The song every trannie should sing to a straight man.

Written By bryanboy

Nothing in this world

I have the best song EVAR!!!! I have this track on autoplay and I must have heard it like 3,613 times now.

This is THE song every fuckin trannie (or faggot) should sing to a straight man when they’re both drunk so he can get inside his pants.


Click here to download the file

I’ll give you a prize (my famous slap on the buttcheeks and calorie-free oreo cookies) if you manage to guess who sang this catchy track and all the names of the boys I’ve been jacking off to (and salivate) at night.

Sing after me mother fuckers and tell me you love me.

You should know… what it’s like… when it hurts… ’cause it feels so right!!!!!! Nothing in this world can stop us tonight. I can do what she can do so much better. Nothing in this world can turn out the light. I’m gonna make you feel alright tonight.

I gotta tell you somethin’, it’s somethin that you just might like. No, it’s not the same thing. Yeah, you’ll learn I’m not too shy. You and I, we can do this thing toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhht! Nothing in this world can stop us tonight. I can do what she can do so much better. Nothing in this world can turn out the light. I’m gonna make you feel alright tonight.


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PPSS. Buy her new CD y’all! It’s FUCKING GOOD!

PPPSSS. I love each and every one of you. Keep those photos coming!


  1. you are disgusting, bryan. commit suicide now. you are an embarrassment to your parents.

  2. Wow!! Whatta site. I hope I can have my own income-generating site too. I have my BLOG. But i dont know how to entertain Advertisements.

  3. friends in LA

    the song has been out since August 22nd…..WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEN!!!!?????
    we have been ROCKIN this song for SO LONG
    BRYAN BOY!!!! what is UPPPPPP!!!!??????
    friends in LA

  4. super_pam

    fabian-the ecuadorian heir
    harry morton-linday’s guy
    stavros niarchos
    is that brody jenner?
    anyway, i agree! they are HOT!

  5. I love this song too the title of this NOTHING IN THIS WORLD i play this music 10 times a day…i love it!

  6. preppyboy

    two words: paris fucking hilton! LOL are these 2 words???? my gawd!!!!
    keep the faggotry and stupidity alive!
    luvya bryan cant wait for narcisse

  7. You jerk off over Brandon Davis?
    he’s fat greasy oily FUGLY x 43075275324543

  8. hatemejustbecositellthetruth

    dear bryan boy,
    you`re losing your edge. scratch that. you just lost it.
    <3 me
    PS. i saw you in atc one time, and you`re right, you`re ugly. HELL UGLY. and gay. CAN YOU NOT FOOL PEOPLE? and `wag nga feeling! you`re not famous bryan boy. especailly here in the phils. A NUMBER of people from countries see your website. so what big deal. alot more people havent even heard your name. GMA is not even a good network. it`s a loser network. a network maids and desperate losers watch. ABS is better. stop making such a big deal out of things and especially saying that the things you are on (like gma and that magazine) ARE ONE OF THE MOST BLABLA HERE IN THE PHILS. god you are desperate. something to be pitied on for like a few seconds and then ignored for ever. thank you for amusing me (or should i say fooling me) for the passed days BUT i am not a loser and a stupid bitch to go on with staring at this peice of trash (your website).
    another thing, you are blind. people are just sending you those pics of "i love the-gay-whore" so people can see them aka to be "famous" (dumb hoes). you are being used. ok sweetheart? ok.

  9. we love you bryan!!!!
    some bitches are talking shit about you but you know so good that those bitches are just jealous!!!!! Because you’re gay, fabulous, rich and famous and they are….They = NOTHING IN THIS FUCKING WORLD.
    Keep the fag MOJO alive you assface! A LOT OF LOVE FROM AMERICA!!!!!

  10. The requested URL /~bryayam6/ihate/bryanboy/mp3/nothinginthisworld.mp3 was not found on this server.

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