I have a secret to share.

Written By bryanboy

I have a secret to share.

Remember how I bought that appetite supressant last week? Well, I’ve been taking those pills religiously for the past 5 days (Reductil 15 mg x 1 pill a day helps my appetite go away) and so far, I’m doing good. Here’s what my typical meal looks like.

I have an eating disorder. I’m kidding!

I’m not anorexic. Not yet. I wish I had the guts to avoid food altogether but I love eating so much. We’ll get there though, sooner or later. I did, however, made the decision several days ago that I’ll go on a 500-calorie MAX per day diet. I’ll try it out for a month and see what happens.

I’ve been skipping all my meals the past 5 days. I no longer go to the kitchen at 3AM to devour 2 extra large Hungarian sausages as my "midnight snack". I don’t eat rice anymore, I don’t eat bread anymore and I certainly don’t eat potatoes or pasta anymore. I also threw away all traces of junk food in my room.

Here’s what I’ve been living off the past few days.

Breakfast: 1 glass (200 ml) of fresh, homogenized, low-fat milk. There’s about 94 calories per glass.

Lunch *and* Dinner: One (1) Dolce Dole diced peach cup. There’s 80 calories per cup. I’m surprised they’re actually delicious. Ok fine, at first I thought they taste like any random pundit’s hairy scrotum lathered in sugary cough syrup but I got used to the taste but on my 3rd cup and made the conclusion that they’re nice!

Perhaps guys’ scrotums are like caviar… acquired taste and all that bullcrap?

So yeah… 1 glass of milk and 2 peach fruit cups EVERY DAY. As for liquids, I drink lots and lots of water, diet coke, excuse me, coke light and brewed coffee throughout the day.

What I learned over the past few days is that hunger is only a state of mind. It’s our brain that tells us we’re hungry, not our stomachs. I used to think "hmmm I’m hungry AGAIN therefore I MUST eat" all the time. Not anymore. Whenever I get that weird "I’m hungry" thought in my head, I relax, breathe, light a cigarette, tell myself "you’re not hungry" a few times and count 1 to whatever and then my hunger goes away.

There will always be temptation (and evil people who want to see us fat) like our maids and all my family members telling me it’s time to eat but I’m conditioning my body and my mind not to give in. For instance, they had this fish and vegetables thing cooked in coconut milk and them seafood tom yum the other day. Normally join them for dinner, fill my plate with so much food enough to feed the entire African continent and finish it all as if it were my last meal on earth… I managed to control myself and had a little "taste test" instead — a few sips of soup, 2 mussels, 2 or 3 tiny clams, a teeny little prawn and 1 scallop. I also had a super small slice of the fish about the size of a 1 euro coin. You know, just a tiny morsel. The key is to "taste" a little bit of everything then leave the table as fast as you can. I was done in less than 5 minutes.

091806_atisI don’t think anyone can avoid eating THAT quickly so it’s best to do it slowly but surely. BTW, let me say that it’s absolutely dangerous if you COMPLETELY stay away from food. You can’t just STOP eating. You’re gonna die!

Small snacks here and there (NOT excessively, maybe just once or twice a day) are good, too. No, NOT pizza, burgers, noodles, etc. I’m talking about healthy food like fruit and vegetables. Yesterday I had a hard-boiled egg (76 calories) as a snack whereas today, I had a fruit called sugar apple (atis). I think I’ll indulge in carrot sticks tomorrow.

That’s about it really. Oh… and EXERCISE!

I’m gonna try to jog again first thing tomorrow morning. I gave this jogging thing a shot last week for about 10-15 minutes but I stopped cause I thought I was gonna faint. I’m not the type of person who gives up too easily.

I’m also doing 10 situps every day. It’s crazy but I have to do it.

Before any of you start banging at me, here are photos of my GROSS tummy. I’ll take photos every once in a while to update you about my progress.


So there you have it.. there’s my secret. I hope this whole thing works to my favour. I just wanna lose some weight. 10-15 pounds. That’s all I’m asking for. I don’t wanna be a size 4 anymore. I wanna go back to my old size, which is size ZERO! I almost cried when I saw a photo of Kate Bosworth last week. She’s soo fucking beautiful.


I’m sick in the head, I know. But I fucking love it. Here’s a REVERSE-TRIGGER that you may want to use…

I mean come on, let’s be real. You don’t want to be anorexic. It’s a serious disease. Do you really want to end up looking like this?

Moving on….


Thank you so much for all the comments and emails you left me telling me I look nice in my recent pics. Here are several more pictures for you to look at. I think I’ll dedicate this bunch to members of the International Eunice Fan Club. YES MOTHER FUCKERS EVEN THE OH SO FABULOUS EUNICE got her own fan club…. in the UK!!!! It’s crazy! A bunch of British faggots (YES, I MEANT GAY PEOPLE) started it. LOL.

Photo credit: http://www.gaymosexual.co.uk

See what I mean? LOL. Enjoy gawking at these photos…

On other news, I finally transferred to another webhost. There’s a god afterall. I’m now with a company called BlueHost. Customer service and technical support staff are available 24 hours a day OVER THE PHONE which is extremely rare with web hosting companies these days. So far, so good and I’m happy with them unlike with my previous webhost provider, MidPhase. Ugh. I’m soo glad I closed my account with them.

Coming up next, Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax. Stay tuned. I’m gonna buy a few things from Bluefly. I’ve got a shopping itch!


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  1. You are cute together! Ms Eunice look innocent. Why she dont smile to show off her teeth? Anyway, Keep the MAID’S alive! LOL!

  2. Wooo! Go Bryan!
    After reading your post I’m going to embark on my diet too. As much as it pains me to give up food, I want my skinny jeans to be falling off my *hopefully* flat ass. So just think, in a few week’s time we’re going to hot and THIN, baby!
    xx Eevee

  3. oh my god, bryan actually your really good looking! i mean in every guy sense! and indeed, you and eunice look great together lol

  4. omg! u are so right! u do looked fabulous in those photos.. and eunice looks cute too!go find her a boyfriend in those dating sites haha. dont worry, we love u still eventhough ur sick in the head.. i, too,wanna be anorexic! thank god for reductil!

  5. Have you guys heard of Xando Block&Burn tabs? Does it really work? I think it’s safer than Reductil coz it doesn’t give you palpitations and dry mouth. What do you think?

  6. Dear, remember that guys need more calories than chicks as they burn them faster;) So i guess you can afford a few more cal per day:) Anyways, you can get sibutramine so easily? argh, my doctor yelled at me when i asked him to prescribe me some when i had to lose 5 kgs:( And that substance even got banned over here (italy) not sure is available anymore. But sure when i was taking it i had some crappy side effects. good luck with it tho;) But i guess as long as you stay away from junk food and sneaks you will lose weight pronto without even have to jog;)Love from Milan;)

  7. ::sigh:: you still look beautiful darling! thanks for the thinspiration…it’s lettuce, fresh veggies, and fruit for me all the way with protein at dinner…i too shall find a way to become thinner….no more pumpkin lattes for moi….

  8. Wanting to be anorexic is a mockery to people who actually have eating disorders. It’s difficult to offend me, but this one thing really pisses me off. Have fun with your crash diet.

  9. flavorette

    why are all the third parties in your pics always so damn homely!!! while u are such hot shit

  10. Omg, hunger is soooo totally a state of mind. People really don’t need to eat as much as they think they do (or want to). After reading this, I think I will finally get back on my diet. I have been eating with reckless abandon for like a month and I’ve gained 4 pounds. It’s really horrid. Thanks for the motivation.

  11. dreamerboy

    Bryan, you say you aren’t anorexic but I am a psychologist and can assure you that you indeed have an eating disorder. If not anorexia per se (we’d have to check your weight to confirm that), then definitely “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.” I normally love you and your site but this weight obsession is very disturbing. Your diet is horribly unbalanced and will probably age you in the end. Also, Kate Bosworth is a very sick woman and I don’t know how you can consider her good-looking. I wish she would get help, it’s so sad. Why don’t you invest what you’d spend on a bag and go see a nutritionist? (And a therapist perhaps.) I say this because I care. <3

  12. OOoohh.. Eeveee, you’re a voguette hey? Takes one to know one. Bry, I hope you’re feeling better today. No shakes? This morning I hard carbs! Tsk Tsk. 7 little melba toast (the ones you use for canapes) with Vegemite and margarine, 3 tablespoons of low fat Strawberry yoghurt, 1 cup of fresh OJ (to emanciate myself). No lunch yet…will probably have a snap tin of tuna and (yes 7) almonds (taken from New York Body Plan). Going to do more cardio tonight. Dinner Wed, or lunch Sunday? We have to stick to NO CARBS!!! Which means salad, or boiled veggies and meat.

  13. diet coke actually makes you gain more weight in the long run. special sugar used to suppress your taste bud from tasting. oh wells, go research on it (:

  14. actually coke light will make you gain weight believe! by the way its nice that you feature miss eunice, i’m from iloilo and i have a maid too her name is jane!

  15. Best diet…. eat nothing but cottage cheese, water, and any fruit for one week. You will loose ten pounds if you do it for a week. Honest my friends and I do it right before anything huge and it works. The trick is tons of water every day.

  16. Extravaganza

    Now I know why you like to live in The Philippines. It’s because in the first world slaves are hard to come by.

  17. ronaldbrian

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has anorexia. I find that HILARIOUS. As for you … hmmm. I’m actually concerned. I don’t want you to die so please eat. What you need is a career change. The guy (gay) who teaches aerobics in my gym is rail thin. I’ve seen him eat ice cream but he’s rail thin. Maybe you should teach aerobics.

  18. Bryan, you can indulge with cans of Del Monte Fruit Express. You lose weight, and still get some good nutrition. But don’t eat them if you’re planning to go out (you know what I mean).
    Oh! Don’t forget some carrot sticks, too!

  19. Starvation diets result in premature aging and bad skin – You’d be far better to ingest a balanced diet and increase your calorie burn with more active exercise. Intentional avoidance of ALL fried junk and sugars like those yummy peaches and most starch-y filler stuff is a good move too… go for the higher energy natural foods and do LOTS of cardio – swim laps and get a bike if you want to tone your ass and lose fat fast. I’d think that a personal trainer/nutritionalist would be a good investment in yourself and provide the motivation you need to stay healthy. From a numerical point of view, eating 1500 calories and burning off 2000 will get you toned and fat-free far faster than your 500 plan and you’ll be thinner and far healthier long-term than the typical anemically anorexic heroin-chic models that are internally burned-out in a few years. It’s a vicious business. Cheer up! Dr. J

  20. man u shouldnt do that! u should eat two meals a day. breakfast and dinner. breakfast should be way heavier then wad ur hving rite now. jus remember to cut down on the carbs. and eat fruits! its works trust me. i lost alot of weight and ppl say i look almost like nicole richie.

  21. hairy coconuts

    it doesn’t matter how thin you get bryan boy you’re still gonna be fucking ugly!

  22. Miss Nicole

    The sugar in that fruit cup– if its refined sugar ( not fake sugar) its bad.
    Yoiur body cant process refined or cane sugar so its stored as fat….look it up

    you’re still……to fat for my personal taste. Your legs and arms are just gross.

  24. maniaddict

    The Reductil sounds good, but I can’t take it ‘cos it’ll clash with my other meds, so I’m going to get some Xenical.
    Thanks for the thinspiration darl.. hope you reach your goal.

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