I fucking hate Filipinos.

Written By bryanboy

090406_jollibeeAnything that you say is beneath me.

I love the Philippines. I really do. There’s no other place in this planet where someone on a budget can live like a king. Cigarettes are less than a dollar (it doesn’t matter whether it’s US, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand or heck, even "China dollar", which a former presidential candidate once said… yes, we’ve got a shitload of lunatic presidential candidates) and booze is fucking cheap. People all over the world flock this shithole to get drunk, fuck some cheap pussy and of course, catch the gift that keeps on giving. 

There’s a thousand and one reasons why I love this country. Like Jollibee. God knows how many times I molested the bee without him paying for me. Someone should start some sort of a petition to get Jollibee to pay me a shitload of money. I’ve spent far too much cash on their chains and Jollibee is the reason why I’m clinically obese. We all know Jollibee Chickenjoy is heaven in a cardboard box.

Unfortunately with every 1001 good things I love there are 575 shitty things I hate about this country. One of them are Filipinos in general. It’s gonna take 10 years for me to create a list why I fucking hate citizens of the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives so I made a little random "stop it" list instead.


1. Stop it with your stupid "can I be your friend?" messages. NO, I don’t want to be your bloody friend. You only want to be my friend because I’m extremely good at pretending to be famous and fabulous. Mind you, I only make friends with people who are capable of feeding me a liquid diet composing of vodka and champagne… oh and free heroin, too. I’m KIDDING! I’m a nice person. I really am. Well, I try to be nice and/or I try to pretend I’m nice. I’d love to make new friends but for the life of god, those "can I be your friend?" messages are sooo fucking annoying!!! You don’t ask anyone whether you can be friends with them or not. It just happens!

2. You know what even annoys me more? People who send me emails or text messages ASKING IF I’M BRYANBOY OR NOT. I’d be a gazillionaire by now if I got a dollar every time I get a text message (or worse, email) from some cunt asking me if I’m Bryanboy or not. FUCKING HELL, my cellphone number and my email addresses are out there in the open. I still don’t understand why there are cunts out there who wants to know if I’m Bryan or not. *sigh*

3. Filipinos are notorious English nazis. I’m telling you, people in this shithole should seriously consider virtual proofreading as a job and charge oh I dunno, an arm and a leg. In over 2.5 years of my blogging "career", most, if not all, of the English nazis who commented on my blog are located in the Philippines. Gotta love Whois.sc’s ip address checker. Got someone pinpointing each and every grammar/pronunciation/syntax error on your blog? Chances are it’s a Flip. Enough said.

4. Do I look like a fucking ATM Machine? Do I look like I have wads of cash coming out of my orifices? Stop asking me for money because I have NOTHING to give you other than an oreo cookie. I’m dirt poor and I’m practically living in poverty. Get a fucking job if you want money. Otherwise, take a shower, put on some fine clothes and prostitute yourself around the world. That’s what I’m doing. Think about it — free sex and free money. You get the best of both worlds. Just play it safe – you sooo don’t wanna get an STD. I got crabs when I was 13 and it was terrible. I had to burn all my Frette sheets and wash myself in lice shampoo like 20 times a day.

5. Stop selling me real estate. For god’s sake, I can’t even buy myself a dove gray Hermès crocodile Birkin bag with pave diamonds let alone buy some land. I’m in my tweens and I still live with my familia de horreur (BY FORCE NOT BY CHOICE). Talk to the hand cause the mom who threatened suicide by xanax ain’t listening. I’M POOR! Piss off and sell your real estate somewhere else. Try oh I dunno, eBay?

6. Don’t even get me started with mixed-raced mongrels.

7. Stop asking for free stickers. Whoever said the best things in life are free can fucking go to hell. I always believed the best things in life are EXPENSIVE *BUT* FREE. My stickers are cheap therefore you should be able to afford it. If you really want my stickers, get your fat, brown ass to Irene’s Closet located at the Independent Lifestyles Section (Level R2) of Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City. My stickers are P50 each. That’s like 10 times cheaper than what I charge non-Filipinos you fucking third world cheapskate.

8. Stop telling me that I should get a sex change. I like my cock, thank you very much. If I really wanted to go through a gender reassignment surgery, dontcha think I would’ve done it by now? Why don’t **YOU** get a fucking sex change and tell me what it’s like to have your penis chopped off.

9. Stop telling me that I *should* do this or I *should* do that. I have my own life. One of the reasons why I have this website is because of the fact that I am fucking fed up of people telling me to do certain things. Why don’t *YOU* do shit your own way and fuck off to where the sun doesn’t shine?

10. Stop telling me that I should donate to charity. Why don’t *YOU* donate to fucking charity? In fact, why don’t *YOU* save the whales and all the little children too? Just because you don’t see my charitable acts online it doesn’t mean I don’t have any. True generosity comes from the heart and nobody else has to know what you gave to the community. I’m not a fucking bastard politician running for public office so I don’t have to share to the entire world what I’m doing for humanity. There is nothing more disgusting than someone who likes to have his charitable acts known to people. Bitch, please. Take a look at all those incumbent mayors/governors/senators with their "this cheap plastic monoblock church chair is donated by XXXXX Y. ZZZZ" bullcrap.

11. Stop it with all of your sanctimonious sermons on how I’m a bad role model for today’s youth. I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL AND I DON’T WANT TO BE ONE. Go away! If anything, I’m the last person in the world that should be a role model. Propelling eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, unsafe sex, alcoholism, drug abuse, fashion, rock n’ roll, etc. is fun! I AM SATAN INCARNATE!!! We’re all going to hell anyway so why not enjoy our last remaining days on earth in drunken splendor?

12. Nobody under the age of 40 should be allowed in Philippine politics. Unless, of course, they bribe me with money or shower me with gifts. Everyone in this shithole can be bribed with the right amount. In my case, I want a US$42,000 crocodile Hermès birkin bag designed by Gaultier.

13. I AM NOT A CELEBRITY! I don’t know how to act. I don’t know how to dance. And I certainly don’t know how to sing. STOP TREATING ME LIKE A FUCKING CELEBRITY! Fine. I love getting a lot of gifts or presents and I certainly don’t mind if you take lots of my pictures because I’m one big, fat, brown camwhore but come on, please spare me from all your backdoor gossip because I don’t deserve it. Watch S-Files, Startalk, The Buzz or whatever. Go talk about some obese actress with a ludicrous skin whitening addiction or maybe some fugly porn stars who get themselves into fights with clubs just to get publicity for themselves or some drug addict gay actor who moonlights as a prostitute. Filipino showbiz is SOOOO fucking beneath me.

14. Stop this whole skin whitening nonsense. People all over the world, like me, spend an awful lot of money just to keep our tans intact. My internal organs shrank from all the self-tanner fumes I’ve inhaled over the years. Why, pray tell, do you want to look like wacko jacko?

Enough bitching. You know I love your brown ass more than anyone else.

Email me at bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492 and tell me you love me.

And no, I’m *NOT* Bryanboy.


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  1. You sound really pissed off. I knew some of filipinos are really annoying sometimes.

  2. I was starting to laugh until #13. You know you’re a celeb, Bryan. When people kiss your ass and ask you to be their friend– you’ve gotta be a celeb. Anyway, it’s all in good fun. I hope no one gets too offended by this.

  3. i love what u said on no. 8!!!
    and haha i say..keep ur penis..
    sometimes i wish i had a penis..
    u can pee at bushes and stuff unlike us girls who need to squat..
    its damn troublesome when ur like piss drunk and u need to pee real bad..but theres no where thats secluded enough for u to squat..heehee..;)

  4. ur so funny! haha i hope pinoys won’t take u seriously hehe :) ur such a bitch and i love it!

  5. cum on bryan, dont tell me only pinoys own the monopoly of annoying you. u know for a fact that people of different smell, economic status, color and race all over the world either hate ar love you based on the messages sent to you so dont freaking blame pinoys alone for pissing your pretentious obagi using ass here. ;))

  6. redishorange

    most of the filipinos are narrow minded and shallow thinker, they just want to set on a certain trend and make life simplier, do i make any sense?, all i can say is think outside the box. go faggots and bitches, lets rule the world!

  7. ..this is a fact of life
    ..anywhere around the world this SHIT happens
    ..to bad it happened to you
    ..face it
    ..the blog world is like this
    ..and stop grumbling about US, your countrymen
    ..we got freedom of speech
    ..besides, for what is gaining democracy for
    ..but to loathe people like you
    ..take it all as a challenge if you are a smart ass
    ..you’re such a defensive blobber.
    ..nourish your sex life
    ..you are sooooooo CRANKY!!!! poor you!

  8. sohotfrance

    -bryanboy, you’re the sexiest camwhore evah.. dont mind those dick heads.. keep rockin’ and rollin’ “hotness”

  9. oh, you are one fucking asshole….
    you are a filipino
    you hate filipinos
    therefore, you hate yourself.

  10. oh, you are one fucking asshole….
    you are a filipino
    you hate filipinos
    therefore, you hate yourself.

  11. ei bryan, i too can sometimes get pissed with filipinos, but not to the point of hating them. who knows, the people you hate might just be the ones to lift you up one day (without using you for their advantage)… i just hope you wont eat what came out of this entry…
    im not mad, im not preaching, just loving it…
    pa pa rap papa…(u know the drill)… :)

  12. i know you’ll like it but is there anything plugged up your ass?? you sound so much more bitchy-er (?) than usual.
    oh well i still love you despite being a sour puss

  13. you know what bryanboy your not alone, i hate filipinos too there’s a lot in my country they are all over the place i dont know how they get here they look like maids and beggar in the philippines…Ewww!
    Except you Brayboy your the best of them all! Back off BITCHES to my baby! I love you BB.

  14. tahan na bryanboy
    that’s the way it has to be and that’s the way it….at least you are better than these corrupt politicians around

  15. madam! your blood pressure is gettin sky high again… u cant really blame yourself for being famous… just don’t enter showbizness.. haha! i know that you hate them… all those starlets, fame suckers who are pretending to be nice and all. they envy you bcoz they wanna be on ur shoes.

  16. yes we,Filipinos can be annoying sometimes. But then there’s always a “method beneath the madness”. We Filipinos are good in covering-up the truth. It is true that we do stupid things, napapaka-sosyal tayo by trying to speak perfect English and trying to look Americanized. but we do these things to make ourselves happy despite of us being poor. There is no use crying over
    how poor we are (although Filipinos don’t want to admit that they’re broke and this is just another reason why Filipinos can be annoying) .
    Despite of the numerous stupid things Filipinos do, I am proud of Filipinos for one thing. Despite everybody being poor and everybody being broke all the time, we still know how to have fun and we still know how to make ourselves happy..That’s the only thing that’s important in this world…
    Coz living here in a 1st world country, everybody has money and everybody dresses up nicely but it still feels different…
    yun lang ang napansin ko…


  18. bryan,
    i know exactly how you feel and i sympathize. but like most people already said, you cant really do anything about it, that’s the way its always been. just grin and bear it. maybe you can use this indiosyncracies to your advantage. capitalize on it.

  19. i’m certainly learning more about filipinos then i ever thought i would hahaha, but its cool i just wish u spewed with more pride for your country/race…ah well to each its own. i’m bored right now so i’m gonna go over some of your points of contention just for my own amusement. point#1 is it ok if these same people come up to you in person and asked to be your friend (as opposed to leaving that message)? #2 maybe they ask if thats really you because it sounds almost unbelievably retarded to post your real cell number (for retards to call haha). skip down to #5 im extremely curious as how your mother has forced you to stay, i want to know the real story….not just the ‘threats of suicide’, i want to know more about your family life is basically what im saying. #6 LMFAO @ ‘mixed-race mongrels’ #8 never mind the sex change questions, i want to know what percentage of your wardrobe comes from the women’s department? and do u always wear foundation becoz u have flawless skin (looks like). umm yea thats about it…love ya

  20. My praises go to those people who are able to see the rotten side of things and offer solutions for it. This is a shocking entry. Can’t help but comment. Sana mabasa ng lahat ng dapat makabasa. :D

  21. english nazis in the philippines? i thought our proficiency in english is deteriorating. inggit lang siguro mga yon kasi wala silang blog kagaya ng sayo.

  22. ronaldbrian

    This is why I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! Anyway, if and when I see you someday, I’ll introduce myself as a fan and ask for your autograph. Don’t be a snob, ok?

  23. Sometimes I ask myself? Why did I come here? I’m sure my parents left for a reason….lol…

  24. Shit, I’ve read most of your blogs and that’s a big mess you’ve made there bitchy, honestly it’s like you’re starting another culture in the internet, When your followers die they will follow you. DEEP DEEP DEEPER THAN THE HELL, they think you’re very famous that’s why they post comments with something good at it, poor fools.

  25. aw bryanboy
    i wish u would at least answer some of our questions…well at least all of mine :P

  26. i totally agree . funny post about that 110% filipino dude trying to pass himself off as a halfie . lol <3

  27. micoantonio

    Not to be rude or anything, but Philippines really has more than just people who’re trying hard to speak English ! I mean, you’re a Filipino, and don’t you get hurt (or get bad feelings) when someone put a comment that says “I hate Filipinos!”? I mean, after all you’re a Filipino too. ^^,
    Anyway, big blog fan. :D

  28. Miss Nicole

    Are you the really the REAL Bryanboy, for real?
    If so can I be your friend???
    Oh and BTW can I borrow $20???

  29. mistressjean

    ulol! kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil nagkalat yun tulad mo. GAGO ka! The nerve!
    Kapal NG mukha mo, pangit mo mas okey pa nga yung tinatawag mong mongrel sau.
    Physically mukhang kang kabayo. Pasosyal na KABAYO! I pity your parents for raisin up A worthless subhuman CREATURE LIKE U!

  30. Ok- kinda tense up in here- on a lighter note, la-la-la, Bryan, guess what we now have here in Los Angeles that I noticed as I drove to an art show earlier tonight??!
    I swear I got so excited I started clapping.
    My friend had no idea what was going on, she was driving else I would have pulled over for a photo op with the cute lil bee.
    My friend thought the place looked cute too- its so alluring and here I just started a month long cleanse- no junk, no fast food- arghhhhh- how can I resist after all your endorsements?

  31. im so not amused with this entry. u r actually not keeping it real bryanboy! admit it or not, isa ka din sa mga sakit ng lipunan natin. at kung sa tingin mo na angat ka sa iba, u r sooo wrong. dahil kahit san pang anggulo mo tingnan PILIPINO ka pa din. babaan mo ng konti ang lipad mo, kaw din masakit at malakas ang pagbgsak mo pag nagkataon. ever heard of the word KARMA? and lastly, yung pagsasalita ng profanity may pinagbabagayan yan. WAG KANG FEELING!

  32. johnny burger

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. every cynical remark, every quirk drives my gloom away. this post, on the other hand, i think went overboard.
    You must have been having a really terrible day to conjure so much of that already offensive, unentertaining post. You shouldnt because you are famous and you are my bitch and the world’s bitch and you should have us entertained so we can continue praising you and feed your hungry, masticating narcissism that we all find sumptuous.
    I hope you will wake up to a better day and I pray that someone give you a birkin, THE pair of divine helmut lang boots for the rainy days and Brad Pitt’s long lost twin brother (the real one is reserved for moi!) so that you will have a better day and you can now write the other half of this post. you know, the other half that shows how you love our land of l’exotique.. don’t keep us waiting :D

  33. i think you are entitled to state your own opinion bryanboy,if you hate filipinos it’s because of all the things that some idiot filipinos are pestering you about as you have written here in your blog but i am sure you also love them because most them it’s all the sameof them love you too, i admire you for your straightforward bitching, love them hate,you can not please everybody…keep it up they just missed that one little note you put in the end of your blog..i think they should read it again..luv yah..mwah..

  34. I so agree with u & those reacting on the comments are those guilty of ‘skin-bleaching-wacko-jacko-wannabes’ and those who like to glamorize their bloods with ‘chinese-who-could’ve-settled-the-isla-pilipinas-had-they-not-been-greedy-to-just-trade’ or the ‘spanish-dictators-who-invented-what-is well-known-as-‘corruption’.
    ur jus being ur usual self, biatching & yet there are those who react on dis post in… ‘this post is overboard’..’why hate them?’.. … plastik!
    keep up d biatching!!

  35. Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux (The Brown Gay) duh?

    Hi my name is Bryanboy: (The Brown Gay)
    I fucking hate myself. I fucking hate people overseas specially American IdiotZ. lol Magotz~

  36. Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux (The Brown Gay) duh?

    Hi my name is Bryanboy: (The Brown Gay)
    I fucking hate myself. I fucking hate people overseas specially American IdiotZ. lol Magotz~

  37. Still you’re a Filipino and you should not hurt the feelings the Filipino folks. Beware! And to all readers pls. don’t mind what Bryanboy say’s the “wrong fact” ’bout Filipino and the Philippines.

  38. You're an Asshole!

    You’re a freaking asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in case you do not know that, And a moron too. When I see you, i’ll bitch slap your freaking ass w/ a thousand pesos bill and chicken joy for insulting us FILIPINOS!

  39. hey bryanboy!
    i applaud you for loving your beautiful kayumanggi skin! those people who artificially whiten (emphasis on this though)/darken their skin just don’t see the beauty in brown. natural tisoys and tisays are fine, but to buy pale skin in a bottle is whack.
    oh, and i think i told you before to donate your outdated/unused signature clothing to the salvation army or something…wala lang. para lang may makinabang. heehee. but i totally understand if you are attached to your threads. we all are.
    pinoys are great, generally. just gotta know when to distinguish a psycho user from an honest person. (take it from the girl who got grabbed on the shoulders by a taong grasa in the middle of divisoria! hahaha)
    last thought: i agree. they [pinoys] have this innate responsibility to tell you what to do (in other words, pakialamerong chismoso)

  40. watever

    we have our flaws, admittedly. but you bryanboy, a pretentious-social-climbing-bitch has gone to the verge of attacking the social identity of Filipinos.

  41. first of all, FUCK YOU! people like you are the reason why the philippines is in dire straits. if you hate your fucking life just go and shoot your fuckin brains out. dont spew your freakin bullshit and nonsense for everyone to see. and those who like this guy and even supports what he said in this blog, FUCK YOU, TOO! hope you shitheads get dengue or some terrible disease. we dont need your kind in this country.

  42. Hey Bryanboy, I got this clip from a site.
    Like a Heroin of some sort to drag you out and burst your bubble, wake-up please.
    108 Reasons to Stand Proud, Filipino
    by Cathy Paras; Images by Jay Lara
    The list is long – as it should be.
    We’re a tough, beautiful, ethnically rich breed of people. We are Filipinos.
    Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas!
    1. I’m proud to be Filipino because we always rise to the occasion! Hinding hindi ko pagpapalit ang Pilipinas at yung kultura natin. – Sitti Navarro, Singer
    2. We are a race of champions. – Dred David, 21, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    3. I’m proud to be Filipino because no matter how bad things get we always seem to find something positive or something to smile about to keep themselves going. – Martin Warren, 26, Marketing Maverick
    4. Filipinos work hard for their families and value education and success in the profession. – Dr. Marj Evasco, Poet, DLSU Professor and Palanca winner
    5. Filipinos are peace loving and talented – Yves, Physician and Graduate Student in Creative Writing
    6. Dahil tayong mga Pilipino, pili na, pino pa. The best talaga and you better believe it!” – JM Lim, 20, architecture student
    7. I’m proud to be Pinoy because of our partiality towards the extreme, odd and awkward. But all beautiful. – Maite Salazar, 26, writer
    8. Filipinos are willing to go the extra mile, even with hardship, to help someone out – Dette Quizon, 27, entrepreneur
    9. Because only in Manila can I go through 2-3 extreme emotions within a span of a minute. – Tamtam Lara
    10. I love being Filipino because of all the unique cultural diversity you can find in our tiny little archipelago. I think all of our rich backgrounds play a big part in making us Filipino. – Cat Juan, model and writer
    11. We are amazingly sympathetic and cariñoso –that’s why Pinoys make such great nurses and caregivers. – Ana Reyes Abano, 28, proud mommy and J&J Brand Manager
    12. We pinoys have very diverse ethnic & regional ways. – Manuel Quizon
    13. Whenever we have visitors we go an extra mile to make their stay worth it. – Dara David, 32, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    14. I work hard, I give my best, I give everybody that I deal with a fair chance, I give a chance to all to have the best in life, I am a PINOY in doing all of these, and I am proud when I see my fellow Pinoys do the same. – Ben Castillo, Father and Business Executive
    15. We have have freedom. – Ninong Mani
    16. We are intelligent and talented people – the best at what we do. – Gabriel Coronel, First Year HS
    17. We are compassionate. – Raphael Coronel, Grade 7
    18. How can we not be proud of our pan de sal, kapeng barako, Vigan empanada, and the delicious Visayan and Batangenyo dishes? – Mr. Q
    19. Pinoys are Jacks of All Trades. – Eunice
    20. I’m proud to be Pinoy because we’re a culture of smiles, corny jokes and fiestas. – Yogi Collado
    21. We are the happiest people in Asia — even if times are rough — according to a Time magazine poll. – Ana Via
    22. I am proud of our world class service, one that’s evident at our world class hotels, like the Manila Peninsula. – Roger Cua
    23. I am proud to be Pinoy because it is the land of my birth. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! – Venus
    24. Ibang mag mahal ang Pinoy! – Obet and Bot, Florists
    25. Pinoys can sing! – Andrew Duckworth, Australian
    26. Matulungin tayo sa pamilya. Pagka meron ang isa, meron ang lahat. – Ms. Dary
    27. We value relationships over material things. – Marissa Quinio
    28. Where else can you find teenagers and young ones hanging-out with their Lolos and Lolas, not just on weekends but daily? – Noemi Concepcion
    29. Our hospitality is second to none! – Marisol Franklin
    30. We are patient and forgiving. Because despite the chaos in this world… we still believe in GOD. – Juliet Genio
    31. Pinoys have the perfect combination of street smarts, intellect, compassion, and adaptability. – Ditas Lara, Homemaker
    32. I am proud to be Pinoy because…we are fashion victims. We eat with our hands. Our hearts are genuine. Don’t we stand out? – Pinky Yang
    33. I am proud of my Maranaw heritage, which contributes greatly to the rich, ethnic diversity of the Filipino culture. – Apipa Paras, homemaker and proud mom of 3
    34. My strong foundation and appreciation for family (of course that means extended uncles, aunts & cousins), is the only thing that really makes sense.” – Douglas Canlas, 29, MD, from San Jose, CA
    35. What makes me proud to be a Filipino? That I know how to value things that need to be valued… being Pinoy enables me to respect people without looking down on their heritage. – Jefferson De Leon, 27, MD (currently based in California)
    36. A Filipino will instantly have that sense of camaraderie when they meet on a sidewalk in a foreign land. The subtle pride and patriotic attitude of the Filipino is something to look up to. – Genevieve Collado, MD, 27, QC
    37. There is no place like the filipino’s (home) table! Not only the food, but the entertaining chatter! Risee, 19
    38. Unique ang Pinoy kasi kahit saan mo tayo dalhin, we will thrive. – Morris Rocha, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    39. I’m proud of the food that I myself make for my family, all of which is distinctly Pinoy, like adobo, sinigang, pancit palabok… sure, they can replicate this in the States but saan galing ang original? Dito sa Pilipinas. – Chris Riel, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    40. We have the best landscapes in the world. You can watch the best sunrise and sunset atop Tarak Ridge in Bataan. There’s the unique Taal crater and the most gorgeous islands in my home province, Bicol. All are unmatched. – Tope Claveria, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    41. I’m proud to be Filipino because I know that each and every Pinoy has potential. We are all born smart. We just have to realize it in our lifetimes. – Daniel, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    42. We are a country that always has something new to offer, a new place to discover! I myself have yet to go to Palawan or to see Mayon Volcano. – Joy Punongbayan, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    43. We are a country of drop-dead gorgeous smiles! – Anna Abejuela, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    44. I’m proud of the very masipag Batangenyos! – Aileen Aspi, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    45. Malapit ang mga Pinoy. – German Montubig, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    46. Our hostility. I mean, the Pinoy hospitality! – said a laughing Fong, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    47. We Pinoys have an uncanny ability to adapt. We are resilient. – Danella Yujuico, world eye reports, Hong Kong.
    48. We Pinoys? We’ll find the most unique way to do anything under the sun. – Marinela de Austria Team Surf Shop & CTC
    49. Our women! Nothing like our women. – Brian Raymond
    50. Filipinos are a tough breed. We can go through crises that would have Western societies at a standstill and still meet each other for coffee the next day. -Timmy Tuason, 32, QC, Phil
    51. Filipinos don’t suffer from “tall poppy syndrome” — they are proud to see others of their own kind succeed. – Wendy Rockett, 26, Australian-Filipina
    52. We take care of our own, we don’t leave them in homes for the aged. – Julette Alon, 23 years old, Account Manager
    53. The strength of our sense of community (kilala natin mga neighbors natin). – Arnie Delusong, 33, writer
    54. Because of our beautiful barong tagalog and saya. – Mayette Guerrero, Executive Creative Director
    55. Our positive traits as Pinoys (resilient, optimistic, resourceful) outweigh the stereotypes typifying other countries such as the way the French kiss, dry-humored Brits, sloppy Americans, etc. – Elaine de Padua, COO
    56. Because I love passionately, and I think that comes from being Filipino. – Jay Lara, 26, Freelance Photographer
    57. Sa atin lang ang may pasahan ng pamasahe sa jeep. O diba?! -Sheryl Lim, 28, Accountant
    58. Pinoys are a versatile people. -Edgar, 23
    59. I belong to a society where moral foundations are more stable and sound compared to other relativist societies. Arthur, 21
    60. Ang ganda ng mga kabataan natin sa Pilipinas. – Jackie Roa, Team Surf Shop & CTC
    61. I am proud of this country which has produced literary greats and innovators like J. Neil Garcia, Ronald Baytan, Marjorie Evasco, Carlos Bulosan, Katrina Tuvera, and Paz Marquez Benitez. – Cathy Paras, Writer
    62. I’m proud of our multi-culturalism. Not just within our own country, but with other countries mixing with and borrowing from the fruits of our diverse nation. – Edgar J., 22
    63. Because we have a sense of civic pride. I like that we still stand to sing the national anthem before movies start. – Raya, 26
    64. We’re the friendliest people in the world! – Darla
    65. No other nation can boast of being the text capital of the world! Think of the information we can spread! – Denise Raymond, 31, Madrid
    66. We have a unique sense of style. Our jewellry making is unmatched, a mix of ethnic influences and Western modernity. – Irene, 24
    67. Ang Pinoy ay matalino at malakas ang loob. -Derf, 28
    68. Exhibit A of our ingenuity: we come up with different names for soap operas – superserye, teleserye.sineserye,asianovela, koreanovela, telenovela, fantaserye, etc! – anonymous
    69. We have a deep respect for our elders by uniquely addressing them with ‘po’ and ‘opo.’ – Suzette Paras, homemaker and mom
    70. We are a country of eternal hope. – Rebecca Farinas
    71. I’m proud of my natural tan. – Alexi Tiu
    72. Filipinos can be proud of our excellent badminton players. – Jasper Florendo
    73. I’m proud of our homegrown baller talent. Go PBA! – Raymond Salas, 26, Sales & Marketing
    74. Being Filipino gives me the privilege of being known all over the world. – Mike Serrano
    75. October pa… pasko na! – Yowgurl
    76. I’m proud of the fact that in my veins run the genes of great civilizations past (chinese, european and malay) — Chewy Chua
    77. We make the most of a situation. One piece of chicken is accompanied with four cups of rice! – Jordy Lee
    78. Filipinos are linguists. We can speak English better than other Asians. – Ted Chua
    79. We know how to enjoy life without the aid of material possessions. – Mini Hernandez
    80. Filipinos are great lovers…perfect for making lasting partners! – Giancarlo S. Gonzalo
    81. I am proud to be associated with Pinoys. Not once have I ever met a Filipino who hasn’t made me feel welcome. Every single one I have ever come in contact with has been friendly from the very start. I think that is something to be proud of. – Eddie Garabedian, 26, partner of Pinay, Andrea Recio-Ang
    82. Our cackle – you can always spot a group of filipinos because of the way they are seated in a group and laugh. We always have the ability to have the best time anywhere at anytime! – Andrea Recio-Ang, 27, San Francisco
    83. I’m proud to be pinoy because i can point without having to lift a finger (as she points with her chin). – Gina Reyes, 26, San Francisco
    84. I am proud of our culinary creations, which has Spanish influences but made into our ‘own’: like Sisig, Tapa and Liempo! – GSG
    85. If a country’s wealth is measured by its people’s EQ then I think we’d be one of the richest. – Marj, Punta Fuego Hotels PR
    86. Pinoys have an uncanny ability to SHARE our cheerful disposition. – Teena Santiago
    87. I’m proud of our rich cultural traditions, like the ‘mano po,’ making of the parol during Christmas and the humble but melodic way in which Pinoys sing ‘Ama Namin’ in church. – Vicki Nilo
    88. I’m proud of being Pinoy because of all the races we have mixed into our culture. – Dianne Obviar
    89. I am proud to be a Filipino because we’re truly world class exemplary workers. We are talented professionals constantly preferred and sought by international employers. – Girlie
    90. The sunset at Manila Bay is unmatched. – Epraim E. Despabiladeras, 59, family planning specialist,
    91. The Philippine marine reef has the greatest biodiversity in the world, even more than the Australian Great Barrier reef! – Marian
    92. We are abundantly blessed with natural wonders. Claire, Cebu-based events organizer
    93. I am proud of GLOBE PHILIPPINES! – unidentified Globe fan
    94. We are very careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. This means that we are very good diplomats. – SF
    95. I’m proud of our chicken, pork and beef bbq! The best in the world. – Jona
    96. We always have this impulse to help out whether solicited or not. We’re compassionate! – Marnelli, Behavioral therapist to special kids
    97. I’m proud of our Pinoy bands, like Bamboo and Hale. – A True Rocker, 22, Pasig City
    98. I’m proud of our STRONG MOTHERS, some of whom are working abroad just to feed their kids back home. – Lala Santos
    99. Pinays have gorgeous manes. I know I do. – Raquel Angeles, 22
    100. Pinoys know how to party. We also know how to dance. At any hot spot in L.A., you’ll always find a Pinoy/Pinay on the dance floor. – Jean Marie Katigbak, 25, Media Planner, Los Angeles, CA
    101. We are evolving as a nation of tolerance. We have more and more yoga schools opening up! Like Bikram Yoga Manila. – Yogini
    102. Pinoys love the camera! Whether it be photographers or hams that love to pose in front of it. – Ian Ong, Visual Artist
    103. I don’t want to be out in the battlefield without a Filipino by my side. – Ron Witkowski, 29, New York City bartender
    104. I am proud of the fact that we don’t forget our roots, even if we’ve made it big, like APL in the Black Eyed Peas. – Jong Marasigan
    105. The scent of sampaguita makes my day. – Lani, 25
    106. Wherever I go in the world, men come up to me and say, “You’re gorgeous, lady. You’ve gotta be a Filipina.” There’s a reason for that, ahem. – Jaya, 21, aspiring model
    107. We have the most gorgeous flag. Red, white, blue, and yellow. Magnificent. – Nieto Panginiban, 33
    108. Filipinos take life in slow-motion, which means we notice all the different colors and shades and textures of this complex and beautiful world. – Ines, 19, artist
    109. We’re very imaginative in all things that we do, especially when it comes to filling your ego with all sorts of madness kakapanood ng telefantasya. Oi, gising na… – Marc, 25, OFW.

  43. Some of the things that u’v said are partially true.. Sometimes Filipinos (including myself) have this epidemic routing through my nerves.. Nonetheless, i’ve learned to respect every people i’ve met.. whether a beggar or a politican.. yes.. i’ve talked to this people and what’s their difference? social status.. the politician is powerful in our country and the beggar is powerful in his own little world.. But i really like you.. and i’ll always love your attitude coz not everyone has a strong yet fashionable personality..

  44. that’s the reason why I’m married to a non-pinoy. I never dreamt of wasting my life on ‘bein just a plain friggin genitalia.

  45. ferdinand

    You’re part of the disease that’s killing the Filipino identity, “Hypocrisy”. And I wouldn’t even wonder why it took you 10 years to make a list on how you hate the Filipinos, yet, the underlaying message; your just a boy in a dress, hoping that the world you’d be amazed with your stupidity. This article is such a hard-sell. You know how to get our attention. And you did. I pity your ignorance, and may Adolf Hitler bless your soul.

  46. All of your reasons are way too general.. The reasons that you give can apply to anyone.
    The only legitimate one there is the #14… yeah, but you have to admit (filipinas are guilty of that) NO SELF RESPECTING MALE WOULD EVEN COME CLOSE TO SOMETHING THAT WOULD WHITEN THEIR COMPLEXION… Except maybe the gay peeps (no offense)…
    And filipinos being english nazis… Come on.. I know a lot of fiipinos are bad.. but there are so many more nationalities that are frankly just too sad.. China maybe? (jackie chan)

  47. Haha! You made it sound like many readers who dropped their personal attacks on you are the superficial ones because you can vividly describe the ugly side of the Filipino culture in your own eyes. I love the gist of your entry. You made it too deep for people who are too shallow to understand it. I admired your audacity for bringing it up. Kudos to you! ;)

  48. what the fucking blog is this and blogger has lots of craps in his brain………whatever bitch!!!

  49. Tigilan ang kaplastikan!! Lintek!!! Every RACE has its own disgrace.. Every mutha fucka wants to be a debonaire, a millionaire, heck they even would cross mountains to be fucken Kris Aquino for a day..NOT ME, BUT SOMEONE in that fucken country would!! Whatta fucken Shame!! Lets not act like the world around us is a piece of flying bird shit and that everything else is beneath our Gucci Envy smellin Crap!! Because trust you me Le’Fabuleux… At the end of the day, everyones SHIT stinks!!! So Lets get real… and im not sayin, the materialistic, shallow, critical eating shit real.. But more like, I LOVE THE FILIPINOs, SO BE EXACTLY THAT! REAL! LIVE and LET THEM MOFOS LIVE!

  50. vjhggftyf

    wtf? his post actually sounds like a COMPLIMENT.
    unlike you “AZNPRIDELOLOL” filipinos, i love being called a grammar nazi <3

  51. Hey Brianboy,
    Dont worry Im not going ask you to be my friend. I just want to comment about this really cool site you have. We intellegent filipino’s loves for what you do and very much proud of you!!

  52. Hey BryanBoie!..if you happen to be in the NYC area, Howard Beach to be exact, email me.
    My uncle Sal and I wants to take you fishing…capire omosessuale? Grazie!

  53. herald

    got a lot of ads in your site. you also could flare people up. guess the market is good huh?

  54. herald

    got a lot of ads in your site. you also could flare people up. guess the market is good huh?

  55. Hey fagot!!
    Is this some kind of a joke!?!?
    I can see the hypocrisy in this blog.
    You’re a Filipino too am I right?
    Don’t fucking degrade our race or rather my race.
    shit! if u want attention then congratulations u got it girl/guy/gay whatever.
    but yea I know for a fact that majority of us Filipinos aren’t like that.
    I don’t usually do something like this but this thing man. what’s wrong with you, egotistical arse. do you think that you’re better than us aye?
    and what are you on about cheap pussy?
    shit man have you been to Vietnam?
    yeah I know that there’s a lot of filipina that do sell their bodies but can you blame them? probably not!
    some of them doesn’t have a lifestyle like yours. stop saying that you’re poor coz you’re not. if you’re poor then you wouldn’t have a computer right? and if you’re poor I don’t think you would be able to pamper yourself aye?
    and you should be thankful if they’re asking you to be their friend, why do you think you’re too good to be their friend? well then my mate think again.
    don’t fucking call Philippines a shithole. the politics maybe bad, crimes everywhere, but Philippines is a great country, there are some great people living over there. I love my country even though i don’t live there anymore.
    piece of advice know your limitations, yeah it’s a free world, but don’t get carried away.
    I know that someone will react on this comment but I don’t freaking care! go to hell! :LOL:
    One final statement: You’re a hypocrite, egotistical, racist in a way, blabber mouth mother fucking fag!! Don’t think too highly of yourself..
    deflate your head!!
    so anyways laters….

  56. Camille

    here’s a message from a normal person to a guy who wears a dress to Jollibee and tries to screw the poor bee:
    shit happens..deal with it..

  57. Freddy B

    I live in this piece of shit country, and not only does the country suck, but the people are a bunch of arrogant, ignorant peieces of shit. You people have no pride, and you’re good for nothing but ponding off your 16 year old daughters on 80 year old white men.
    Please don’t talk tough, I walk through malls loudly talking shit about how useless you people are and so far nobody said anything. You’re all a bunch of bitches.

  58. Florian

    Retards. Anybody who went up against him just got 0WNEDZ!!!11!1!!1 You turds get offended so easily so you real plastic retards resorts to calling people like him a racist or mention the “leftovers” about clueless Flips (and by that, I mean when this certain SOMEONE enumerated the “good” things. Ewww!).
    If you people had a real high intellect, then you’d know that even if the short list he just stated was rather a generalization, it rings true about our people. And since that is true, THAT’S WHAT MAKES THE MAJORITY OF US LOOK SO BAD!! It doesn’t matter (for our country’s situation) anymore whether the people there are nice, “honest”, and so forth, the thing is in the end, it all comes down to the judgement of we as a whole represent our country. ST00PID dipshits. Most of you need to think more. Any person who’s open means their opinions and perspectives can be bad too, not always that lousy cliche optimistic “MABUHAY (corrupted souls of) FILIPINOS!!!!!!!!”
    So stop bitching. =) You guys just keep flaming.
    Don’t hate him because you know it’s true. It’s not like he’s talking about you.
    —-Oh, but then again some of you got offended, no? Then probably you ARE one of those kinds on his list! =D

  59. BettyBlack

    Finally!! a Filipino who is NOT in denial about his people. Sorry to say but the people bellow who are so butt hurt are probably one of those FOB ass i sing karaokee and watch those corny filipino tv shows that sing American songs all fucking day all day long ( cuz they cant compose their own), i am going to be a nurse filipinos. And oh my god dont even get me started bout their toes! LOveS Bryan Boy…he’s fuckin hott…work it bitch!

  60. I still fucking love your ass! :) your my hero
    I’m Brown and Proud, Gay is the new straight so get your chaps Frat boyz!

  61. proud pinoy

    gago ka!!!!!!!!!!
    fuck u!!!!!!!!!
    you are a filipino
    you hate filipinos
    therefore, you hate yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. it pains me to see my fellow dumbass Flips’ comments below. i apologize for their stupidity, bb.

  63. hate-dumb-pinoys

    sa mga tangang Filipino:
    pwede ba, bago pumutok mga butsi niyo, intindihin niyong mabuti yung post! ang bobobo niyo! kainis kayo! dinadagdagan niyo lang mga kahihiyan ng mga pinoy! Buwisit! proud pinoy, proud ka nga, hindi naman proud sa iyo ang pinoy. tanga mo kasi!

  64. AJ Fudge

    Bryan Boy is correct.
    Did I get offended?
    Bryanboy simply gave a very constructive form of criticism to our race.
    We need more of him who can talk shit about our race yet still proud.
    He’s no non sense.

  65. Filipino

    God bless you for all that unintelligent or foolish words that you have uttered.
    Looking into your site, with all the photos etc.
    Deep inside you is empty. Too bad.
    Don’t worry I will Pray for you.
    God bless!

    Not saying that I don’t agree with the aforementioned things but whatever.

  67. get a life

    okay so bryan boy, while making all these nasty comments about being filipino di mo ba naiisip sa bumabalik sayo ung ginagawa mo,dahil pinoy ka din, okay hinde ka proud maging pinoy and hindi mo gusto ang pagiging pilipino, so what hindi ka naman kailangan ng pilipinas mas mabuti nga kung wala ka dito,at kung makapagsalita ka kala mo ang galing galing mo bakit may nai-contribute ka ba sa pagbuti ng pilipinas, SA TOTOO LANG ISA KA SA NAKAKAHIYANG PINOY.AT SIGURADO AKO GAWAIN MO YUNG MGA PINAGSASABI MONG KALOKOHAN TUNGKOL SA PINOY!..C’MON GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF DEMORALIZING US UMAYOS KA..

    You people are so tanga.No wonder Bryanboy hates you.
    He hates the Filipinos being stupid IN HIS/HER BLOG,not Filipinos being stupid per se.

  69. Not only are Filipinos dumb but they are lazy too. My friend works for UNICEF. She said most Filipinos have such a poor diet they don’t get enough protein during the formative years. Is there any food in Asia worse than Filipino food – it’s rat fat on a stick with no vegetables. No wonder by the age of 25 most fils have pot bellies and are missing teeth. If they weren’t so frigging lazy they’d throw all the corru pt politicians in Jail like GMA, her thieving husband and that murdering drug trafficer Ping Lacson. The whole country is a filthy shit hole.

  70. harhar

    No comment ako dito…mas nakakabobo pag mag comment pa…lahat kayo bullshit…pinatulan nyo pa hahahahaha…waste of time…loser kayong lahat same with bryanboy…hahayz….basta pinoy pa rin ako mga dudes…

  71. anna marie calle

    yes i came to dis page bcoz i c someone or somebuddy said that ” i hate pilipinos” 1st of all bitch! i dont give a shit about you… ok! ur just probably one of the bushes alliance ok! second of all i am half black and pilipino bitch! and if you are half white trash or half pilipino and white trash u got it twisted honey….bcuz there is no reason for you to hate pilipino ok bitch! u aint nothing but a low life some of a bitch can kiss everybody eleses asss like obama ok u fucking honkie ignorant asshole….

  72. anna marie calle

    let me jus tell y’all stupid fuckers, pilipino aint stupid americans are,u know y do you even know where do they get they shit from? china thats in asia everything is made out of china,japan.philipines,indonias pretty much in asia ok?! y do you think stupid americans has 700 billion in dept cuz they stupid… simple is that

  73. linda LOPEZ

    my husband had something with this filipino bitch and she has the guts to display on her website that she has no idea why she fails in love…go figure… and she has the guts to tell me that i have no right to judge her morality….by the way she has 2 children out of wedlock and now not taking care of THEM! plus the fact she’s having an affair with my husband and someone else husband…GO FIGURE,,,

  74. filipino=obsolete


  75. anti-hero

    i think the dude has a point, before you can be freakin proud of being a Filipino let me remind you that are you making a difference or just getting into the PINOY PRIDE SHIT FAD that has been around lately, I am also a filipino but i think that this country has became a WHORE HOUSE. economy is bad, education is more like a shit smeared on the road, corruption is like a toilet bowl that hasn't been washed for a decade, stupid and lame entertainment and lastly HYPOCRITES hiding behind the PINOY PRIDE FAD (YOU FAGGOTS I WILL KILL YOUR DICKS!!!) most of say Oh we are offended when someone criticizes our style and our beliefs well listen up dickheads everyone is entitled to opinions, and on the first place if you don't want to get noticed or criticized then don't do something fucking wrong like going to cheating on a nursing exam, fucking your foreign male boss, entering a country as a tourist then staying there for a couple of years now that's a rock-hard face and lastly claiming to be racially discriminated when you yourself makes fun of foreign people (you should stick your head up your ass). As a closing remark i would just like to add that if you (FILIPINO PRIDE LOVERS) should take a look around first and brag later. BRAG SOMETHING GOOD not just some monkey from Zamboanga who beats up Mexicans in boxing, or some star studded love story movie, lame custom or any shitty stuff that wouldn't help our country become better. Oh be the way lastly our country is becoming crowded i advise that you people should think with your head not with your genitals. May GOD cleanse this wretched land…..

  76. yooo…man..you are right!!filipinos are loser and the women are whores!!!check fil-am in US,their mom must be mail order brides lol!!!!they are sleaziest asian race everrrrr!!!
    fuck them all!!lazy whores chatolicas

  77. anti-hero

    another thing that i've noticed is that most of CUNTRY men claim that my race is the HAPPIEST PEOPLE and my opinion on that is that most of my fellow CUNTRY men are staying blind on what is happening around us, let's say that there is something big going on or should I say a kick ass crisis i.e. global warming most people around world would probably be paying attention but to most FILIPINOS they would prefer to ignore it and stay in LALA land or play with their genitals or fuck each other like rabid rabbits. Another thing is corruption among the people as an example i would use DIVISORIA, during these past few months I've been working as a messenger and sales agent in which i deliver sample products, color swatches and receipts to my customer during my work I can't helped but notice that most people started to make business on PUBLIC SIDEWALKS and freakin railroad in the middle of TUTUBAN, the railroad was closed because of these MONKEYS and GERMLINGS now back to the story I've asked several old timers in the area and all told me that these people (vendors) are giving protection money to crooked officials and gangs, but when the mayor visits they don't show up or hide kinda like COCK-A-ROACHES when you open the light. It is a shame that you can't use the sidewalks properly and even the railroad which can be used as an effective means to travel or carry cargo. Next would be the CHRISTMAS thing here in my SHITTY country as early as November scumbags gather for soliciting money for there bogus cause and even the street children which i like to call GERMLINGS or BABY GOBLINS are joining this scam, what they would is ride on the jeep perform some shitty and sissy carol and ask money.Pollution is also something that bothers me here in Manila you can see people crapping in the street, there was this one time a GERMLING crapped in front of our office which angered me that put into ZERO TOLERANCE MODE that i introduced the little prick to a spanking of a lifetime.
    Poverty is also another shitty phenomena that is available in this country most blame it on politics' corruption but i have another reason for this majority of Filipinos are poor because of the following reasons aside from corruption are; instead of going to school most stayed in bed, cut class, hang with the wrong crowd. next would be crab mentality instead of helping out they chose to tear each other out, third would be unnecessary migration most squatters came from the province to seek the "MANILENO" dream instead they end of in the gutter or under the bridge, I mean back in the province they can farm or do agricultural stuff. Lastly being slave to their vices, most don't have the funds but still wishes to go with their shenanigans. To some it all up i would like to conclude today's insight as it follows; most filipinos choose to be blind, most are scoundrels and opportunistic bastards and they are the ones that are leading themselves to damnation. As for those who would think or comment against this I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS, I've observed it and I don't want to be part of the ZOMBIE legion believing in something disgraceful and lame, I am just here to share my insights and observations so that some readers can think about it and learn from it(not to curse or something shitty)so themselves can adjust and be aware of what this country has become. THIS IS MY WAY OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE….. more to come people

  78. anti-hero

    i also think that this dude(BRYANBOY) has a big ball because he was able to voice out and reveal why this country sucks ass rather than kick ass. i am not saying that the dude is right but people take a look around…..before being proud i mean are you guys proud of crap if so then you're all victim to false sense of "PATRIOTISM" and MANNY FAK YA to you all….

  79. BryanPoof.cocksucker.aids

    BryanPoof is a fucking poofter who does nothing but to get fuck in his fucking shit black ass, by an arab and black men in New York. Poofter Bryan is a fucking wasted. You do nothing but to lick black ass. Why don’t you ask your fucking father to fuck you in your prolapsed ass? Go and find yourself a fucking job. You are pretentious wasted cunt.
    I bet your house is full of junk! Why don’t you fucking check your sticky ass smeared with your own shit?
    You fucking stink! I bet your underwear has skid marks. You are a fucking asshole who does nothing but to sleep and fart. I am sure that you have a bad breath with yellow teeth!! Person like you should be put in an Island infested with Hayeenas. If you have nothing to do and you think you are a looser, go and stick your left hand up in your wrinkled and prolapsed asshole. Come over here in the Philippines and I will show you on how to put a tap on your neck.

  80. lotanth@yahoo.com


  81. Regina

    found out about you through style: singapore. and my, i’ve enjoyed reading this blog ever since. i love your blog and was wondering where i can get a sticker here in SG. and you’re fashion-talk is infectious that make me want to start changing my wardrobe.
    i hate filipinos too. i love that you’re upfront about it. keep blogging and love you lots <3

  82. Flim Flam

    What I hate about filipinos is that their short view. It is a country of educated people with great natural resources but because of the filipino short sightedness they are wasting both.
    If you offer a filipino a dollar today or 10 dollars tomorrow, they will grab the dollar and disappear forever. The idea of planning and investing in for the future is incomprehensible to them.
    They complain about corruption in the government, but this is just a reflection on the culture itself. Everyone in the Philippines is corrupt in the sense they will sell their integrity, natural resources, whatever for a quick buck.

  83. Man, I’m not racist, but I just hate how filipinos show off too much! Like how they say “Proud Pinoy/Pinay” or other crap like that. My friend that is a filipino saw this one commercial on something called TFC and said that there was a commercial about filipinos and how good they are. You don’t see other countries making commercials saying how proud they are of being what ever race. I also hate how for people that are new, of how they attemp to speak english and act like they’ve already mastered it? XP
    Also, stop with the whitening products/bleaching skin products. If you’re going to say “Proud Pinoy/Pinay” be proud of your color! Stop with the wannabe eastern asian/american shit. Really? Sure, people learn different cultures and shit, but if you know basic stuff and act like its an everyday thing? You need to focus more on the issues of the country rather than how you look like.

  84. 21clipz

    thats right fuck the filipino,especially the ones in the U.S they never shutup with their annoying ass,”PINOY/PINAY PRIDE”

  85. i honestyl agree with you ALOT!
    I’m a filipino and i hate it so much!
    But im so [proud of myself that i look/act mroe of a chinese/american
    Thanks your soo cool!

  86. harsh, and it makes you sound somewhat arrogant. though, if you’re just really pissed off. i guess i could sympathize and understand.
    but we’re not all the same man.
    stop hating.

  87. bionicalbibingka

    We all have our pet peeves and sources of annoyance/irritability. And we gotta live with them. =) Oh ya, you speak as if you aren’t a Filipino.

  88. Roel Quejada

    Natawa ako do’n sa ‘mixed-race mongrels’. Hehe. Totoo naman. Nakaka-irita talaga ang gano’n.

  89. Volos

    I agree with you bryanboy!
    In the Philippines, if you’re different people tease you and call you “weird” or “outcast”. I’m a Filipino. I’m a classical musician. Filipinos typically hate classical music (Philippine classical music scene is already dead) and I’m one of the few who likes it. So does that automatically mean I’m weird?!
    I think Filipinos are power-hungry and jealous people because of our country’s past. Because of colonization, our people have learned the literal meaning of “Survival of the Fittest” and they would do anything to bring down a person even if its their own blood. Survival is important during war and now after being colonized, we still carry this trait.
    I agree with everything you said. I’m honestly embarrassed to admit to people I’m a Filipino. Other Filipinos say I should be ashamed of myself because I’m putting my country down. I can’t help it. How can I be proud of my country if we’re always fighting? How can I be proud of my country if my own countrymen bring me down whenever I receive praise? How can I be proud if my own countrymen don’t appreciate my individuality and think I’m weird?

  90. fuckyou

    He’s just mad because his father didn’t accept him like the gay fuck he is. He got beat up and got a bat shoved up his ass lol, my God, he’s so fucking ugly, he calls the Filipinos Mongrels but wow it looks like his face went through a slaughter house. I pity you gay fuck.

  91. peejaypjohn

    I see there is so many people that hate filipinos.
    I am a filipino, and when I read something like this in the internet. I react, ofcourse.. I am a Filipino. A question always come into my mind about this, why do you hate us? You can’t even top the talent of our country? think twice.

  92. I’m so ashamed to hear you’re a Filipino. You don’t deserve the honor of being one.
    Too bad for US the blood (which is probably infested by HIV and whatnots now) running in your veins is Filipino blood.
    Mahiya ka sa pinagsasabi mo. Malamang nalulungkot ang mga magulang mo at naging ganyan ka.
    Nakakahiya ka.

  93. rommrafael

    Very Well said, He’s really an epic celeb. :))
    I hope he could say that in front of the Philippine Government Officials. And by in Front of them, that means Face to Face.. Doing Blogs or posting on the internet is something which is a disgrace because he can’t voiced it out publicly and is confined within the world of internet.

  94. blah blah

    Well feelings are mutaual….
    you hate filipinos….
    so they FUCKING HATE YOU TOO!!!

  95. You are super cool.
    This is a mean post, and I love it. Enough with those non-sense positive-all-over writings, because it’s annoying.
    I love it. This really got me.

  96. pinoy pride

    lets do world war 3 soo.. all of yea stupid people who mocks philippines!

  97. That’s just beyond hurtful. Do you think that the country you live in now is perfect? Please, get a life. Ang sakit sakit lang po kasi sa puso, lalo na po sa batang Pinoy na katulad ko, lahat ng mga sinabi mo. You’re a Filipino too and I think that you should be proud of that. Godbless.

  98. i dont hate filipinos
    thir ”filipino pride” is getting me on my nerves
    wherever i go i hear ” im proud to be a filipino”
    its sooooooooooo annoying
    i dont hate filipinos.

  99. Hahaha. Filipinos should be called “Filthypinos”, for they’re so filthy, & also they breed SO FREAKIN’ FAST as though they’re rat.

  100. Can’t Bryanboy just say what he wants to say? I don’t know where do some people get this pretentious patriotism — it’s sick. lolz.

  101. El Lobo Solitario

    woah woah….. ok what the fuck is going on here, so your being general about this…
    pues chiko, i know for a fact that im not like that, so technically your inaccurate and full of shit, and not just anytype of shit but a bullshit type of shit, and the reason why you speak bullshit is because your an asshole with a dick for a head.( in short dickhead thats also an asshole)

    i dont oppose to the things you said im just pissed that your making it general…. i mean come on man i hate me bieng a filipino, but i never do all those shit that you just said…. and yes im a hypocrit…. but that doesnt matter, fuck you for getting me involved in this…

    and those comments that say filipinos are lazy shit, you should have said “some filipinos”, cuz your getting me involved in this and i know im a hardworking person cuz my boss says so….. so you know, fuck you

  102. Lol! i cant stop laughing when i read this.!
    You know what im a full pilipino to. but i grew up here in australia.
    i really hate it when they treat you like your the god of their families and friends because of your skin colour..

  103. :D I’m also a Filipino. Please forgive my grammar. Uhm, I know you were able to say these things because you are extremely ANGRY and ANNOYED. Shit happens sometimes and I know a lot of your readers/detractors read this. Hahaha…. ganyan din ako pag naiinis I say stupid and evil things. Tao lang tayo na nagkakamali, nasasaktan, napupundi sa mga intriga. I’m happy for you that you were able to mingle with fashion people. I was thinking of sending this to you in private, pero naisip ko maganda rin na mabasa ng iba. Oh well, iba iba naman kasi ang tao may iba na very sensitive and grabe maka comment. :) Pero I must admit nung una nainis ako dahil Filipino ka rin naman. And so I thought you’re just really angry so you were able to say these things. I hope people will stop throwing negative comments. Alam ko hindi ka martyr para mahalin mo yung mga taong nanakit sayo, pero naniniwala ako that we are all created “good”. God bless you fellow Filipino and despite of this incident, I’m happy becoz you were able to share your thoughts to everyone.

  104. I used to think this blog was shallow, but after reading this I get you. You answered every judgement I had against you, and it worked. You go girl.

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