Ladies and gentlemen…. here's GRACE!

Written By bryanboy

Slave to the Rythm

Work to the rhythm, Live to the rhythm, Love to the rhythm, Slave to the rhythm.

Grace Jones is the ULTIMATE DIVA ALIVE. Even Mariah is a fucking turd in comparison.

What a powerful, powerful, powerful performance!

Thanks, Grace, for all the tears running down my face. I love you. I really do.



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PPSS. More Grace Jones after the jump.

The original "Slave to the Rythm" video.

Grace Jones on the catwalk… I love HER!

Another Grace Jones video…


  1. BRB you’re fucking video of grace jones doesn’t work!!! What happened?

  2. hotcoffy007

    yes I love Grace Jones so beautiful and angular, that girl is so hot. there is a model named Yasmin Warsame that totally reminds me of her . they both prove that beauty is in the bones, bitches

  3. The one and only , Grace Jones… it….and to the moron who says Grace has nothing on Mariah Scary …I mean , really…..please

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