Kiss Me (Again)

Written By bryanboy

Kiss Me (Again)

You have to watch this video. This faggot’s faggotry got blueballed by his… mom!  This is worse than having a female sibling see you try her clothes or a parent catch you jerk off.

Watch it. You’ll thank me for it.

Remember kids… keep the faggotry alive! I love you all. Email


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  1. Xubemen

    That is so sweet! The poor boy is begging for love… and Mama interupts. Typical. I wanna cry. Love the pink shirt hanging on the drawers waiting for the same Mama to iron.
    “I’ll call ya later” and “I gotta go” are priceless.
    Thanks Bryanboy.
    We love Bryanboy in Iceland!

  2. fashionista

    nearly died laughing!!!
    this closet drag princess is severely hilarious!!! makes me want to turn my private bette middler renditions into a youtube exclusive!!!!

  3. Aaaww, thats cute as hell. By the way, he looks like he could be Camille Velasco’s younger brother

  4. cradle-snatcher

    that boy is kinda cute,nice smile.and i do know he definitely is younger than me, so im starting to feel like a cradle-snatcher.i forsee him growing up to be a pretty good-looking dude i say =)
    to boy in video:if u see this,call me in abt 10 yrs!

  5. Hey Bryanboy, thanks for sharing that.. its really make us (office mates & I) laugh! you make my day my man.. keep it up!

  6. This guy is kinda cute for his age!
    Funny and entertaining…
    Thank u Bryan Boy…
    Love ya lots lots!!!
    XOXOXOXOXOXO from Singapore
    PS : Im still waiting for you,Bryan Boy to come to Singapore and party all day & night long!

  7. hahha!!! i so remember this song! loves how he mouthes “kiss me” as soon as his mom leaves, that boy is hot shit.

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