Do you look like your own genitals?

Bryanboy’s note: this is absolutely hilarious. I thought I’d pass it to everyone.

I was at a dinner party the other day, when the hostess suddenly clapped her hands together loudly and said “Right my darlings, it’s time to play a game!

She then opened an A4 folder and began to pass around some photographs. “Don’t turn them over!” she said.

When one of the photographs reached me, I realised it was a picture of a woman’s cunt. Another photograph arrived and it too, was of a cunt. It then became apparent that the cunts belonged to different ladies sitting around the dinner table, and the purpose of the game was to match the cunt with the lady.

Oh my gosh, look at the bush on this one! That has GOT to be yours, Charlotte!” shrieked Penny, and we all waited with baited breath as she turned the photograph over, correctly revealing the name “Charlotte” in labia-pink felt-tip.

Golly gosh, I was right!” shrieked Penny and we all began to laugh rawkously as the wine flowed.

We quickly realised how easy it was to identify someone by just looking at their genitals: Helena’s was fat and pudgy, with pouting lips that looked miserable, and pasty pale skin – just like the features on her face! Whereas Jessica’s was puckered, small and shy, almost like a prepubescent anus, and very much a metaphor for Jessica herself!


So… how easy do YOU think it would be to identify yourself from YOUR own genitals?


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