Viva Shanghai!

Written By bryanboy

Viva Shanghai!

I have absolutely no idea what all of this stuff means in English but I’m happy to share that I got published in Viva Shanghai. I know for a fact that there’s over 1 Billion superfabulous Chinese people out there — can anyone please give me a jist of the below? Ni hao Ni ni ni hao chung chang ching chong fa loong gong ni hao sawadee khap lang kwai fong etc. Cheers thanks very much!

Woohoo!!! Bryanboy loves VIVA!

Keep the faggotry alive! Geography is no boundary when it comes to Bryanboy’s faggotry! WHO DO I HAVE TO BLOW AROUND HERE? If you are a member of the press (TV/magazine/newspaper/radio/website/whatever, heck, I’ll even do company newsletters!) and would like to interview or feature my third world fat ass, email AND today.


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  1. okay it says like how your income needs to be over 250k to be in superrich of the poverty-ridden philippines. and that your photos are all real, and that we can see the date next to each photo and sometimes your red-eyes haha. you have said that you don need PS (im assuming this stands for photoshop), and wanna keep it real. and that you have taken a picture on the great wall of china on a camel. people cant help but to love you. roughly something like that.

  2. Transalation from the Viva Shanghai, I did the best. Sorry if there are any mistakes.
    A)When did you pose your first picture ?
    Oct 27.2004
    B)Why you choose(or not)these pose?
    Because you want the best pose to make
    people uncomfortable and jealous.
    C)Do you read all the comments ?
    Yes i do, i want to know what everyones
    reactions are.
    D)Do you care how many hits you get?
    No. Because there are alot of people that
    reads my blog so i don’t care how many
    hits i get.
    E)How much time do you spend blogging?
    Not much time. Spend more time on
    Partying & shopping.
    F)Do you always spend so much money
    dressing yourself?
    Yes. Fashion are changing everyday.

  3. Bryan, the article is about a brief introduction of ur Fabulous and Extravagant blog and an interview with u (when did u have an interview of Vive??? i dun know u can speak Chinese)…..btw, where did u find this : ” Ni hao Ni ni ni hao chung chang ching chong fa loong gong ni hao sawadee khap lang kwai fong etc.”…Fa Loong Gong is a cult in China and is consistantly crashed down by the government there…hahaha……

  4. ronaldbrian

    The article is a feature on aliens from another planet (see photo of alien stuffed toy opposite yours). The Chinese think you’re Steven Spielberg’s E.T. come to life. Nah. I’m kidding!!! They love you, as I do.

  5. you are just hilarious! i laughed my head off reading whatever chinese things you had to say.. lan kwai fong! bwahaha! party on Bryan Boy!

  6. have you seen jenni epperson’s multiply site? i think she’s trying to be you. She’s such a fake! Trying to invite everyone to visit her blog…who cares about her stupid, pretentious life anyway? Such a waste of space! More power to you bryan boy!

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