Bryanboy Loves MICHAEL KORS, Boys Boys Boys

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Bryanboy Loves MICHAEL KORS

Michael oh Michael, is that you darling, who is visiting my website? Send me free clothes and accessories dammit! Hahahaha I’m kidding. I wish we’ve got Michael Kors here in the third world. You make the best coats and the best furs and the best damn turtlenecks ever!



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Boys, Boys, Boys

Boys boys boys, I’m looking for a good time. Boys, boys, boys, get ready for my love.

I have a one-way ticket to hell. I really need to quit cigarettes. I’ve been smoking 2 packs of Marlboros every day for the past week. I’m soooo swamped with work! I really need to finish a lot of my projects — I have less than 2 weeks to go and I haven’t even started working on my accessories website. The photo shoot is this coming weekend and I’m very excited.

I haven’t been camwhoring recently because my face is as red as a fuckin tomato. I’ve been using hardcore Obagi twice a day — I need to peel! I have to make sure I look nice when I take my vacation. I need to get laid god dammit.

In lieu of Bryanboy photos, here’s a bunch of boys you might want to look at. The first one is my buddy Alex from Londontown. Thank god he finally ditched that lion hair of his. This guy reinvents himself more than Kylie or Madonna; he’s one of the original ILOVEBRYANBOY boy toys.

The next one is Nick from Johannesburg, South Africa and Phil from Cannes in France.

2 continents, 3 boys. All around the world they love What more can a faggot ask for?



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  1. isabelle

    michael kors. whoa.
    as always bryanboy, work hard and play hard. :)

  2. The guys are sooo cute! hehehehe I am still wondering if I will indulge myself with those Obagi treatment thingies.

  3. Cool! Marlboros are my brand too (reds, in the box!) Does this mean I have good taste like Bryanboy?!?


    stop your bs about Michael Kors. Dont hope 2 high there b/c that could have been his intern been bored too death just surfing the web. If u r a well rounded traveler like you are posing to be then they would have MIchael Kors @ Bergdorf, Saks, Neiman’s, etc…world wide. You are one pathetic lonely, materialistic, attention hungry hoe. Dont try to flash what you bought or going to buy. Your style is so yesterday in the Hollywood Maybe u r a big shot in the third world nation comparing to the rice picker but not in my world sweetie. So dont try to be. Remember fashion doesn’t start from the rice field countries. Ps: You could have all the materials you want but wouldnt even have a bf to save you a day.

  5. pascale

    Yo Bryanboy. why dont u pay homage to michael kors by strutting your stuff in a photospread featuring his designs? that would rock. You rock.

  6. Wow….Michael Kors huh. Hey dude, would really luv to see you carrying a Marc Jacobs Stam bag….fink you will look absolutely fab :-)

  7. hi bryanboy… cool app you’ve got
    I read its a cool proggy…
    do you mind if i try it? no prob if its a commercial proggy
    “for my LJ n’all” y’know… =) Tnx darlin’
    I <3 Bryanboy

  8. fashionista1011… you are one insecure pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you cant afford anything bryanboy buys.
    you may be living in your damn 1st world country but i bet you’re living a very poor pathetic life there!
    you’re just a self-proclaimed fashionista whorebitch! skank!!! get a life!
    i LURVE you bryanboy!!!!!!
    mwah mwah!

  9. slurpyjoe

    fashinista1011: Excuse me? What do you mean that fashion doesn’t start from rice field countries. You are such an ignorant skank! You should come to HK, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan… lets see who is who is edgy and fashionable. LEt me tell you this you hoe, even in Europe or the States are funking late in trends, and when its popular there, its done here. Now, who do you think makes the trend? Who do you think inspires the trend? You are soooooo stupid. LOL

  10. great idea… why don’t we send hatemail to slut is dumb enough to put his/her email address on the comments page… hmm, dumb hollywood slut.. is that you, paris hilton?

  11. hycee saatchi

    my my my bb.. you’ve got a lot of yummy looking boy toys loving you… oh honey, fags all over the world envy u… ciao…

  12. excuse me mr.fucking fashionista… here’s some facts… calvin klein orders exotic textiles from the philippines.modelling agencies want brown people too.we’re the inspiration, bitch! Asians created paper,kimonos and have been dominating the fashion world from the start.oh, didn’t you know that? oh sorry you’re such a lame ass whore trying to figure out what will be next in the runways.wake up dear…

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