This is Narcisse.

Written By bryanboy

This is Narcisse.

I know, I know, silence is defeaning so I thought I’d pop in a few words here and there because a shitload of you visit my website several times a day.

I’m currently on a fucking roll and I have NEVER been productive in my entire life. I’ve finished the template of the Narcisse website ( and I’m now working on the internal pages. I’m determined to launch Narcisse hopefully this weekend.

Just hang in there!

Please? I’m begging you.

It won’t be long until my foul mouth bombard you with expletives. Who knows, it could be in a few hours.


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  1. preppyboy

    Im sure this is going to be a hit! Soon it’ll be a Marc Jacobs/Cavalli collection
    Was wondering if you’re going to sell these just online or through a store? retail?
    I am working on cuffs…just in case you might be interested in doing a mens line…

  2. wow site is lookin good HURRY UP! Your fans are all itching to buy a piece of you!!

  3. Looks great! Better than that website I built a couple years back…
    Can’t wait to see what it looks like! :)

  4. hey bryanboy, is there a password or something to enter your narcisse website? my browser says it’s password protected :(

  5. In terms of phonetics, it’s pronounced ‘Narr-sees’…Pao, isn’t it nice to know that ‘Bernice’ can be bought online? hahaha…

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