God I'm going to hell.

Written By bryanboy

God I’m going to hell.

It’s 8:44AM and I’m still awake.

Damn it. After this episode I am gonna hit the sack.

I swear.


  1. I wonder if you’re still having the marathon. I heard the 3rd season is the best one so far? I’ve only watched a couple of episodes, but I totally agree that jesse metcalfe is so fuckin` hot. Get some sleep. ;)

    Post your regular post a usual! YOU HAVE A FUCKING RESPONSABILITY WITH US! you are our favorite clown!!!!

  3. Theres no Chanel or Berkin Bags in hell but atleast even if its burning hot over there im sure you would still be wearing those fur coats…hahahaha
    I cant wait for the 3rd season to end so that I can get hold of the pirated DVD copy when it comes out in Yongsan (in Seoul). I dont know how the hell koreans get all sorts of movies quickly and rip them into DVD’s here.They have absolutely fucking good dvd copies here of the new movies that havent been out of the cinemas..

  4. Darling, Have you thought about attending church services? You can be saved. As we all can. I do a weekly pilgrimage at
    the Barneys in Beverly Hills. I crawl all the way up the stairs to the Mens International floor on my knees. They douse me with sparkling water from Barneys Greengrass upon my arrival then I shop until they run out of tissue paper and shopping bags. Magic, I am saved. Shop and be saved! Praise Alai !

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