Vivienne Westwood: Hello mother fuckers let's fuck in the woods!

Written By bryanboy

Vivienne Westwood

HOT HOT HOT! Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Vivienne Westwood should come with a fucking warning label. No wonder all those Japanese people go nuts whenever they wear Vivienne Westwood. It takes a shitload of balls and attitude in order to pull off a Westwood and/or an Anglomania piece.



More camwhorage after the jump. Let’s spice things up around here…

hink what that money could bring. I’d buy everything. Clean out Vivienne Westwood, in my Galliano gown. No, wouldn’t just have one hood. A Hollywood mansion if I could. Please book me first class to my fancy house in London town.

All the riches baby, won’t mean anything. All the riches baby, don’t bring what your love can bring. All the riches baby, won’t mean anything. Don’t need no other baby, your lovin’ is better than gold and I know!


Send me an SMS +63.915.785.1492 and tell me you want to fuck my fat fanny.


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  1. Mrs T. is in Singapore!!!!! Aren’t YOU supposed to be in S’pore too? Splash some cash on chanel and dior!!

  2. It’s almost midnight and I decided to see what you were up to; what in the world do you have on? Did you take my advice? Do you have jizz coming out of your ears? Did you get your massage? Sorry….enough questions.

  3. Princess Annie Whatever

    your awesome :D
    no doubt that you need your own reality show
    and thank you very much for the stickers, i received them yesteray.i will spread your glory all over germany and my med school.much love to you.

  4. OMG! you are so cute bryanboy! a woodnymph in designers clothings??? =)

  5. ronaldbrian

    awful, simply awful! you look like you just escaped from mandaluyong mental health hospital.and in photo 6 you look like you’re taking a shit. and a “vivienne westwood” tag on hospital gown won’t make it chic. whahappend to your taste?

  6. sillyqitty

    omg BB you look so silly!!! hahahhahhaha…what are those pics for? what’s the point dearie? hehe, adorable though. and nice leggies!! :)

  7. sillyqitty

    omg BB you look so silly!!! hahahhahhaha…what are those pics for? what’s the point dearie? hehe, adorable though. and nice leggies!! :)

  8. gabriel

    Bryanboy! your legs are like hairy, totally against the faggotry, ruines the look! wax asap!

  9. Matthew Fabrizio

    where are your funny lengthy commentaries that usually comes along with your camwhorage!! i feel deprivedddd WahhhhhhhhHHHHEHHHHHHHHHEH

  10. asadasdsad

    hey bryan~
    I’m not feelin the dress on you…. and the hair, too.. the hair’s not a good look on u

  11. honestly what the fuck are you, gay or a transa? you look like one. you def dont look like a gorgeous gay. &where is some signature style? fucking copycat, what you are. emberessing to read your journal. get some syle, you look horrible. jesus christ

  12. am i the only one that loves the photos? your bod is hot man, no ounce of fat in there. i think the dress is great! i totally get it. i totally get this entry. the rest of you can kiss my fat ass.

  13. And now I remember why I love Vivienne Westwood so much. You are like a Bryanboy mothman in the first pic.
    Fields and fashion are so devastating when mixed <3

  14. Mmmmm … look at them legs.
    In short: Mama LIKEY
    If you’re ever in Winter Park (the suburb of Orlando that doesn’t smell like poor people) you just let a honky know. I’ll provide the illegal goodies galore and we can hit up Park Ave.
    Noooot like this is gonna, just sayin. Seriously though, da-yum boo you’re looking DElicious.

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