1. BB noooo! put on your skinny jeans, put on your tightest, sexiest t-shirt and grab your chanel bag and a belt!
    dumpster chic is so shabby. you’ll look skinny for five mins till everyone notices your wearing your aunties’ clothes.
    just ask yourself WHAT WOULD BRYANBOY DO?
    i love you, you’ll be okay soon.

  2. I love that background!
    And you have the most flawless skin ever. I’m envious.

  3. Bryanboy, I’m disappointed. Such poor photoshop on the arm. Also mixing a watch with a Hermes bracelet, that is beyond tacky. I like the t-shirt. Big time nay on the boots, it is as if you raided Johnny Depp’s wardrobe during Pirates of the Carribean.

  4. EW! Bryanboy! Snap out of it. Seriously. Although MK is a GREAT thinspiration…just say no to the dumpster! Get your glamour back Bryanboy! NOW!

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