1. Come on Bryanboy, enough of these drab, boring “people ads” and give us MORE of you!!!

  2. boredtodeath

    boring. just boring. you probably got paid or something to do this. i fervently hope, wish, dream, demand that this will be the last.

  3. Boring……
    WE WANNA SEE more bryanboy!!! More FAGOTRY IN MOTION!!!!!! we wanna see more EXPENSIVE STAFF!!!! we wanna see HOT MEN!!! We wanna see you hungin’ up with HOT MEN!!! we wanna see GREAT SHOES!!!! we wanna see you as thin as possible, we wanna see you in other COUNTRIES, we wanna see you with “a” BOYFRIEND!!!!
    I mean dear bryan!!!! show us NEW AND FRESH STAFF! don’t get me wrong assface but You’re starting to get annoying.
    WAKE UP!!!!!
    PSSS: I love the section “Today’s obligatory papa. shot” BUT you have to act more…you know, like a star. the “paparatzzi” has to be away from you when he takes the pics, you have to be driving your car or getting in a shop or something like that when he takes the pics…I WANNA SEE REALITY.

  4. you are such an embarrassment. your parents have probably committed suicide.

  5. parnell

    D.U.L… Dull.
    J’adore more BB not fat DJ’s. Where is the son sexual wife?

  6. Yawn! Seriously Bryan we read this blog for you, not some no name DJ with a weight problem.
    Please put the bryan back in bryanboy.com.

  7. owen sun is hot. avoid featuring the fucking ugly new rich peeps. yuch.

  8. Rob in Chicago

    Enough with these DJs, unless they are paying LARGE SUMS OF MONEY (which I belive is not true!). It’s time to get going with more about YOU!!!!!!

  9. Donut-ella

    WTF. I come here to read about you, your debauched lifestyle, and your slutiness. Instead I see my balls on top of somebody’s neck!!! WE WANT BRYANBOY!!!

  10. since u are soooo into featuring other peeps, why not feature your non-sexual wife? HEY!!!! Where is she???????

  11. hohoho!!! yoh bryan, i think the crowd has spoken…. u better act now or what????!!! huh!!!!!!!

  12. cmon bryan…enough of this “inside the life of…series”…yawn…we visit ur blog bcoz we wanna be entertained by reading stuff about u or at least people u hangout with..but mostly U!!

  13. is he a fag too?
    what is this a day in a nite(Duh) series all about?!i just don’t get it.is this an ad?like those people pays you to be featured here?
    btw,i saw your “mel and joey” tv stint and you served an inspiration for me to work on my blog too.i sincerely congratulate you(cheesy mode)…bye!

  14. Hmmm … where is he from you said?…. ah he looks so familiar, yeah! he looks just like one of those delivery guys at My little Pizzeria on Court St. in Brooklyn Heights!

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