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I’m exhausted!!!! It’s Thursday already and I can’t believe the weekend is just around the corner.

My dad is right — time is definitely the ultimate luxury in this world. Why can’t I have the luxury of time? I am literally swamped with projects to the point where I don’t even have time for MYSELF.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a facial and a peel. What, two weeks ago? Oh I don’t know. My skin is seriously fucked up. I’m growing yet another acne farm and my all my nails are crappy. I also owe myself a good massage. I can’t believe I’m neglecting myself for the sake of work but there’s just so many things to do, so many commitments to fulfill and so many promises to keep.

One of my serious flaws is the inability to say "no!". Right from the start, I have this tendency to accept everything that comes my way. It’s sad, really, considering I put myself into a vulnerable position where I overpromise and under deliver.

I find this whole thing funny because most people don’t really know what’s wrong with them unless they commit a mistake whereas I, the fluffer from Planet Mars, know ALL my (often recurring) problems right from the beginning but I’m just not proactive in avoiding (or rectifying) them. What can I say other than I’m a stubborn bitch?

Oh I don’t know anymore. I seriously feel like a zombie. I must have been online 16 hours a day, every day for the past week or something. No wonder I’m getting fat… All I do is use the computer and pig out excessively. I don’t even burn calories! My body requires some form of movement to burn all those nasty calories and the only time I’ll get off the keyboard is whenever mother nature rings the excretion bell.

There’s just sooo many things that has to be done. I need to finish my accessories website in 3 days… AND I HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED YET! I’m dying to get this thing off my plate because it’s just taking so long. I need to recoup my expenses somehow. I’ve spent far too much money on the collection, everything from the materials to packaging. EVERYTHING! I even ‘invested’ on the boxes and had a photographer to shoot them.

I just want everything to be perfect. Hahaha! Well, one can only try hard to be perfect. 

I even wanted my boxes to be hotstamped with my logo but there’s really no time. I think I’ll do it on my next collection.

I’m need to be *IN* control of MY life. I really do.

I think I’m gonna stay away from the internet for a bit, get on with the program and get some real life action.

I’m going to the office supply store tomorrow to buy boxes, bubble wrap and peanuts. I’ll also pay the Post Office a visit (which I’ve been putting off for the longest time) to get shipping rates.

081706_bottega_1I’ll have a nice lunch somewhere, followed by a quick look at the cosmetics counter to buy some body scrub and a couple of new fragrances. I’ll even go to Bottega Veneta either for a "2nd viewing" or to just throw all financial caution to the wind and buy that nice black bag that I saw last weekend. It’s gorgeous! It reminds me of my brown Tod’s bag several years ago.

Anyway, the bag that I want is exactly the same style as the photo on the right but it’s all black. If I’m not mistaken, it’s called the "Cervo Cocker" bag. Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

We all know Bottega’s leather is super, super, super, super BUTTERY soft and very light… and we all know Bottega prices in the third world are like 40000000 times higher than Bottega prices in the USA. Fuckin greedy bastards. Hahaha!

It really sucks being poor and not being able to buy things on a whim. *sigh* I begged sooo many times on this blog, hoping some politician or whatever, adopts me and make me their love child but all those mother fuckers want infants and not old jaded children like me.

Enough fantasies about bags. I think I’m gonna barf.

After shopping, I’m gonna get a haircut, a manicure, a pedicure and a full-body massage.

Last but not the least, I’m getting a facial and a microdermabrasion/powerpeeling session.


I even talked to one of my friends, Alex, one of the original "I LOVE BRYANBOY" guys, and he told me what I REALLY HATE HEARING from other people — get a boyfriend or move somewhere. Ugh! A relationship or a relocation is NOT the solution to solve one’s problems. Maybe it worked for most people but I know it will never work for me.


Bryanboy: oh i really don’t know what i want anymore in life

Bryanboy: i’m sooo exhausted. my life is soo dull

Alex: you need a boyfriend

Bryanboy: but i don’t wanna

Alex: well what’s missing?

Bryanboy: i dunno. something new!

Bryanboy: i wanna focus on myself

Alex: Maybe you should just move to NY 

Alex: or London!

Bryanboy: many people told me about that

Bryanboy: either LA, NY or London

Bryanboy: just OUT of this shithole

Bryanboy: i can’t even move out of our house let alone move to another part of the world. my mom threatened suicide if i move out of the house

It’s gonna be a ME-ME-ME day tomorrow. Sometimes, the only way to rejuvenate one’s self /have a clear head/deal with things is to purge everything you’ve eaten from your plate, douche your throat with Evian and purge everything out of your system.

I know myself more than anyone else though. I have a strong feeling I’m gonna ignore the "to-do" list I just made and stay indoors the entire day.



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PPSS. Big shout out to the following people… Thanks for loving me. I hope you know that I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know I love you too.

ZOMG! I want those shoes! Those shoes are mine, BETCH!

Ok, I know this is pushing it but whatever. Bryanboy loves Kate and Kate for Christian Dior loves Bryanboy.


  1. BryanLover

    Ha~ this is the first time that i post my comment on ur blog after reading it religiously in the past few months. i just wanna say “hi, and love u” to ya and ur blog is one of the best around the blogosphere. Its candid, hilarious, funny and full of steaming hot photoes (which i love the best…..screw the gawkers, lol..). Bryan, keep up with the good work. Its blessing to have something u enjoy doing and have fun being invovled. i m sure all ur exhausation will pay off eventually. U KNOW I KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU~~

  2. Hang in there dah-ling. Once you get all the things that you need to do done, there ain’t no other feeling like it.

  3. Hang in there dah-ling. Once you get all the things that you need to do done, there ain’t no other feeling like it.

  4. lisalisa

    YES YES! u definately need to get ur fabulous ass to new york (or LA) pronto…u belong here! (and u know it!!) tell ur mama that u will always take good care of her but that u NEED to do THIS for urself….

  5. OH that Dior add of Kate Moss…I saw that the other day in Shinsegae here in Seoul and I thought of BB right away. I took a photo of that using my crappy cdma phone but i guess someone already sent BB that add. Anyhow dont sit too much infront of the PC, it’ll make us ass flat…It wont look good on skinny jeans. Mayve a Vicotia Beckham jeans will do the trick.

  6. What you need is a good head banging on the headboard f*ck then a good one hour massage. Work for a full day, then back to us the next day. Good, huh?

  7. hahaha…’bisexual’? I think you mean ‘unisex’ darling…Thanks for not posting the pics Bryan. But my inbox is still waiting…

  8. do you need help? i’d love to help you i’ve been sitting my ass in front of the pc the whole day forever doing absolutely NOTHING.

  9. ms.mysterious gurl

    i hate dis life!!!i love monchette more than myself but he just dump me and told me to stay away from her…!!!he told me that im just pushing myself to him,,im just doing all that stupidity because i love him so much,…although we dont have any comitment…pls help me!after u read this orwhile ur reading this i think im gone..

  10. Your dad talks to you? LOL. I would think he’d be to busy telling people he “had no son”. Only a very homely daughter with a penis. You’re a wreck. Someone told me this blog was cute, but it’s a collosal bore about some teenage boy who likes to dress like a teenage girl and talk about his acne. I mean why don’t you join the circus and spare everyone the embarrassment. I honestly have nothing but gallons of pity for you.

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