Caption This

Written By bryanboy

Caption This

Good morning maggots! Someone sent me a message on MySpace saying I’ve got an imposter… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. All I can say is… keep the faggotry alive! Hahaha!

Reminds me of the time I went on holiday about 5 years ago in Indonesia and some Frenchman kept feeling my legs when I was dancing on the ledge of some club. He wanted to see if I have leg hair or not cause he couldn’t figure out whether I was a boy or a girl. When I went to the bar to get a drink, bitch had the nerve to question whether my yellow Hermes belt was faux or real cause I was the only one with Hermes at the club. I don’t even know why people bother with incessant shit talk when we both know we’ll only end up with my mouth on his crotch and his crotch on my ass a couple of hours later.

Proper update coming soon.


  1. Plus can’t everyone tell that that imposter can’t be you – look at its circa mid 1980’s outfit! You wouldn’t be caught dead in such a trashy ensemble. But I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  2. OMG!! my ribs!! the pain!! hahahaha!! that photo and the post are both god damn funny!! Every time I visit this site I see something unexpected! OMFG!!!

  3. fashionista

    FABULOUSly SCREAMING…as in screaming, just absolutely screaming of kamp!!! luv it….laugh ’til you cry…work it girl!!!

  4. Honestly.. I’m not sure what s/he is trying to be? And by the way.. Why don’t you give everyone a run down on your leg hair removal? I think a lot of people would get inspiration from it lol! Like yoru skin care.

  5. oh god, this ho is way prettier..and thinner…and is she wearing a vintage Gaultier vest circa 92 Spring collection??

  6. ooouuuhhh my! it is so scary,that it is not even funny at all.its like the grudge part8!!im laughing my ass off BB! i like his HAPPY TRAILS from his *TOOTS* to his tummy..YUCK-ness! even my mom is laughing! she’s in her 50’s btw,wOW! u have the seniorcitizens reading ur blog! n she thinks ur sexy..*wink. bye gorgeous!

  7. ronaldbrian

    I was in Shangri-la mall along EDSA last month when I saw two fags. One was in bryanboy drag. You know, accessories screaming designer name brands, the works. Basta, I knew the inspiration was bryanboy. I stopped short. Akala ko ikaw na yun! I hissed: Si Bryanboy! They both looked at my direction and smiled. O di ba they both knew who they were imitating. Sigh. You know you’ve finally made it when drag queens stop channeling women but do you instead. Bryanboy as drag queen icon. Move over Zsa Zsa Sushmita Sreisand Samantha Jones.

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