Faggotry in Motion #005

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion #005

Behind every photo that you see on my site is a stupid person who doesn’t know how to operate a camera. Hahaha! This is what happens when you try to take a still photo but you’ve got your camera on video mode.

Interesting, huh?

BTW, I’ve been blogging for two fucking years and I haven’t received ANY award of some sort. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I don’t really give a shit on these stupid award bollocks. Well… I do now… NOMINATE ME PLEASE ON THIS YEAR’S GAY BLOGGIES!! What categories am I after? Well, all of them really — Best Personality, Best Humor, Weblog of the Year, Best Asian Blog, Miss Congeniality, Best blowjob given by a minor, Best bareback asian bottom, Best ass to be felched by 365 gay guys (356 on a leap year). JUST FUCKING NOMINATE ME!!! You only have until October 17 so do it NOW! NOMINATE ME NOW! I’LL SUCK YOUR COCK AND I’LL LET YOU CUM INSIDE MY ASS IF YOU DO IT.


I love you all!


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  1. I have just fuckin’ nominated you in all of the damn catergories my dear highness, you’re not even britihs, nor european nor middle eastern. But then again, I’m sure you’ve got traces of cum dna’s of every single one of them so you dang qualify! Good lick!
    Reyna Elena

  2. Hey Bryan. Im just curious, would you like to show all us girls in Sweden your handbags. We have seen pictures before and wonder if you could summary all your bags and show us in a picture.

  3. Nothing like being surrounded by the stupid.
    I nominated you and then some. Love ya!

  4. faustine

    bryan, the video was the funniest thing ever, nice music too! keep up the chicness.

  5. Baby Cakes

    My third world prince reigns supreme!! Nominated you in every category!!!

  6. hi! i just nominated you in all the categories. im a big big big fan of urs. ; )
    i do hope ull win! Godbless!

  7. Well I have nominated you for every single category, including best porn blog. You did after all show us your penis.
    Love you to death,

  8. marmalade

    I nominated you too dear bryan!!!! the video was soooo funny! your photographer is a RETARD!!! love it.
    By the way, post more pics of you wearing the blonde hair again please, blond hair suits you.

  9. ronaldbrian

    What?!!!!????? You need that kind of lame-ass validation? Sus, Isn’t it enough that you have ADVERTISERS?

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