1. It’s blank???! what gives bryanboy? IS this punishment for all the stickers you are sending!!!! Now if only you’d add Paypal to your donation options I could play as well :-)

  2. Damn, you got me so happy for a moment there I thought your stuff would be up! Ahahah, and I AM Singaporean, but i’ll be buying your stickers over Amazon soon! :D

  3. Great branding. You know that the brand is all about adoring one’s self, LOVING one’s self.

  4. are you going to change your URL? or this is a new one???? must be for your items that you’d be selling huh.. I cant wait for August 20th anymore, what is that about?
    i love your blog

  5. lostboy

    Oh come on at least have something on the website you are advertizing, you are such a fucking cyber cock-tease!

  6. I am guessing that it’s his accessory line..
    hehe.. That was my first instinct.

  7. Will that be include luxury personal items and goods in addition to fragrance? HOpe you’re going to accept Amex (black, of course).

  8. kristin

    Oh, sweetie. Teasing your readers with a “Coming Soon” page with NO pics is the biggest cocktease EVER.

  9. Hey BB, opening that tantalizing new shop soon? Finally! I’ve bumped into you at a few parties (your and Ianne’s bday party was one of them) but I think I will re-introduce moi-self again. I’m a great fan!!!

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