.

  3. I agree with phoebe. BB, you shouldn’t have posted the picture. It’s so disrespectful.

  4. sheesh..

    That is really wrong. That is not something you should embrace, Bryan. I thought filipinos are really bunches of religious people, that fellow who took that picture have obviously no respect to the cross and you posting and encouraging it made it worse.

  5. Hey bryan, love the shirt.
    I am not a bible basher, (and its not you or your problem) but I think those guys are really low and disrespectful., in phillipine a lot of people won’t be happy about that.
    YOU don’t want to be recognized as the god basher, not a good look girlfriend.
    As I say again, I’m not catholic of the such, but I still don’t agree with those guys. Really disrespectful.

  6. Get a life, you sad fucks. “Oh, he’s going to hell…”. Here is a list of other things that you may indulge him that are sending you straight to the right hand side of Satan:-
    1. Sex before marriage. Yes, any kind of sex. So who can hold their hands up and say they’re not guilty of that one.
    2. Gluttony. So think twice next time you reach for the Haagen Daazs after the person you had sex with (but weren’t married to) dumps you
    3. Vanity. Yeah, make up, accessories, jewellery, nice clothes… They’re all a big Christian no-no. My suggestion is move to a Communist country. But then they don’t have religious idols in Communism, so you really have to decide what’s more important.
    4. Well, let’s include sacreligious statements. Those include things like “Oh my God” and “Jesus, I can’t believe…”
    This list isn’t exhaustable, you just all strike me as a bit fucking hypocritical.

  7. the picture you posted is not funny and it’s not even cool!!! If u say so that u do this blog thingy for urself then i guess u just have to keep those unholy pictures to urself. u know for a fact that a lot of people reads ur blog and people are more interested to read or see pictures of you and some insights about ur fuckin life. now i understand why you are so unhappy.

  8. BB aren’t you catholic? My former flatmate was a Filipino nurse (I’m from Brighton) and the guy gave me the creeps. He used to have this table at the corner of his room, something like a small altar with statues of the virgin mary and other figures.

  9. Hey BryanBoy!! This entry is a NO NO and that photos is just sick!!!! That fucking retarted Brits is just disrespectful! He should be struck by lightning from up above like that priest in The Omen coz he fucking deserved it. At first i thought taking a photo and posing like that with the background of Christ in a cross is kinda ok but i noticed they put a freaking bag in the cross which is just too much and sacrilegious..May the one up above forgive him……Thats sick and u should removed this entry……….

  10. I hate hypocrites. Why don’t all you people who are so outraged quit reading this site already and get off that cross! Someone needs the wood!

  11. biblebelters

    What are the biblebelters doing on this site in the first place? Its a gay website for fucks sake

  12. http://www.jesuslovesgayporn.com

  13. stupid flips


  14. nadine t.

    I love reading your blog and I think you’re a nice person but you’ve gone too far with this entry. How can you disrespect the holy cross and Jesus? Did you know what Jesus had to go through just to save your soul? Didn’t they teach you the holy commandments? THOU SHALL NOT USE GOD’S NAME IN VAIN! I feel sick looking at those pictures! You have sinned by posting them online. God will never tolerate your behavior. You should know that you’re going to be punished for the sin you commited against Jesus! I hope you burn in hell because that’s WHERE YOU BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. to astariel, but to post those pictures is a different thing.
    hey bryanboy, im from the philippines, yeah fucking third world, im entertained with your blog, been reading whenever i get bored at work. i like the way you creatively post things… but this one just got me surprised. its not being religous in the philippines but the respect of christianity in its entirety. think about you’re being interviewed in national tv… geez.. man… you’re getting over-board… dont you have any conscience to bother you…
    maybe the post you made before about pharell is applicable to you… two words… DONNA SUMMER!

  16. luisa arcilla

    i hope you and those men get aids for being an abomination! you are a disgrace to your fellow filipinos. how can you do that to jesus? the church will never forgive you. F*<$ing FAGGOTS!

  17. Aren’t you demanding much from Bryanboy?
    Did someone smack your head with a baseball bat when you were a child? He’s gay for god’s sake. Everything about him is against what christianity stands for.
    How can you be ‘entertained’ with his blog except this particular blog entry?
    You’re a hyprocite and a bad one at that.
    There’s a website for religious fools like you. Go to godhatesfags.com!

  18. Cripes Jesus!!! More than half the people who go to church here are probably infidels, perverts, or corrupt businessmen/politicians…fuck..even the priest is probably a paedophile with the whole boys’ choir! I’ve never come across more perverts here than in my entire life (‘manyakis’…is that what they call it?). Just walking down a street in a shirt and black pants and my fucking God…what is wrong with the men in this country? And the women just take shit from them…That’s right kids… Go to church and pray for your society, repressed sexuality and government (because Jesus alone saves). It’s believing this bullshit that has left this country in this state….THAT my dear is the truth..

  19. ~~!SiNnErS aNoNyMoUs!~~

    I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.
    You shall have no other gods before me.
    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain…
    Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy…
    Honor your father and your mother…
    You shall not murder.
    You shall not commit adultery.
    You shall not steal.
    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s house…

  20. god will punish you someday for your sins. you have no respect for jesus. i’m ashamed that you’re filipino. hell is waiting for your soul you bakla! i hope you die!!


  22. I cannot believe you posted these pictures on your blogs How can someone from a catholic school turn out to be a despicable, disrespectful individual such as yourself? I am disgusted with the way you were raised. You have no manners and no respect for religion. Do you have any faith? It’s not too late for you to change. You should go to church tomorrow and ask for forgiveness for what you’ve done to JESUS OUR SAVIOR!

  23. mayanne sison

    i’m a devout catholic and i’m from the philippines too. i go to your website brian because your stories and your life inspire me. i don’t have problems with gay people. the gays are humans too. the only thing that makes them abnormal is the way they have sex because they do it with same sex people but other then that they are fine. i’m not homofobic or anything because i have many gay friends. i’m just against how they have sex with their own kind if you know what i mean. homosexuals have sex with each other and they are responsible for spreading the AIDS virus resulting to the destruction of many lives around the world. If they stop having sex the virus will not spread.
    i love your weblog but those pictures of the 2 men mocking jesus is absolutely wrong. please take those pictures off. homosexuality is a sin and for them to mock jesus is a disgrace.

  24. one last thing(my very last.thankuverymuch), at first I found you so bwahahaha funny. It’s clear that this blog of yours is just a front. I never thought you’d actually go this far to get people talking. It’s really low. It’s so wrong. Do you really have to be so superficial to get to where you are now? so sad.

  25. LOVE IT.
    All those sad sad SAD Bible bashers can f*ck right off. How ridiculous.

  26. ***CEBU pacific

    those pictures r disturbing and offensive. you have a responsibility to your readers…. pls be sensitive dat some of ur readers r cath0lic. i hope those britons realize what dey did is wrong. d philippines is primarily a catholic country and they shouldn’t trash our values and our religious beliefs. they are evil! europeans don’t have any morality or values they are evolving backwards. look at all the countrys with gay marriage. their land is full of homosexuals, perverts and pedophiles.
    i will forward this page to all my friends and show how bad of a person you are. i can’t believe you did dis to your fellow countrymen!
    as filipino, don’t you have any morals? do you not have an ounce of morality left in your bone? it’s already a sin to be a gay and now you made fun of the good lord Jesus Christ.
    i hope you’re able to sleep at night because one day, satan will just get your life and you will go to hell.

  27. i think bryanboy has the right to post these pictures because he has the freedom to do it. but remember bryan the freesom comes with responsibilities. i know many people are offended by this. i am one of them. those british are so fuckingly stupid to do this. they have no respect to our religions and should think twice before doing anything like this again. i know you think bryan boy that you are not a role model. (well i think you are with shopping!) but its time for you to take responsibilities and be one. youre becoming famous not just because of your shopping escapades. there is something about you that makes people take a second look. and you should use it wisely and be responsible and start to be role model. you may never know but you may change someone’s life. so be responsible bryanboy!

  28. *** one more thing ***
    europeans should go somewhere else so they can spread their aids diseases elsewhere. they are not welcome in this catholic country!!!!


    wag ka pala mag watermelon diet. marami sugar. kung gusto mo talaga pumayat, mag pear or apple diet ka.

  30. Remember guys, Jesus died for our sins. He died so we can do do things like this! He gave us permission!

  31. Filipino Bible-Thumpers Dub Fag Antichrist for Reposting British Photos

    Only in the Philippines does some fag reposting two British pictures become the Antichrist.
    Gay Filipino blogger Bryanboy reposted these photos from England parodying the philosopher Jesus of Nazareth. The resulting flamefest is just hilarious. Here&…

  32. OMG! Most of these holier-than-though people are just a bunch of ignorant fools. And instead of banging bryanboy with those morality issues why not you sick fucks try to concentrate more on how to improve the economy of your country or help those indigent people or the street children.
    The Philippines is so preoccupied with moralism and religion that their economy is down the drain.
    Get a life you guys!
    @mayanne sison – think before you speak/write. According to facts and surveys heterosexual people spread HIV more than gay people. And one don’t spread AIDS since AIDS is the effect of HIV. So the proper way to say is transmission of HIV not AIDS. You are such a bigot bitch.
    Btw,Europe has a lower HIV/AIDS rate than Africa or Asia as a matter of fact.

  33. I think you’re doing this intentionally to increase your site traffic. This will make you sooo uncool!

  34. Bryanboy uses the F word on Jesus

    Catholics from around the world are furious for the pics that Bryanboy posted on one his blog entries. The pic was sent by a British fan.

  35. Pedro Anderson

    last night Bryan I pray for your soul. I pray that you are not led from the true path by these demons. Your soul I think is tempted by all of the beauties that the world has to offer, but I think that until now you might be saved. look Bryan at the eyes of these men. they are the devil come to take you from the path of righteousness where you may never be saved. They mock our lord Jesus Christ with their behaviour and soulless expressions, see how they are cold and heartless men come to take you over to their black black hell. I think that they will destroy you Bryan. REPENT before it is too late and come into the light. Through Jesus Christ Our lord, amen.

  36. kervi maximo

    what!?! is this a right gesture to do in front of Jesus!?! might as well consider to be fearful of Him… i think there are things that we do in proper places at the proper time. God bless you all! *your chicken’s rockin!!! haha ~ ;p

  37. MUA lover

    O.k, now-now, all you bible thumpers, shame on you for passing judgement! What would God think of that?
    Ha! Seriously, who died and made you the gate-keeper? Only God knows what is in his heart,and I am willing to bet God knows he is using humor, you know, the thing that makes you smile, laugh????
    Get over yourselves, offer prayers, for a picture posted on a blog????
    I’ll be saying a few prayers myself tonight, and I bet you two to one mine gets heard!
    Judgmental pieces of trash!

  38. My husband I laughed so hard at these pictures that one of us spit our coffee all over ourselves ( the guilty one shall remain anonymous). We are so loving the one with jesus holding his purse. You are so popular that even jesus emulates you. Now thats popularity!
    p.s. All these previous posters who are clearly god botherers need to get another hobby. God thinks this sort of thing is funny and jesus is saving that pic to his hard drive as you type.

  39. Lol to everyone…that isnt Jesus on the cross..that is a man made statue dumbasses…If you read the bible..God says, do not worship idols! U fools! hahaha!

  40. Move to Sweden Bryanboy. Nobody cares about religion here… mayby only for baptism and marriage. You won’t find psichotik religion people. hihihi. Life here is beautiful!
    Norra from Växjö

  41. the internet is a GLOBAL MEDIA not limited to bum fuck filos. Its a piece of friggen wood painted… NOT JESUS CHRIST.
    get overrrrrr it…..
    didnt god say we shouldnt judge.. or something along those lines anyway…

  42. I think everyone should take 10 seconds to just relax and think.
    The pictures caused so much stir because
    1. It is Jesus.
    2. He’s depicted doing a BryanBoy pose.
    It is all meant for entertainment
    (read: a sight for your eyes, something you let your eyes SEE). All I’m saying is that it is just supposed to be SEEN and not injected into your HEART, your MORALS or your life’s CORE.
    Blogs are just blogs. They are not written words that will define any one else’s persona. Jesus will probably smile about it and just say ” I know my children, they are capable of this and I can forgive, and will always forgive them. I hope they forgive each other too.”.
    Chill guys, Jesus is smiling at us.

  43. I’ve been a regular reader Bryan dear…Im GAY…Filipino and a Catholic by birth…you’ve become tacky, insensitive and have gone overboard…you’re becoming a nuisance more than a pride to the Gay community…you don’t deserve any respect since you don’t respect other people …the image on the cross may not be Jesus or God…but it represents someone hundreds of millions of people hold dearly…if you’re in your right mind…you would know that what you did is taboo among your people…people won’t react violently unless provoked…I won’t be surprised if people despise you or physically harm you when they see you around Manila…

  44. The hypocrisy on this blog astounds me. Whoever gave internet access to Philippinos [except BB ;-)] should be shot.
    Philippino, gay and catholic? Lovely.
    Don’t be daft Emilio. How can you respect your ‘god’ when you suck cock?

  45. europeans should go somewhere else so they can spread their aids diseases elsewhere. they are not welcome in this catholic country!!!!
    Katolska filipiner är dumma och korkade!
    Norrköping <3's Bryanboy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  46. BB —
    I saw your post yesterday and didn’t bother reading the comments because I had no idea that these pictures would cause such a stir.
    For crying out loud, that statue is a religious statue, it is a ipece of art depicting a religious story. IT IS NOT JESUS NOR IS IT THE HOLY CROSS. For those of you who may not have been aware, the HOLY CROSS rotted into dirt about 2K years ago.
    Those of you who say BB is going to hell for this post are in danger of hell yourselves because you jump to pass judgement on your peer. If you don’t like what BB says on his PERSONAL blog, then don’t read it. Period. Don’t barge into his personal journal which so happens to be open to those who wish to read it and tell him that he’s going to hell for finding humor in A STATUE. BB, you’re fabulous, you know it, and there’ll always be haters. Don’t stray from your awesome “hellbound” self.

  47. did it ever cross your mind guys that the pic is just a tad replica/image of Jesus and not Jesus Himself? Sometimes we tend to patronize too much that we patronize icons/images/replicas too.
    I’m a Catholic Christian, but I’m more concerned on God and His ubiquitous, spiritual presence than any other old chunk of wood chiseled by one’s figment of imagination absurdly depicting Him.

  48. spamphetamine

    Let’s not go about saying stereotypes about certain people.
    Copenhagen, Manila, Paris, Stockholm … wherever. We’re all human. Don’t forget that there are bound to be some sheeetheads in the mix. (But not all.)
    I’m still all “wtf”.
    but still — “Touche~”

  49. I know of Bryanboy because he is a popular Pinoy blogger. I’m not interested in this blog but I must say bravo to Bryanboy and stick up for him.

  50. Bryanboy, I think I love you. Causing such a stir again. I only have one problem with it.
    Surely if there’s two arms out in different directions, Jesus should have a bag on each arm, dontcha think?
    And as for Junklady and Zombieboy. Well, I would say I’m disappointed, but y’all look like you’re having a good time.
    As for all of you devout religous people. Grow up. Please. This childish mudslinging only makes you look bad.

  51. Nils Åkesson

    Gosh I cant understay why you people get so upset! Just just a fucking bag… not like he went and put a sticker on jesus face!
    At least all the fans in sweden dont care.

  52. Give praises to the true Son of God…
    Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy!
    The Appointed Son of God…
    The Second Coming…
    The ONE who will finally crush Catholicism!

    anyway this is fun, thank god for publicity-now youre moore famous- HURRAY! HATTLA
    and too you 3 world suckers- who cares?
    its not youre “catholic” junkies thing
    to tell little sweet bryan boy what not to say. and who cares for youre religion? WHEN BRYANBOY MAKES IT A MEANING IN HIS BLOG! no one cares for you anyway.. duh.. eccept thoose believing sorry asses. its good too believe, but have a sence of humour.

  54. odysseus

    Just because most Catholics are tolerant regarding things that offend our faith does not give you the privilege to push things to the limit. Man, give us some respect. Do not ridicule the things that we consider sacred. Yeah, Catholics are easy target. We don’t burn cars out of anger. We don’t declare violent offense against the perpetrators of things that make fun of the One (and even of HIS image)whom we worship as God. We don’t burn embassies. Actually, we will even pray for your deliverance. But please (naman), respect Catholics (and every Christian, for that matter) in the same manner that you respect… yeah, our Muslim brothers and sisters.

  55. littleboy

    it’s a damn STATUE.
    is your god so small that you think he (and you) should get offended so easily? who are you to demand “respect” anyway.
    jesus has a sense of humor. i’m sure he’d like a change in image too anyway.
    i’m a straight christian if your insecure self needs to know.

  56. Christian Controversy Over Filipino Blogger Bryanboy and His Article Post

    Gay, Filipino, a Blogger, and now because of recent pictures, you can call Bryanboy controversial. But, then again, some would contend that Bryanboy has been controversial for a while now. A few days ago, on October 30. Bryanboy posted an article w…

  57. studstar

    i’m catholic,, and i’m in the philippines, i think it’s all right, i’m not exactly jumping with joy, lol, but it doesn’t offend me.

  58. this bryan gay should be cru ified! He should not drag Jesus Christ in his lewdness and horniness. He is sick! He should consult a psychiatrist. If I ever see this fag outside, i’ll bang his face on the wall!

  59. he doesn’t know how to respect. just simply look at him? not a normal being..

  60. People who mock God died. Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, lead vocals of AC/DC, etc. Anyway, I’m just a regular christian and I’m not here to scare anyone. Jesus did say – Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone. We’re all sinners anyway so let’s not judge anyone. Christ is the only one who has the right to judge. If anyone curses at what I’ve said I will not react. I will give room for God because “vengeance is mine, seth the Lord”. God bless to all!

  61. bryan, i don’t think the picture is offensive it’s the F word and jesus together. you can just take the F word out, it wouldn’t hurt.
    email me! have something to tell you

  62. brave and brown

    Hey, Bible-thumpers, let me gently clue you in: THERE IS NO GOD.
    What the fuck are you haters doing reading BB’s blog in the first place? You get a mighty big kick out of it, thrills your shrunken Catholic clits off, gets your puny Pilipino pricks up — but you’re all in denial. You love the kinky shit but you just don’t wanna admit it. Hey, get offline for like 10 minutes, fondle yourselves good, and come back online with a better mindset. (Wash the hands, though.)
    If farm animals or masturbation don’t help you, haters, then I am NOT being redundant when I tell you (you fuckers know who you are!) to GO FUCK YOURSELVES!
    It’s Bryanboy’s blog and he can post what he damn well wants. I loves me lots of BB! Keep the faggotry alive! We’re all your maggots, BB! Baboosh!

  63. Dear bb, have you ever seen so many sad fucks in your life, where do these people pop up from, to be honest I’m catholic I think it is totally funny what you did. I’m all for people expressing their own views as long as your not forcing us to believe them and your not. To all you sad fuck christians out there with nothing better to do then bible bash others, take a good long hard look at yourself, are you doing this for god or for yourself, I know you will be surprised with the result. Ps bryan Australia loves you even if we still all think the flips are all 3rd world losers. poor poor poor.

  64. bottomline

    RESPECT Please.
    Using the F word with our Christ is too offensive.
    It’s like saying ALL GAYS ARE USELESS.
    It’ll hurt you but not others.
    So, Respect please.

  65. i guess your chances of winning that gay blogger thingymajiggy contest are like. GONE. oh well. WHO GIVES A SHIT.

  66. LeX LuThor

    shit ka bading…wala kang galang !!!! mukha ka pang aso…..he he he Die you Gay asshole

  67. There is no good or bad publicity – just publicity. I think it’s every blogger’s dream to elicit a multitude of such diverse reactions – good for you bryanboy. Keep it up. c”,)
    To the Filipino bible-thumpers out there – how many of you have or had buddha statues at home that you kept as coin banks when you were kids – hey, you didn’t hear Buddhists crying out in horror, did you??? Relax kids – get lives of your own so you don’t need to interfere with others’ lives…

  68. Bryan Boy are you realy a Filipino?
    What the heck just got in your mind?
    Just imagine if you just did that to muslim’s prophet mohammad, knowing how their radical minds work I couldnt imagine where you will be right now (6 feet under maybe?). You’re lucky enough Christians don’t think and act as Muslims do or else this blog will be bombarded not by comments but by missiles and suicide bombers!!!

  69. Hey you piece of shit! What you’re doing
    is a blasphemous act. You bloody faggot!!!
    Where are you now? Act responsibly and respect the religion. What you did was OTT.
    You are a disgrace to the Filipino race you fucking attention seeker!!!
    Are you living in Britain asshole?
    don’t make a mistake coming down in Sussex and your dead fucking meat!!!!

  70. EbonicPlague

    Stop hating on Bryanboy you fucking Pseudo-holier-than-thou-Catholic posers. Just shut the fuck up. That picture is so hilarious. You shouldn’t be praying to idols anyway, according to your damn Bible. Why the fuck are you worried about some guy hanging a bag on a wooden right arm of a STATUE? Furthermore, all of you haters that condemn me and Bryanboy to hell based on our sexual orientation, go fuck yourself. We’ll see you in hell, considering all the hate you have sure won’t get you into heaven.
    Thank you for feeding the attention hog that is Bryanboy. Come again!

  71. carlos celdran

    Love it! Keep the scandal coming. Why DID YOU APOLOGIZE???? It was so fucking unnecessary.

  72. i love christ above all but in some ways i appreciated the picture itself although im kinda dissaponted that the man on the pix is not hesitant to put a bag on christ’s left hand …. its better for me not to put anything on him and have christ our redeemer as a background symbolizing his affirmation and support in the gay community!!!!! god bless us all!!!!


  74. you gotta Love the internet! and boy do peopLe Love it.
    you do attract crowds bryanboy. that’s the price of internet stardom. it was bound to happen anyways. just Look at the bright side, at Least you’ve got fundy staLkers now {maybe they even have fendi bags! just maybe. you gotta have hope for them fundies}. you haveta have staLkers bb {and the good news is, ya don’t have to pay them}
    next time, pLease do a moses-parting-the-red-sea-with-a-hermes-bag-bit. charLton heston’s costume was so tacky and he seriousLy needed accessories {and a shave gawd bLess his rifLe bearing souL}.
    aLL i can say about aLL this hoopLa is this -i Love JC. period. and yeah, i know you Love him too {hopefuLLy in a NONSEXUAL way if ya know what i mean}

  75. john doe

    It all boils down to respect. I may not be a devout Catholic and the last time I went to church was ages ago, but I suggest that we just respect the beliefs of others. Although all of us may have the right to free speech, we must also assume the responsibility of respecting the rights and beliefs of other people. just my two cents.

  76. so that’s the fuckin controversial pics. Big deal, let’s move on.. Jesus’ bag is not even designer label which is a huge controversy, he should have used Birken or LV instead…LOL hypocrisy the main fuckin reason why were a third world country and we will die a third world country.
    I hate this stupid fuckin country.

  77. spaniards didn’t give us roman catholicism to save us from eternal damnation… it was to take control of the filipino community and do what we’re told. i guess we haven’t changed a lot. we’re still sitting on our tight asses waiting for something to happen with the grace of God. i love catholics, athiests, gays, lesbians, heterosexuals etc… no hatin’
    lol at cebu pacific!!
    “europeans should go somewhere else so they can spread their aids diseases elsewhere. they are not welcome in this catholic country!!!!” -cebu pacific
    yes europeans shouldn’t have docked on our shores… because of europeans, we have catholicism from the spaniards… poor us… yes, i don’t think europeans wanna be in a third world country filled with judgemental roman catholics. and guess what? oooohhh poor britons, especially those who have call centers here, they should be kicked out… and yey for the filipinos that will lose jobs…
    lots of people here are ignoranus… ignorant + assholes or anuses

  78. the beauty of free speech, the other side can also freely protest if their value or moral are perceived or believed to being assaulted. but just glad we live in a country although as free as anyone, we have the so-called limitations to our freedom, specifically coded in our laws and eveyone is free to challenge the limits of his/her freedom in courts. We call it the Libel and Slander law and it is quite Liberal and the monetary Award for damages to one “injuries” are equally liberal. so enjoy your freedoms, but know your limits. go over it, at your own risk..

  79. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the picture because it’s only a wooden statue. God hates IDOLATRY!
    But the F word is really bad. Describing Jesus as “fuckin homeboy” is very offensive.

  80. its all about respect. same way people respect you suck cock. same way people respect that you think you’re hot, when truth is you’re delusional. respect other peoples religion man. i dont go to church every sunday and i am not religous at all.. but even i was offended by that.

  81. its all about respect. same way people respect you suck cock. same way people respect that you think you’re hot, when truth is you’re delusional. respect other peoples religion man. i dont go to church every sunday and i am not religous at all.. but even i was offended by that.

  82. nikki & karissa – what you don’t know won’t hurt you! stop checking bryanboy’s blog if you can’t take the heat.It’s as simple as that.

  83. just when a four letter makes you famous! i wish you luck and safety for posting that. honestly, whatever bryanboy do its entertaining… love you bryan but your a bitch!

  84. gemstones

    My first time here, distateful blog. people thrive on controversies,, like this. Sick guy. BTW, you’re PANGET so is your blog.
    cant learn anything here. all crap!!!!

  85. Hanging a bag on a statue is alright. What’s wrong with that, but the word Fucking alongside Jesus, i think is offensive. It’s not the pics that bothers me, it’s the word you said, if you dont believe in Jesus, fine, but disrespecting other people’s belief may he be in Europe or Asia or wherever, is really really offensive. but then again it’s your right to say that. However, what goes around, comes around. Nice blog tho.

  86. gee. it’s just a friggin stone figure. and those are just words. why are these people so bloody angry? bryanbitch, i still love you. :D

  87. Jake Fabulous

    Hypocritical religious people if Bryan had posted a picture of Budda with a handbag or said fucking Shiva no one would give a shit. And with the record Christians have of killing millions of people in the name of god I apologise that one british man put a handbag on your lord. PS is it me or was Jesus thinspiration of the olden days?

  88. blackraven

    mga giatay man mo ui, paghikog mo para magkita namo ni lucifer, pagkuyog mo tanan!!!! fuck fuck pa mo, shit mura mo ug gi angayan!!!!ali mo diri kay pamutlan tamo ug oten!!!!aron makaila mo ug ginoo,evilhore!!!! y do birds suddenly appear??? tsing5x!!!!!

  89. why do Filipinos too sensitive? Imean, i’m one of them too but the point is, this is an online journal. Anything he wants to post, it’s his decision and why are you keep on reading and keep on nagging bb?! He’s one of the best person in the whole world. He influences me too much because he’s true to himself. I just love him very much. It’s his life, don’t ruin it because of your bad comments about why he did that blah.. blah.. remember, it’s his blog not yours. You aren’t forced to read his blog but you did. I also read your drama entry, I’m can relate too you. I’m such a loner. But someday you’ll find who can accept and understand you from who you are. Also, it’s his karma naman if he did that.. not yours. Just a little reminder, NO ONE’S PERFECT.
    love lotz bb!

  90. Cecile Impens

    Is this some sort of provocation? A total disrespect of religious image of Christ! It seems that Bryanboy is not happy enough with his life that he dared to use the sanctity of religious icons to attract attention for his extreme vulgarity. Go to hell and meet Satan straight; don’t use Jesus as your ticket!!

  91. techy_kid

    Hey BB! nice blog, just be careful thou, all that you have may be gone in a flash! What goes around comes around! God should NEVER be mocked!
    Cheers ;)

  92. Abrilicious

    It’s all time high once again B.Boy cant believe you’ll do everything for limelight. Hey, do me a favor why not post some pix with you going down on someone then we’ll just forget about this and move on?

  93. it’s ok to post that pictures anyway it is not Jesus…
    God created us according to his image… not that kind of image bryanboy posted…
    and it doesn’t change the fact that Jesus still love bryanboy!

  94. A Question of Basic Decency

    This is what I think of the latest issue hounding the local blogosphere of late. Let me direct you to Abes post about it, which seemed to have jumpstarted the discussions. A certain Kenneth Ocampo has been on an email campaign and online petiti…

  95. Official Website of Shri Srinivasa Ragavaswamy charitable Trust in South India working towards constructing a temple for Sri Srinivasa Perumal (balaji) with Raja Gopuram which is named as Kovai Thiruppathy.

  96. Heya BB! For all its worth, the stupid petition against you was taken off their site because it was, well, stupid.
    Keep on gaying. =)

  97. Heya BB! For all its worth, the stupid petition against you was taken off their site because it was, well, stupid.
    Keep on gaying. =)

  98. justicialiga

    Free speech, freedom of expression and the right to it.
    But was it “right” or correct to do so?
    People who see that it was right to do so should read the case of Dwayne SIMONTON in the case of Simonton v. Runyon, 232 F.3d 33 (2nd Cir. 2000)
    He was a homosexual and he endured hardships for it in his workplace. Hardships of insults and discrimination for which he would be denied justice.
    Most of the people on the side of the Bryanboy issue are said to be liberals.
    But such people should also claim that it is but only “right” that Dwayne Simonton be denied justice and that a law that would enable people like Simonton to receive justice be forever prevented from seeing the light of day.
    Laws against discrimination should never be enacted or at least be dismantled if already inplace if such should be the case.
    For to be truly liberal about it; no rules should be enforced to prevent what insults or discrimination we want to cast on anyone.
    If the british boys and Bryanboy are right, then why should Simonton’s co-workers not be right also?
    Pagalingan na lang dapat ng pangiinsulto!

  99. OFFENDED , wtf its some sadomasicist dude made of clay on some dead tree !

  100. i think it was very offensive..i agree that bb has d ryt to post anything on his blog,but as human being ur too old enough to know wats ryt and ur old enough to do things with immaturity and consider respect..(w/c obviously u dont fuckin have!)get a life! im sorry about dat! but i still love bb..

  101. krissy

    i just think that there are always limits to what we should blog about. you’ve gone way tooooooo far here. mahiya ka dude. you’re not cool doing this. and to all those people ‘supporting’ bb, you think you’re cool, don’t you? get a life.

  102. ace lopez

    madami akong killalang member ng third sex na edukado at respectful this bryanfag unfortunately isnt one of them!!!! wag na cyang patulan papansin masyado yan sa cyberworld kc in reality he is just a nobody!!!! stop fagging u piece of junk!!!!

  103. hate-dumb-pinoys

    mga bobong katoliko!!! waaaaaaaahh… i hate the third world…

  104. I think the issue here , Bryanboy is for you to, at least , understand that respect begets respect. You are a brilliant and smart young person however you don’t seem to open your mind enough to issues that call for at least “respect”. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that way. Freedom of speech emerged from a necessity to call citizens to articulate their complaints and dissatisfaction against an institution or government. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have all the “privilege” to express your strong animosity towards a religion or a symbol of faith.
    Even if you say this is a personal blog of yours and you have all the privilege to articulate yourself–it doesn’t mean your blog is “yours exclusively”—you had written them for you to share your “thoughts” to gazillions of people hooked in the cyberworld. It has become their “thoughts” too as they read your blogs.
    You are so young and I must say still “immature” to grasp what others deem to be their “faith” –their “commitment” , their “life”, their “credo”. I don’t know you but I could assume that through the posts of porn and this very provocative photos of Jesus that you don’t know what you’re doing to people’s life system and to yourself. No matter how much you say you know what you’re doing, many people could attest to what I’m saying that you absolutely don’t know. Otherwise, if you know, you wouldn’t have posted this. This is done with a careless thought and an immature sensation and motivation. I don’t know what motivated you—-angst, misery, insecurity, greed, hatred or animosity, but it all boils down that this posting was done , fueled by “negative” emotion. But whatever that is, learn to give “respect” —even kids know what respect means.
    And someday , when you grow old and you’re about to die, you would realize that all what others have been trying to teach you and tell you are , afterall , true , but it’s too late for you to do something about it and redeem yourself.

  105. free speech. unless he is violating intellectual property rights, he is entitled to post anything he wants.
    do you remember an incident in europe where mohamedans burned public buildings down because they happen to dislike a comic strip.
    that and this happening now with bryanboy is the same banana. people (who teach hate like christians and mohamedans) do not know how to respect secular values like free expression.
    more power to you bryan boy!

  106. is there a new commandment? thou shalt not put a hand bag in his images .. hehehe
    more power to you bryan boy!

  107. the_edge_reaper

    its funny how we make a fuzz about this. I was just looking through the net to get inspiration, and kablam, my search engine showed Bryanboy. what’s even funnier is that this thread stretched for like one year or so already.
    arguement is endless…
    but here is something for us to think about.
    If it is the issue of respect, Bryanboy is in no way largely responsible for the Jesus and bag pics. He wasn’t in the photo and he didn’t instruct the subject to do so. He just posted the picture as part of his blog, and nothing more.
    Next, the sensitivity of the picture is rather subjective. What may be offensive to others may not be the same for the others.
    Finally, the images are images alone, a reminder of faith and prayer. How are we supposed to know how Jesus actually looks like? And if we are going all too religious about it, it is stated in the ten commandments: “You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” Therefore, this is nothing more but a reminder, but not Jesus Himself for even God commanded that we are not to make any physical form for something that is perfect.
    So let’s cut the crap and enjoy what Bryanboy, and the world for that matter, has to offer.
    In the end, its not what other people do that matters whether we get to heaven or not, but its what we do to ourselves and others that matters, the goodness that emulates than the criticism and lectures we throw, and how we live our lives. :)
    oh yeah, im a catholic.
    bryanboy, keep enjoying your life sweetheart!

  108. truth

    they should make a gay iconic symbol, then we can pose infornt and disrespect it

  109. Andrew Richardson

    You guys are a disgrace that is unacceptable to make fun of the son of God. He died for you… If you don’t believe in him fine thats your choice and you will recieve judgement but don’t make fun it’s not funny in the least

  110. !Warexpampak!

    Do you care to ?
    What is your favour ?
    Offers brand name ?
    Please slap me!

  111. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!
    this is just a stupid picture of jesus with a handbag, ITS NOT LIKE THEY'RE BURNING JESUS HIMSELF!! I Don't even think burning an image of Jesus is sacreligious ITS JUST AN IMAGE OF HIM YOU CAN NEVER OFFEND HIM GROW UP PEOPLE. before
    you judge what he posted, THINK ABOUT THE REASON WHY YOU WORSHIPED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. I am a Filipino and all i hear are pleas to god about their petty problems and they don't want to take responsibility for their action leading to eternal damnation. He just put the F word not to insult jesus, and i don't think he would be insulted by the way bryanboy used it. He's just being his own gay self GET OVER IT BITCHES what would you do if you see Buddha with a handbag? i bet buddhist monks won't say it was sacreligious.

  112. papadontpreach

    hey people get a life, its just a piece of wood whats the big deal? bryanboy you ROCK!

  113. u gays ah sorry i mean guys, should lighten up. so he posed in front a cross, whats wrong w/that? if he was wearing a suit, would that be ok? think about it for one sec…..

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