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Bryanboy’s note: the show must go on. Just because my current webhost provider isn’t being cooperative it doesn’t mean the fun should be placed on hold. Apparently it will take longer than 4 hours to upgrade my server because it has to do something with DNS propagation and all that bullshit. *sigh* I just wish there’s someone out there who can handle my levels of traffic (over 800GB of bandwidth per month) for FREE a super super low cost. All those "unmetered bandwidth" providers are bullshitting you. I hate "bait and switch" misleading bitches. I should’ve read the Terms & Conditions of my current webhost THOROUGHLY. Oh well. I’ll upload my files to FLICKR for now. Again, I apologize if some of the graphics on my site aren’t working. Shit — I shouldn’t be apologizing at all. You’re reading my site for free!!!! Fucking freeloading maggots. I hate you! Now is the right time to do THIS. Hahaha *wink*

Anyway… lookie lookie at what I got in the mail earlier today.


Oooooh!!!! I opened the envelope as if I’m a trembling socialite with a huge bag of coke.

It’s no other than the latest issue of VOLUME MAGAZINE, fresh from the fabulous city of Bangkok, Thailand!!!


I flipped through some of its pages filled with endless photos of Thai socialites, NARS make-up ad campaigns, mink Fendi spy bags, leopard-print Fendi B bags, dozens upon dozens of pages of gorgeous male models (someone please tell Robson @ Red Modelling to give me a call. I want him to rape my brown Filipino fat ass) and skinny females… it’s a nice fashion magazine! Man, I really need to get my ass off to Bangkok. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to have my own fashion spread. I’m such a delusional son of a bitch. LOL.

Photo credit: Volume Magazine Thailand

If your name is Robson, please send me an SMS at +63.915.785.1492 and give my fat brown orifices some good ol’ lovin’ lovin’. KTHXBYE.

Photo credit: Volume Magazine Thailand

OOOOO I’m on page 166. I guess it’s one step closer to being on Page Six. Hahaha! I hope one day I’ll make it on the New York Post’s Page Six… like that’s gonna happen. A fantabulous publication such as the New York Post will never (well, never have, never will) publish anything related to the third world, so a bitch like me can only dream for shit like that to happen. I mean come on, do you really think they’ll prioritize me compared to, say, Tinsley Mortimer, who I really love so much?


Here comes the "Special Interview" entitled "Who is the real Bryanboy?"

Yes, I’m still gobsmacked. Six fuckin pages. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Unfortunately, they chose the photos from my Photo Albums and I didn’t have any "editorial" control whatsoever. For instance, that disgusting picture of me with a sad face wearing an orange cashmere sweater… look at my non-existent chin! I look like a 14 year old child!!! Hahaha! Whatever. Beggars can’t be choosers. I love all of this stuff.

By the way, some of you people even made a cameo appearance. Fabulous eh?


They published a lot of my pictures from my travels, shopping, some of my boy toys (hahaha) etc. It’s all fun and good. I suppose it’s a nice thing they didn’t publish my Obagi photos. LOL.


I’m soo happy! I’ve never had this much lovin’ before. It’s no American Vogue or whatever but 6 full pages is still 6 full pages. It’s not every day you get published in a magazine from a country other than yours so it’s good enough reason to celebrate!

I used to think it’s no big deal to be published somewhere. I mean, I remember a few months ago when my mugshot appeared on various magazines and newspapers here in Manila, an acquaintance from the press told me that there are actually people who would do anything just to get their name or their photo published on the society pages, like give them gifts or money etc. I found that hard to believe because when you look at it, it’s only the society pages. Why do some people go gaga… or fight tooth and nail… just to have a 1.5 inch by 2.5 inch tall photo of themselves on the back pages of the newspaper? This is just one of the many things I learned when I rubbed shoulders with Manila media/press people:  editors, editor-in-chiefs, columnists and writers.

I even asked another acquaintance over drinks and he told me it’s nice to be published because it kinda "chronicles" your life… in print… and you can always look back and say "this is what I did on that day" etc. He’s certainly right on that aspect but I still can’t see the value though. I, for one, don’t give a flying fuck whether I get published or not…

… until today.

It’s actually a great feeling to be published somewhere (and no, not just a crappy party mugshot), especially if you have a message you’d like to share with people. I thought about this earlier. When you’re a blogger, like me, it’s one thing to have your message published in your blog and it’s another thing to be in a real, tangible publication. I even pondered about the evolution, purpose and future of my blog. I originally started this blog 2 years ago as an online travel journal… then it evolved into a shopping/fashion journal of some sort and now it’s a day-to-day chronicle of some of my opinions, thoughts and day-to-day stuff and use it as a platform for my true purpose in life. What is it, you ask?

Well, I realized earlier this year that it’s not hedonism, materialism, excess, vanity, $2,000 handbags, eating disorders, unsafe sex, drug abuse or faggotry that I want to promote to people but it’s the freedom of expressing one’s self regardless of what other people think. It’s a great feeling to have the ability to break the mold, barriers, restrictions and attitudes of the people around us and let your own character/self shine through no matter how scandalous, evil, foolish, immature, etc. you are.

I mean, now is the best time to celebrate one’s self/individuality and uniqueness. If not now, when?

Enough bollocking from me.  I gotta nag at my webhost providers.

It’s funny how I lost ‘structure’ in my little piece again. VERBAL DIARRHEA AT ITS FINEST. I hate it whenever I start talking about something, I end up talking about 1001 other topics under the sun.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or sms +63.915.785.1492.


PS. Discuss this blog post on my Online Discussion Forum.

PPSS. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you VOLUME Magazine (Bangkok, Thailand). If you’re in Thailand be sure to grab the latest copy of VOLUME now. It’s out on newstands.

PPPSSS. I’ve said many, many times in the past that I hate male models simply because they’ll end up being prostitutes, druggies or Z-list showbiz celebs but I take back what I said. GOD I NEED SOME SERIOUS MOUTH TO MOUTH RESUSCITATION.

Photo credit: Volume Magazine

PPPPSSSS.  Keep the faggotry alive! Geography is no boundary when it comes to Bryanboy’s faggotry! WHO DO I HAVE TO BLOW IN THE MEDIA TO GET SOME LOVIN’ LOVIN’? Funny how I said that now considering my anti-media whore tirade earlier. god I’m such a hypocrite. HAHAH! If you are a member of the press (TV/magazine/newspaper/radio/website/whatever, hell yes, I’ll even do company newsletters or university newspapers!) and would like to interview or feature my third world fat ass, email AND today.


  1. I am Filipino and is currently here in Bangkok and there are a lot of English speaking Thais that knows you. I am quite surprised and happy to know that your popularity reaches this part of the world.

  2. wow… isn’t that awesome or what?! six pages all about the REAL bryanboy… you deserve to be popular…. good job!! ^_^ im sorry about the server problem… you’ve got so many fans!!! good luck with everything. =)

    MY FRIEND AND I GOT OUR STICKERS IN THE MAIL THE OTHER DAY! AND I’D JUST LIKE TO THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THEM…THEY ARE FABULOUS .. now all of melbourne can see my sexy sticker .. i’m going to mail you a thankyou card!!

  4. HOLY CRAP! six pages??? i’ll blow anyone just to see my picture in a magazine. tanginangshit!!! youre so fucking lucky!!!! keep up the good work! idol talaga kita bryanboy!!!

    What’s next? You have to be in the cover of the next issue. You deserve this and more because you’re such a good good girl/guy.

  6. Sighhhhhh I want to read the article about you in Volume. Is it published anywhere online?
    Bryannnnnnn the snippets are not enough!

  7. Congratulations babe! nothing beats worldwide recognition in PRINT :D missing you here! WHERE are youuuu????

  8. honey i’m so proud of you, what’s next, you need to be in the cover of out or advocate magazine, or in freaking page six!!!! good for you and keep up the good work!!!

  9. Oh My God!! I see my picture over there…I made it into a magazine hahahahaha. Pleaseee Let me know how can I get a copy of that mag.

  10. hey bryan!!! fabulous…6 pages!!!
    woah… dont’ worry.
    soon it will be new york page 6.
    im sure they’ll make an exception for you =)

  11. HEY BRB where can i get hold or buy that VOLUME MAGAZINE featuring your sometimes boring but fabulous life!? HAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Original_IT_Girl

    WAY TO GO BRYAN! I’m so proud of you! Wow, the thais must love you a lot, just like everybody else loves you a lot! Only hearfelt best wishes to you sexy thing! xoxo!

  13. babe!!!! Congrats… Just sent you a message. I really wanna get myself a copy of Volume. Will see if any relos are going to Bangkok soon. Might give you a shout-out to the other voguettes. I am craving thanks to the thinspiration. P.S. You owe me Almond roca from Salcedo biatch!!!

  14. Congratulations Bryan
    Wow! 6 pages awesome!
    love it…
    keep the faggotry alive!
    The is guy so hot!

  15. You’re right, Bryan. Six pages of publicity from a Thai magazine is still a huge publicity. I just hope your site don’t get down again like the last time Dutch Elle referred your site.
    You know by now that Bangkok is SE Asia’s fashion capital, but hey, Manila has the cheapest fashion. It’s true! I’ve read it in the Philippine Star. The cost of Manila’s women’s clothes (out of spending $100) is like the base value for other cities, just like how New York’s standard of living is gauged at 100.
    BTW, Filipinos who do not know you don’t know anyone.

  16. Ohhh man I hope you’re joking about the amazon payments. Yes, your website is entertainment, and I accept, you fine noble young man, that you pay quite a lot of money to keep it running. HOWEVER. Without this website you wouldn’t be in a magazine. Without this website, people wouldn’t know who the fuck you are. And isn’t that exactly what you want? To be ‘famous’?
    If it’s a joke, than I apologise, however asking for donations is ridiculous. It may be a suprise to you that your readers really couldn’t give a shit whether you’re here or not. It’s purely entertainment – but entertainment that can be easily found elsewhere.
    If you even read this, I’d be suprised, but if you do without immediately declaring it as bullshit, I want you to know that I’m not pretending to ‘know’ you, because none of us do – Bryanboy is just a persona – but maybe if you get your head out of your own ass for a while, you can appreciate what you have.
    We all like the website, we enjoy watching the social experiment to see just how far one can go from creating a blog to being a ‘celebrity’, but just like your Fendi handbags, this Bryanboy stint doesn’t come cheap. Don’t have the audacity to ask for donations, this is your career. It would be like me asking for donations to go towards my University tuition.
    So Bryanboy, do away with the link and just be happy that you are actually getting the hits. Isn’t that what you want?

  17. VOLUME is one of the top fashion mag in Bangkok so well done to u BB.I’ve read ur interview rocksss

  18. ronaldbrian

    Congratulations, sweety! Wow why did I skip this blog post? From your latest blogs I hear you’ll be appearing in Icon magazine next. Hmmm… Well, when oh when will Cosmo or Mega or whatever feature you in six glossy pages? What are the chances when inggit sila sa iyo? Anyhoo, brava, bryanboy.

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