Narcisse by Bryanbetch

090606_mauricio_1Mauricio: what u up to?
Bryanboy: I’m bored. I’m connecting tags on my pieces. Wanna see my tags?
Mauricio: Yes.
Mauricio: did you do the big is beautiful post?
Bryanboy: not yet. the plastic tags are about as big and as thick as a credit card. think designer authenticity cards or hotel keys
Mauricio: those look more expensive than your pieces. LOL.
Mauricio: kidding.

Bryanboy: do you want a $500 gift certificate from international male?
Mauricio: can I be your friend?

Bryanboy: when are you gonna get down on your knees, hand me a 20ct GRAFF ring and ask my hand for marriage?
Mauricio: when your name is grace jones


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