Bryanboy Loves You!

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy Loves You!

I’ve seen you walk unafraid. I’ve seen you in the clothes you made. Can you see the beauty inside of me? What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

Oh. you. look. so. beeeeeyooooteeeefulllll tonight… in the city of blinding lights

I’ll announce my anniversary contest shortly. I apologize for the delay. My flu’s gotten worse and I’m sick to the bone. I’m not supposed to be on the computer but some of you got me worrying.

I’ll update soon! Promise!


  1. OMG! That ensemble is TO. DIE. FOR. on you!
    Such long, skinny lines!

  2. In the first and the last pics your face looks sooooo fierce and that hip thing!!!!Beautyfully bitchy!

  3. Here’s a health tip for you. If it’s not food, don’t put it in your mouth. You’ll catch less germs that way.

  4. If THAT is your “sick” look..
    Keep the prettiness alive! =)

  5. That’s so hot! You almost have cleavage in the second picture… You didn’t say where you got your togs from!

  6. FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder you got sick because you are wearing less clothes hahahaha….and mind the boobs…implants?? lmao! but thats hot…i kinda dont like the bag but who cares?????
    This is the best photo and one of the best outfit you pull off…..the dior boots????? theyre made to strut, kick and pose!!!!!!

  7. well, I’ve seen Kate Moss semi naked by pure chance, and those boobies in the second shot, hmmmm, BryanMossBoy, the Kate of the thurdworld, hope you get better soon

  8. that bag looks disgusting i’m disapointed in you!!!you have so much better ones!!!! and everything else is WOW:the jeans, the boots, the legs,the jacquet, and that face can’t get over it!

  9. Baby Cakes

    I am sooooooooo FUCKING JEALOUS!! You look MAGNIFICENT! You are the ULTIMATE PIMPETTE! I’m going on a diet right

  10. BryanBoy,
    We from of Malmo Sweden would like to extend our katiest congratulations on your Anniversay!!!
    Keep faggotry alive..
    The bag sucks but who cares..You look fabulous in your outfits! TEAM

  11. And you know what would look totally hot with that outfit? White glasses. So last season but I still love them.

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