Bryanboy Loves Singapore

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Bryanboy Loves Singapore

Happy anniversary to me! I’m gonna make 2 blog entries today. I’ll do my anniversary entry a little bit later. My bronchitis and my sore throat is back. Blame it on chain smoking and my DVD marathon.

A reader from Singapore sent me this video snippet made by the wonderful folks of Blog TV. It’s a great concept if you’re gonna ask me. We all know there’s a huge goldmine waiting for being an online blogging slut (I read on X17 not too long ago that good ol Perez charges US$130,000 for 3 months’ worth of advertising) and it’s great that Singaporeans are going mainstream with blogging.

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Big shout out to the folks at Blog TV. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for whoring my site without me knowing it. I love each and every one of you. I really do.

I really love Singapore. Right from the start, those fabulous Singaporeans have supported my website. I don’t think they’ve ever seen a gay bastard such as myself invade their conservative computer screens in the past. Am I right girls? I mean, there’s that Colin and Kerokerokeroppi teeny bopper 11 and 12-year old teeny bopper gay couple who likes to go to the mall and take neoprint photos but I think they got their act busted by their parentals. ARE YOU EVEN ALLOWED TO BE GAY WHEN YOU’RE 12? DAMMIT WHERE DID MY YOUTH GO?

In any modern civilization, it’s perfectly natural for people to be curious and appreciate the unfamiliar and the unknown. People like me. It’s like the time I went to this bar in Edinburgh many many years ago wearing a black Fendi fur jacket, a Dior J’adore top, my old McQueen patchwork denim pants with matching Dior cadillac bag and a fake tan in the middle of winter… I swear to god and my grandfather’s grave that as soon as I walked inside the bar, the whole world stopped to take one good look at me.

I was like, am I the only non-white person in this bar?

Yes. But that’s not the reason why they were looking at me.

I looked like a whore!

And I fucking loved it!

Hahahahahhahaha! Ahhhh… to be young and carefree. Gone are those days…

At least 400 guys came up to me and asked me all sorts of questions like where I’m from, what’s my name and all that bullcrap. Whatever, I don’t mind answering a few questions in exchange for free drinks. Even a lesbian came up to me. She works at an advertising agency, she gave me her business card and she told me to come in to her office the following week but I told her I can’t cause I’m on holiday and I don’t want to be one of those illegals who work with no working permit… and what, get deported? Thanks but not thanks. She was nice though… she bought me and my friend a huge bottle of free champagne that night. I told my friend we have to pretend we’re a couple to ward off any unwanted attention. Too many damn perverts thinking I would give them unconditional rights to touch my ass simply because they bought me double gin tonics.

That was THEN.

These days, I probably have to pay people so they can touch my ass. It sucks to be old, lonely and miserable. If I were you, try to enjoy your youth as much as you can. The next time some old bastard grabs your ass at the club, give the wrinkly old mother fucker a wink and half a smile.


  1. That girl in the video is such a loser. hellooo!? who the hell wants to read some stupid ass’ blog about books??? you want to be calm, go indulge on BRYANBOY!

  2. That girl is just a big no no!!!! I can smell the boringness in her….jeeezzzzzzz!!!! I’ll never take a look at that blog anyway hahahaha not a chance!!!!
    Hey BB how will your readers win the the prize????

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