Corrupting Asian Maggots

I need to get over this stupid bout of depression so I’m gonna plaster photographic evidence of me corrupting asian kids, one fucking chink brown person flip sucky sucky 5 dolla person ricer at a time. From Malaysia and Singapore to Indonesia, Thailand and Las Islas Filipinas, all you rice-eating bastards should get down on your knees and give me all of your money as if I’m the golden calf.


Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell everyone out there that there is NO Bryanboy in Singapore. I’ve been receiving reports that there’s some faggot rugby player out there using my name. I repeat, there is ***NO*** Bryanboy in Singapore. I’m the only Bryanboy out there. I’m gonna borrow some American redneck’s shotgun and shoot you in the eyesockets if I see you using my name. I mean for god’s sake if you’re gonna use my name PLEASE FOR FUCK’S SAKE USE IT IN VAIN.

I’m flattered though… *wink wink*

Anyway, if you guys are able to guess the nationality of ALL these Asian mother fuckers correctly, I’m gonna send you a free "I *heart* Bryanboy" sticker in the mail.

As always, you all know where to send photos of your love and my infamous pose. Email I WANT AFRICAN AMERICANS, AFRICANS, LATINOS AND ARABS GOD DAMMIT! ENOUGH OF THESE RICERS AND WHITE TRASH PEOPLE.

Geography is no boundary when it comes to Bryanboy’s faggotry.

I love you all!


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