Somebody got arrested last night…

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Somebody got arrested last night…

Gotta love DUI hahahaha! I really don’t get it. Why oh why do people like her don’t have drivers? Third world bastards can easily put a bitch like that to shame… everyone I know has a fuckin driver!!!

I’ll spank your butt cheeks (and give you an oreo cookie) if you are able to guess who got served last night.

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Parasite Hilton for the mother fucking win!

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Paris Hilton was arrested in Hollywood early Thursday and charged with driving under the influence.

TMZ has learned LAPD officers noticed Paris driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR erratically at 12:31 AM and stopped her. They believed she exhibited signs of intoxication. We’re told they administered a field sobriety test, and Paris blew a .08. In California, driving with a .08 blood alcohol level is the minimum level for DUI.

Paris was arrested and taken to the LAPD Hollywood division, where she was booked. The officers who stopped the car did not know it was Paris Hilton until they approached the vehicle on foot. Police sources say she was cooperative. Paris had a passenger in the car — Kimberly Stewart, Rod Stewart’s daughter.

Nicky Hilton arrives at police station: Click to watchNicky Hilton, her boyfriend, "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly and her publicist Elliot Mintz arrived at the Hollywood police station just before 2 AM PST. A short time later, Paris was released on her own recognizance and allowed to leave (Note: The law enforcement booking document says she posted bail. That is incorrect. She did not).

Cops took a booking photo, which an LAPD spokesperson says will not be released. An LAPD source would not confirm if Paris glammed it up for the camera, but revealed "It doesn’t look like Nick Nolte."

Mintz told TMZ that Paris had attended a charity event earlier in the evening. He said she had a single drink — a margarita — the entire evening and shortly thereafter she was stopped. She was asked to take a breathalyzer test when she was stopped and cooperated. She took a second test at the station. For the record, TMZ is told Paris is 5’9" and weighs 110 lbs.

TMZ spoke with Paris as she was driving home from jail, stopping for Parliament Lights cigarettes en route. She says she "regrets it occurred," and adds that she has been up for 24 hours, having shot a music video all day. (TMZ had exclusive access to the music video set and our video will be posted in a few hours.) Paris says she had nothing to eat and no rest the entire day.

TMZ spoke with Lt. Russ Wong, the watch commander on duty at the Hollywood station. He tells TMZ Paris received no special treatment, however he acknowledges he did not hold her at the station for the standard minimum of three hours. Lt. Wong says he released her after an hour and a half because a gaggle of paparazzi appeared at the station and posed a significant traffic hazard which he needed to abate. Lt. Wong says it’s SOP to release a first-time DUI suspect without bail if a responsible party is there to drive them home — Elliot Mintz was that party.

Driving under the influence is a misdemeanor. If convicted, the defendant will not be jailed, will be given three months’ probation, and will be ordered to enter an alcohol program and will have his or her license restricted for 90 days.

I can’t wait for her mugshot to appear at The Smoking Gun…


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PPPSS. Why oh why do I have this nagging feeling inside me that this is just another publicity stunt from good ol Paris?


  1. There is now way in hell she’s 110. she’s be incredible thinspiration. I’m 5’9″ and I look anorexic when I drop below 125. hell, I’m 140, and I wear a size 4…

  2. she probably did it to get attention again. can she just drop dead? she’s so fucking annoying! why can’t she be like her sister and give their family a little more dignity!

  3. she does not look 5’9… perhaps the heels..haha..
    and 110? u gotta be kidding me..look at those chunky legs..haha.. :P
    bryan i think ur legs are so much more skinnier than hers.

  4. Christina

    She might be 5’9″ (hence the giant hands and feet), but no way in hell she is 110.

  5. She is fugly and fat but Who cares about such trivial matters? Even if Daddy Hilton disinherited her, she’s worth $100M on her own (one good reason for floggin your own ‘dvds’). I’ll bang her anytime, crabs and all, (ok, maybe I won’t go down on her) just to get some of her money….

  6. nordic_ice

    she’s definitely not 110. She’s big for pete’s sake! but i like her shoes on the pic though.

  7. You said: “I really don’t get it. Why oh why do people like her don’t have drivers? Third world bastards can easily put a bitch like that to shame… everyone I know has a fuckin driver!!!”
    I disagree… not everyone here has a driver, specifically myself, because they just sleep in the vehicle and stink it up. Besides–in Paris’ case–how BADUY naman to have someone else, other than your BF drive your car (especially if it’s a sports car!) Here, check this out: That’s the MB Mclaren SLR :)

  8. ronaldbrian

    I love you Bryanboy! Can you please post this for your Filipino readers? Super thanks! “Please don’t forget to vote for POW, the lesbian Philippine Idol Aspirant. Let’s show them the power of OUR vote! Saturday na ang elimination/qualifying round for the female finalists, let’s hope Pow triumphs! (P.S. I’m not her relative, friend, or anyone she knows. I’m a stranger who happens to think she has a terrific voice and deserves to go on in Philippine Idol.)”

  9. You need to spank my buttcheeks and hand me that oreo cookie dipped in full cream milk ASAP! she was in a rush to get a burger! She only had ONE margarita and cos she’s hungry it made her whacko!

  10. You need to spank my buttcheeks and hand me that oreo cookie dipped in full cream milk ASAP! she was in a rush to get a burger! She only had ONE margarita and cos she’s hungry it made her whacko!

  11. bryanboy, what happen to ur posts lately?!? i know this is your blog and you can post any thing u want. but it looks like ur blog has turned into some celebrity blogs.
    anyhow, i’m still ur fan!

  12. WTF is wrong with everyone? Paris Hilton fat? How old are you 12? Oh, no maybe you’re one of those that spend their free time in pro-anorexia web-sites, if so, I understand your point.
    Oh and just for the record, I don’t like her at all, but there’s no way in fucking hell she’s fat. She might not be 110, but she’s still skinny.

  13. hey BB, be creative pplss!!! we didnt come here to read abbout other artist life’s ..we come here to know more about you!! stop being cliche like and dlisted…be original!!

  14. Bitch ain’t no 110 please. Anyways, this all went down like a block away from me. I would have maybe noticed if I hadn’t thought it was just another tranny hooker arrest.

  15. That's hot!

    She is much more beautiful than your fat asses anyways! She doesn’t need to be any skinnier!

  16. Well, I think she is pretty skinny and all BUT not her thighs. She has very skinny upper body but her thighs/legs are HUGE! I seriously think that her thighs are very fat!

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