Celebrity Collage

Written By bryanboy

Celebrity Collage

Celebrity Collage is so full of shit. I don’t even know why I wasted my time.

According to MyHeritage, Miss Eunice, looks like Yoko Ono, kim Ki-duk, Burt Reynolds, Q’Orianka Kilcher and Freddie Prinze Jr.


Using a photo I took earlier today, my first attempt yielded no fucking results.


Bullshit, right?

I sent in photo #2, which I took last weekend. I was hoping I’d get Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy, Linda Evangelista and Nicole Richie but I got this instead.


I tried another photo and I got this.


I’m happy with Kiera Knightley. Hahaha!

Try it yourself. Click here and tcreate your own Celebrity Collage.


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  1. siti nurhaliza????? hahahah. you look like my country’s pop princess yaww.

  2. i agree, it’s total bullshit, it says that i looked like gemma ward, jennifer connoly, some other people that i don’t know, who looks nothing like me.

  3. OMG!!!! This is fun! This website says i look like this people
    Alicia Keys-diva
    Ben Affleck- hot!!
    Kirsten Dunst-tweetums
    Eminem- isnt he bashing fags in his songs??
    Summer Altice-who is she?
    Shu Qi-I believe this..lollove that lips
    Elzabeth Taylor- except i dont have greeen eyes
    Janeane Garofalo–no idea who she is

  4. hahahaha OMG!!!!!!!! I tried another one with oversized sunglasses and i thought this was one of my good photos..It came out with this peeps.
    Kim Jong Il-notrh korea’s crazy dictator
    Karl Lagerfield-hahaha I wish i will be like him when i grow *older hahaha wink…fabulous!!!! and ill give BryanBoy every fucking bag he wants hahahaha and fron row in my fashion show….

  5. sexxxxxxxxxxy

    Lauryn Hill, Gabriel Union, Halle, Beyonce…
    At least I got people I think look halfway decent, that was fun

  6. maribien

    bryanboy!!! i got madam auring! j/k haha! i got someone named Ha Ji-Won hus a korean actress… we were talkin’ abt koreans yesterday and these korean grls sat beside our table.. haha! laftrip!

  7. EW at first I was pissed bc mine said I look like Eva Longoria (which is just WRONG bc I have seen that hooker without makeup) but then it said I look like Michelle Williams and Mischa Barton so now I feel better.
    Then I tried another photo and it said I look like Kate Bosworth, Calista Flockhart and Jessica Alba! How jealous r u? It totally thinks I’m anorexic. Don’t be jealous.
    Omg I just thought of the worst thing. What if it was all “You look like Rosie O’Donnell” or someone equally heinous??

  8. Omg it thinks my boyfriend looks like Colin Powell, JC Chasez and Hayden Christensen. LOL

  9. maribien

    bryanboy! i got madam auring! j/k haha! i got someone named Ha Ji-Won, she’s a korean actress. i remembered yesterday while we’re talkin abt korean invasion, two korean grls sat beside our table.. haha!!! baboosh!

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