Are you attracted to Asian guys?

Written By bryanboy

Are you attracted to Asian guys?

Are you attracted to slightly fried Vienna sausages? I’m kidding.

A friend from the UK told me to download the "Feast of Fools" podcast (which is the iTunes #1 gay podcast) and boy I was in for a shock. Hahaha! Someone named "Aiko" from the Philippines asked if Amanda’s attracted to Asian guys. I don’t know whether "Aiko" sent my website saying it’s "his/hers" but whatever. LOL.

"Oh my gawwwwwd!" "Is that him?" "I think so. He’s wearing a blond wig." "I like the blond wig.


I AM NOT A GREAT DRAG QUEEN AND I DO NOT HAVE "A LOT" OF DRAG QUEEN FRIENDS!! I don’t even know a drag queen!! heck, I don’t even HAVE FRIENDS! Hahahaha! Let’s just say I’m the third (and fatter) Olsen. That’s all!

Visit the Feast of Fools website and download podcast #411. It’s FUCKING hilarious and I love them.

Proper update coming soon.


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PPSS. I WANNA BE A NEUROTIC, PILL-POPPING HOLLYWOOD GRAND DIVA too! Hahaha! Really, y’all have to download their podcasts. Amazing. Fucking amazing! Bryanboy approves!


  1. Bryan, forget that podcast and listen to Gay Pimpin with Jonny McGovern. I guarantee you it’s way better than that lil podcast up there. It’s the #1 iTunes gay podcast in my book. Do yourself a favor and download it, its the funniest thing ever.

    Listen to
    – PNS Explosion
    – Lucky Bitch Radio
    – Yeast Radio
    – Eat this Hot Show
    – Fox and the City
    … these gayz had a falling-out with the Feast of Fools gayz … and their shows are MUCH MUCH BETTER.

  3. I listen to Feast of Fools anyhow – I havent got up to 411 though, they are seriously long. Cant wait to hear your review!

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