I’m sorry but I am in the middle of…

something very important. Fuck ice skating. Fuck blogging. Fuck everything in this world.

My sister bought me Season 1 & Season 2 of the Desperate Housewives and I’m in the middle of a marathon. It’s 6AM and I’m now on episode 16. I can’t for the life of god decide which guy is the right one for me… I know I love Jesse Metcalfe to bits…

But I also kinda (I repeat… kinda) like Doug Savant because I have this teeny tiny thing about generic boresville-looking middle-aged bastards from I don’t know, bumfuck America? Hello daddy don’tdomelittle?

I’ll update when I snap back to reality. I apologize for the inconvenience.

But dammit, Jesse Metcalfe is so fucking hot I want him to rape my ass and give me babies.

Why oh fucking why are all the guys in this third world shithole called the Philippines SOOOO FUCKING FUGLY in comparison to Jesse Metcalfe?

God I hate this shithole. I really do.

And I love Jesse Metcalfe.

Oh and I’m Eva fucking Longoria.

I’m gonna finish this episode, sleep, wake up in 5 hours and have my maid Eunice take photos of me coming out of a huge pink box while I throw lots of confetti high up in the air.

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