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It’s 11:24PM on a Thursday night and I have’t slept in the past 24 hours. I’m gonna sleep now — I have a photo shoot first thing tomorrow morning and I am dead tired. I accomplished a lot of stuff today. Errands, paid my bills, went to the supermarket to buy lettuce leaves, a shitload of green tea and 10 bottles of coke light (that’s my new diet now), went to the Peninsula Hotel for high tea, had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I’ll play pictionary/camwhore in about 7-8 hours.

Here’s something to keep you hanging…


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  1. Nardalicious

    You really shouldn’t drink those “lite” stuff.
    All of those “lite” crap uses a sugar substitute called aspartame, which is bad.

  2. Camwhoring? That sound sleazy like…..but I bet that is not how it shoud sound like.

  3. Slut on a unicycle

    Looks like you’re losing your tan! Better slap on the tanning lotion a.s.a.p. girlfriend…

  4. honey i love your outfit, can’t wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot, and btw i love love love your boots and i want where the hell did you get them please email me whenever you can and tell me, i will take a flight to Pluton if i have to go and buy them…

  5. roberta

    bryan I am so dissapointed with you! there was a fantastic video of you showing your lovely house and your divine clothes on you tube and now is no longer available nor did you post it here! everyone wants to see how you live darling!
    please do post it here or make a similar video I loved it!

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