You know I love you… you have SIX (6) days to win LOUIS VUITTON GOODIES!

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You know I love you…

It’s been a long time since I published pictures of your undying love…

Giovanni from Italy sent in a "special pic" from Italy. According to Gio, this girl is a former Italian Big Brother participant. Her name is Katia Pedrotti Pacelli and she got married to an Italian Prince. Cool eh?

Remember my friend Sebastian who I met in Copenhagen last year? Well, he’s back in Germany now…

… oh here’s another one..

Amanda from Australia took a photo of this advert while waiting on a train at Flinders St. station in Melbourne. it’s a photo of the Melbourne GPO, a "fashion mecca for Melbourne fashionistas".

Bryanboy loves Italian boys!

Oooooh.. Tokyo Disneyland!!

I know I said no photoshop but I’ll make an exception to people from San Diego, CA. LOL.

Keep those photos coming! Be creative. Be spontaneous. I wanna see more people hold those cute little "I LOVE BRYANBOY" signs. Emai me atl today!

Win Louis Vuitton Goodies!

I wanna great a happy, happy, happy anniversary to The Purse Forum. Handbag afficionados around the world flock that site to talk about their love for all things handbags. To celebrate their 1st anniversary, the fabulous folks at TPF are giving away these Louis Vuitton goodies — ooooh la la!

The contest is simple: all you have to do is guess how many M&Ms are inside this huge jar. The contest ends in 6 days so you better join now!

Click here to join the contest.

Hmmm… that jar suddenly gave me a choc craving. Ugh!

Which reminds me, my anniversary is coming up soon (October 27, 2006) and I gotta create a contest of my own. If you or your company would like to sponsora prize for my anniversary (calling the attention of Chanel and Fendi *kidding*), email me at I’m sure all my freeloading cheapskate readers would love to get their hands on any of your products/services.

Kate Moss Sighting

Amy, a loyal reader from the UK, took the following photos of the gorgeous Ms. Moss. Kate paid a surprise visit at the Fashion Retail Academy (which is owned by the same guy who owns Topshop) in London last week.

Well, what do you know?

Email me and tell me you love me! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


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  1. Every single day is not complete w/o reading any entry from Bryanboy! Keep the faggotry alive! You’re such an amazing Filipino.

  2. Damn, the Purse Forum sure picked the ugliest color scheme. love the Alma, but I hate that fugass brown.

  3. OMG! I love you Bryanboy! I’m the girl who’s wearing red top, and a mini-skirt :) with juicy couture bag :P Love you like hell!!

  4. hotcoffy007

    between bryanboy and i am definitely getting my fill of sweaty boys. and that makes me so happy

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