Today’s Obligatory Paparazzi Shot(s)

This time it’s furr reeeelll. It’s carpets! It’s madness! It’s carpets madness! It’s carpet madeness at Carpet Madness!

I went to the museum early yesterday afternoon and for some strange reason, the paparazzi found out I was there so off they went to snap pictures and videos of me. This is ridiculous. I neeeeed my personal space! I need to live my day to day life… how can I camwhore when there’s people following me? My gawwwwwd, it’s soo hard being me!!!! I get followed everywhere I go. It’s like, oh. my. god. Thank the good lord almighty because the ever so lovable Miss Eunice was there to take pictures of what I have to deal with most of the time. HAHAHAHHAHHA.


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I’m a complete loss of words and I can’t be bothered to write so let’s play a good ol’ game of pictionary instead. Hahaha!

Is this familiar?


"Stop! Stop it! Go away! Noooooooooo!!"




Both my thighs and my ass looks huge on this photo. I really need to lose 20 pounds! Hello elephant!


Ok. I hate this photo too. There are too many logos on what I’m wearing. I’m telling you, it’s sooo fucking hard going logo-free!!! I should’ve used a different belt I think. But whatever, right? At least I look thin and that’s the most important thing!


I see you baby… shakin’ that ass… shakin’ that ass! I see you baby… shakin’ that ass!


Peace out, bitches!


Last but not the least, sent a shitload of gawkers yesterday afternoon. ME LOVEY LOVEY!



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PPSS. Many thanks to the staff of GMA-7 for making this happen. I love, love, love you all! Arnel Ignacio I know you’re reading this and I know you fucking love me. Get off that ass and email me an "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sign! Hahaha!