I'M FEELING GENEROUS! Free stickers and win a fucking iPod!

Written By bryanboy


Admit it – we all love freebies and we LOOOOOVE generous people. It’s always nice to have someone out there giving out free stuff. Case in point: Oprah. I remember one episode when she gave out expensive shit like cars and all sorts of other stuff to her audience. I know I’m nowhere near Oprah nor do I ever want to be Oprah but I’m feeling generous these days so I might as well share what I have.



080606_promoWe’re talking about stickers you fool, not clothes or accessories! Hahahaha! I’m not *THAT* generous. Besides, after years of constantly being used by many, many people for all sorts of things, I think I already learned my lesson. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway… so yeah.

I’ve kept my silence recently about those I LOVE BRYANBOY stickers mainly because I’m still working on a plan on how to properly use them to my advantage. I mean, I’ve been handing out stickers to a few folks here and there but a shitload of people are now bombarding me with emails, calls and text messages asking where they can get them.

Now that I’ve crafted a plan, I’m gonna give them out with a bang!

For a limited time, the I LOVE BRYANBOY stickers are gonna be FREE. Yes, you read that right. 

F-R-E-E! Under one condition…

You see, I’m on a mission to spread my brown-assed third world faggotry to the rest of the planet. Hello WORLD DOMINATION!

080606_euniceThese stickers are free to people who reside OUTSIDE this god-forsaken cesspit of the third world that I love and consider home, namely the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives aka Las Islas Filipinas.

If you live in the Philippines, Singapore, Canada and Australia (as of August 8, 2005 4:43AM today), you WON’T be able to get these stickers for free. Why should Miss Eunice, my favourite lesbian bimbo of a helper/best friend should make the effort to lick the back of Filipiniana philately only to send them within the Philippines? It’s not worth it you know. HAHAHA!

If you’re in the third world and you must get your hands on these stickers, you can get my little sticky sheets at:

Irene’s Closet
Independent Lifestyles Section
2nd Level of Powerplant Mall
Rockwell, Makati City

These stickers cost P50 pesos each. They’re made out of vinyl and they’re guaranteed to last for a long… very long time. Go to Irene’s Closet and make me rich god dammit!

If you live outside the Philippines, these stickers are free for a very LIMITED time. I’m just working on the logistics. Once I have my online store running, I’m gonna sell them for US$5 EACH, postage included.

Free Sticker Project
Last Updated: August 8, 2005 at 4:49AM Third World Time

Effective immediately, I will no longer offer free packets of stickers to people who reside in the following countries:

  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Australia

I will still send free sticker packets tho those of you out there who submitted your request BEFORE the cut-off period. Anyone who reside in the following countries and signed up for a free packet BEFORE I made this blog entry shall get their free sticker packet.

080806_ireneIf you would like to get your hands on my super super limited edition stickers, you may purchase my stickers for a mere US$7.49 plus $1.00 shipping and handling for a total of US$8.49 at Amazon.com. It’s fast, easy and secure. All you need to do is to have your credit card handy. It’s fast, secure and EASY. Anyone who purchased a sticker packet from Amazon.com is eligible to win a 60GB Apple Video iPod.

If you live in the Philippines, you may purchase my stickers for P50 each at Irene’s Closet, Independent Lifestyles Section, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City.

If you live in Singapore, Canada or Australia, you may purchase my stickers at Amazon.com for US$8.49, shipping and handling included. Buy these stickers while they’re cheap! I plan on selling them for US$5 each in the near future. Please allow anywhere between 1-2 weeks for delivery.


If you live in countries other than the Philippines, Singapore, Canada or Australia, please scroll down the page and you’ll find the sign up form. Be sure to read terms and conditions before you submit your request.

Just for your reference, I’ve received enough free stickers requests from people in Singapore, Canada and Australia. I don’t wanna deplete my limited sticker stock to people who live in those countries. I’m aiming for diversity so the more places my sticker goes to, the better. I hope you understand the situation I’m coming from.


Oh oh oh oh oh. Before I forget…

I also have this 60GB Apple Video ipod here.

*evil grin*


Tell me you want that iPod.

Tell me you’re salivating just by looking at it.

Tell me you want to download a shitload of mp3s and save it on the iPod’s whopping 60 GIGABYTES of storage space.

Tell me you want to download gay porn on the internet, save it on the iPod and share it with all your faggot and fag hag friends while you’re all having lunch.

I’m willing to give this iPod, free of charge, to one lucky Bryanboy.com reader….


more details to follow…

God I sound like a fucking infommercial. Let’s get down to business, shall we?



  1. bryan i love you!!
    i’ve been spreading your word to my friends/family/sorority sisters…lol
    you’re awesome!..i hope to see you when i visit the third world next summer..you better send me some stickers..
    love you biatch!!

  2. i am gonna put my bryanboy stickers of course on my computer!!!! heehee.. and maybe all around my school!

  3. talagang crazy!

    ahhh crap I already have an iPod. I guess I beat you to the new one :P
    but I will mos def post your sticker in so many places in LA. Hell, I’ll put some at Melrose too! And if I run out, I can make more because I know how to screen print stickers :) wheeeeee

  4. woo! im such a whore for free shit i even get excited about stickers! you’re a generous man bryanboy, some might say a saint.

  5. love ur stickers! I saw them when you guested at ANC. Too bad I’m “local.” But maybe one day I drop by Rockwell to buy some. P50 sounds expensive though, hehe.

  6. Oh crap. I want that iPod. and those snazzy stickers. too bad im one of the unfornate natives.

  7. gusto ko nung ipod kaso pobre ako ngayon kaya walang donasyon.hahaha

  8. bryanboy sticker in sydney! none in singapore?? dont worry. in dec i’ll be back in singapore. so you’ll get to see it there then!

  9. upon seeing this site for the first time , I vowed to stay away but I got hooked. Bryanboy your fabulous!!! (but you already know that)

  10. i might be one of the very few to sport the bryanboy sticker here by the lake. ;P

  11. OMG BRYANBOY, I’m in WISCONSIN with my family and visit your site every hour so I get a dose of faggotry out here!

  12. ronaldbrian

    i love you love you love you love you. take care of your health because i want to be still reading your blog when i’m in my sixties, capish? (I’m in my late twenties)
    and: powerplant? duh why can’t you sell it somewhere nearer, like a mall along edsa? ano ba!
    somebody ought to publish you, i swear. the best of bryan boy. you’re like the faggot jessica zafra (you look way better than she does for one thing).

  13. i should win this ipod, i’ll donate something something… i loved your video please post more your videos, go shopping and get someone to videotape you while doing so….

  14. Most of the cars I’ve seen here in Houston already have a bryanboy sticker, so that wouldn’t be very original. I’m gonna stick it to my penis … can you send me one in XXL ??


  16. aaaaahhhhhh…
    can’t wait for stickers.
    i’m gonna put it in the bathroom of the cock for all the faggots to see in NYC.
    so exciting. i’ll put it in delivery trucks too without them knowing.
    definitely worldwide free advertising. talaga!

  17. I promise, I’ll whore you out here in Dallas or wherever the wind blows me!

  18. Li Lian

    I went to a Gay Pride parade today, I thought of you. I think you would have really really really enjoyed it. Men in multi colored briefs dancing to techno while being sprayed with water and bubbles. Men in g-strings rollar blading around. more men in underwear with perfect boddies making out. Condoms thrown everywhere….please tell me you’ve been to a pride parade, if you have not…come to Canada next year in the summer to experience it.
    Oh, by the way, for the form thing to fill out for free stickers, you only have state listed, canada has provinces not states, so I just wrote that in.
    love ya

  19. catherine

    whoa!! bryanboy is so famous here in singapore! it’s real world domination of the l’exotique!!! proud to be from the l’exotique!! wanna c yah here in singapore bryan! missing las islas filipinas!!! babooosssshhhhhh…..

  20. Ianastar

    I signed up Bryanboy. I’ll get all of the Disney fags dressed up like Mickey, Goofy, Cinderella etc, to take a pic with me and the stickers for your fab self.

  21. i dont want the IPOD just give me the damn sticker and ill paste it up all my officemates ass and send you the pics.HAHAHA…and i mean that!i love you bryanboy

  22. I hope you know free stickers are my crackwhore obsession. Thanks for feeding the habit :)

  23. :0 Stickers!!!! I’m Going to take it to school and Make all my school friends Cam whore with it and after that take it to the parade next month…theres bound to be some guys in uniforms. =)

  24. hI tHeRe BrYaNbOy…
    ur super awesome!
    absolutely ur the gayest gay in the planet!
    xiao 4now -=***dEbBiE***=-

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