Are you attracted to Asian guys?

Are you attracted to slightly fried Vienna sausages? I’m kidding.

A friend from the UK told me to download the "Feast of Fools" podcast (which is the iTunes #1 gay podcast) and boy I was in for a shock. Hahaha! Someone named "Aiko" from the Philippines asked if Amanda’s attracted to Asian guys. I don’t know whether "Aiko" sent my website saying it’s "his/hers" but whatever. LOL.

"Oh my gawwwwwd!" "Is that him?" "I think so. He’s wearing a blond wig." "I like the blond wig.


I AM NOT A GREAT DRAG QUEEN AND I DO NOT HAVE "A LOT" OF DRAG QUEEN FRIENDS!! I don’t even know a drag queen!! heck, I don’t even HAVE FRIENDS! Hahahaha! Let’s just say I’m the third (and fatter) Olsen. That’s all!

Visit the Feast of Fools website and download podcast #411. It’s FUCKING hilarious and I love them.

Proper update coming soon.


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PPSS. I WANNA BE A NEUROTIC, PILL-POPPING HOLLYWOOD GRAND DIVA too! Hahaha! Really, y’all have to download their podcasts. Amazing. Fucking amazing! Bryanboy approves!