1. you think your readers will not gonna get into their nerves after posting negative comments and having you just sit around and not explain at least in three words your fucking reasons for posting this bitches on your blog? these peeps with so called “lifestyle” all looked like paid whores to attend comfort room parties for retired generals, stop posting them cause no one actually reads the article. and no matter what you do, your blog has been damaged, it’s not the ultra quality blog anymore, you can’t fill in the nailed plank holes anymore. yuch.

  2. Putting someone else blog here wont do u any good. Close your own blog if youve got nothing more to say.

  3. We go here to read about you, not these ugly whores. Nobody gives a shit about these people! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US??

  4. She looks really good considering she just got her sex change 2 years ago…she’s starting to look like a bitch!!!

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